How to Fix Car Window That Won’t Go Up: Step By Step Solution

Moving around with a car window that won’t go up is hectic as sometimes it may stick down there. This denies you the freedom to minimize or maximize the vehicle’s air conditioning. Even though this is a typical issue, you will get annoyed, especially when it starts to rain abruptly; you will not be able to roll up the window.

These issues can be fixed, and you don’t have to worry about them. This article will take you through some simple tricks on improving the car window that won’t go up to your car’s problem. You are roaming out at night and one arm is hanging outside, when you mash up the up button, the window doesn’t budge.

The window of your car won’t go up?The window of your car won't go up

A disruptive car window remains a disgusting quandary. If your vehicle features automatic windows, the likely problem could be the faulty switches, awry motor, and faulty firing.

Therefore, if you find yourself in such a mess, here is a checklist to assist you in determining what could be the culprit:

  • Inspect the Fuses: Revise the user manual of your car to identify the fuse box. It would help if you also wanted to locate the corresponding power fuse of the window. Additionally, inspect for any blown fuses for replacement if necessary.
  • Safety Lock: this feature is essential for kid’s safety. You should therefore ensure the lock isn’t activated. The safety lock may hinder the car door from opening or closing.
  • Press and Pause: Press the window’s button up and down. Listen carefully for any noise coming from the internal part of the door. If the window switch is in good working condition, you will hear some noises; the window might be with the problem.
  • Be observant: Press the switch and have a look at the gauges on the dash. A faulty switch will make the volt gauge slightly leap when pressing the window switch.
  • Switched Around: For the rear window or an uncooperative passenger, involve the help of the master switch to fix the issue. If the window works, maybe the button on the back door or passenger door is problematic.
  • Amp the window up: if you can access the amp gauge, try to use it for configuring the problem. If the switch is grounded and contains power, probably the problem might be the motor or wiring.

How to fix the car window that won’t go uphow to fix car window that won't go up

There might be several reasons that make your car window stick in there. Sometimes the problem may be challenging, like faulty switches or simple as loose connections. All in all, the primary task is to determine and recognize the issue. It’s easy to treat a disease that you’ve already diagnosed.

Therefore, once you know what to do, the following solutions will help you fix the issue with your car’s window.

Tip 1: Fix window GasketsFix window Gaskets

Fixing the window Gaskets can be the simplest solution to treat the ‘car window won’t go up‘ disease. There might be dirt or grease accumulation in the gaskets, preventing them from shutting correctly.

When observing such issues, you are supposed to clean the gaskets using acetone. However, you need to handle and apply acetone with great because it can ruin your car paint and carpet’s comfort. So, after cleaning the gaskets, you should try and twist the window.

Tip 2: Replace the blown-out fuseReplace the blown-out fuse

This trick is essential because the power window of your car stops abruptly. The fuse of the window sometimes becomes blown-out, affecting the entire performance of the window. Therefore, experts recommend locating the fuse box and kick off from there with your car.

Remember, sometimes, the fuse might be attached to the dash or near it. Don’t hesitate to use the user manual in case you don’t find it. After locating, the next thing will be to remove it out for a replacement. Ensure the replacement is compatible with the blown-out fuse; same amperage.

Tip 3: Replace the window motor or regulatorscrewdrivers

This procedure looks tricky because you will have to remove the door panel from its location. You need to have screwdrivers to unscrew the available screws and entirely remove the panel. Using the user manual, you need to confirm whether the window motor is getting the required reading.

When the motor is getting the correct reading but not operating correctly, a replacement can be the best solution. Install the new engine and observe the behavior of the car window. Alternatively, in occasions where the regulator is in an excellent working condition but the window isn’t reacting, replacing the regulator can be the appropriate solution.

So it would help if you were observant to monitor the performance of the two components.

Tip 4: Change the bad switchmultimeter

Here is another reason that might be stopping your car window from going up. If the window’s switch is faulty, the entire operation will be compromised, affecting its smooth operation. To replace the defective switch, you must remove the window switchboard.

Unplug all the attachments to make sure they supply desired voltage to the switch (12 volts). In this case, you can seek the help of a multimeter to check connectors reading. After doing that, grab a new switch and connect it to the wiring connectors. Observe whether the button is operating or not.

Frequently asked questions:

  • What are some of the causes for the ‘car window won’t go up’ issue?

Blown fuses remain the significant reason why your car window may refuse to go up. If all the windows are experiencing the same problem, try replacing the blown-out fuse. But, you can try to use the driver master switch to close the windows. If it’s unsuccessful, the fuse is faulty and requires a replacement.

  • Does each window come with its fuse?

Yes, but it depends on the model of the car you are using. Some of the models feature specific fuses for every window motor. This is helpful as the faulty isn’t spread to all the four power windows. On the other hand, some manufacturers tend to apply in-line fuses, but the main fuse is located in the fusebox. The challenge might be to find the fuse for a replacement; revise the user manual.

  • How much can I pay for the ‘car window won’t go up’ issue?

Repairing the regulator of your car window ranges from $260 to $360 only. Of course, you will have to pay for other services like Labor and buying other defective parts.


The article covers four essential tips to help you comfortably work on your car window that won’t go up. Such an issue can be annoying if you don’t work on it instantly. The safety of your kids or pets will be compromised with such car windows.

Besides, you will be limited to some air conditioning; you will open the window for fresh air but won’t go up. What will you do, and let’s say you are crossing the forest or river with stubborn pets or kids? It’s advisable to work on the issue immediately and have it sorted out for maximum security and control of your vehicle.

Hopefully, this article equips you with the necessary knowledge to have everything in control of your car.

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