How to Fix a Car Window That Won’t Stay up – Easy Fix

Driving a car with windows that won’t stay up is dangerous and denies you air conditioning freedom. You don’t have to worry anymore because the article contains essential information required to have the issue fixed.

The reports equip you with convenient solutions to quickly fix the car window that won’t stay up. There are a lot of problems that might make your car window loosened. Replacements should come later after the following solutions have failed.

Why my car window isn’t staying up Why my car window isn't staying up

Before you fix a misbehaving window, it’s advisable to inspect and diagnose the exact problem. You can’t just treat a patient when you don’t know what you are treating. So, you must check your car window to determine the real problem.

Thus, if the window isn’t staying up, both balances aren’t attached to the sash. Yes, there might be balances in the right working conditions, but once detached from the strap, they become useless.

Another reason is that either both or one of the balances are attached to the sash but unfortunately aren’t in good working condition. Under such circumstances, you will have to replace and retain your window; replace only the failed parts. You are likely to replace three components, i.e., the pivot bar, shoes, and balances.

The sash is attached to the pivot bar connecting to the shoe. Thus, if the bar is damaged or twisted, you need to remove it for a replacement. If the pivot bar is in good working condition, the problem might be coming from the shoes.

Shoes are found in the frame and are small metal or plastic blocks. Inspect if the shoe is cracked or stuck and try to remove it out to a local supplier.

Sometimes the shoes and pivot bars might be in good working condition; check the balances. They may be defective themselves. Balances exist in different ways like a spiral, tackle, block, coil, or constant force. Removing a faulty balance is simple as you can easily by unscrewing two screws.

Experts recommend you take apart the components to diagnose the problem quickly. Knowing the manufacturer of your car window is significant to be sure of what you’re handling.

how to fix a car window that won’t stay up

1. How to fix a manual car window that won’t stay uphow to fix a car window that won't stay up

Manual windows remain the simplest way to lower and raise the windows. This statement implies that they are readily available and reliable too. They tend to experience few issues and stays in service for an extended period.

However, problems never, and sometimes these windows jam, failing to stay up. For such scenarios, try the following actions;

When you are cranking the handle, the window may fail to roll down or up. The regulator might not be in its track, or the car window has worn out crank gears. Sometimes, crank gears come in plastic form; hence, they can wear and tear.

With a regulator arm that isn’t aligned in the lower track, the window never stays up. This issue affects the pivot point from working correctly, hindering the stuck window and crank handle movement. If you experience such, I advise you to grab a screwdriver, pop off the handle to inspect the gear teeth.

If the teeth are ok, take apart the door’s panel and check the regulator track carefully. More so, if the crank arm does not turn, know the regulator is locked in the place. There might something stopping the small wheel located inside the tracks.

Try to detach the door panel, return the door arm on, and rotate it to spot track hang-ups.

2. Fixing electric window issues

Electric windows remain a convenient choice that is becoming nearly universal. Nowadays you will find even the cheapest vehicles with power windows. You don’t have to struggle with a crank handle with such a car but operate with a button.

The servo motor ensures the gear attached to the cable system or the regulator rotates, sticking the car window in your desired position. You will not do it yourself; let the cable system do it for you instead. As much as convenience is concerned, power windows require an extended diagnose period.

3. Use the following steps to tackle an electric window that won’t stay upUse the following steps to tackle an electric window that won't stay up

The first thing you should do is to press the down/up window switch while listening. If you do not hear anything, the issue might be the lift motor or the button. For windows with such problems, replacing the switch is the best solution; it is straightforward. Start with this art before diagnosing other issues.

For stuck rear windows, try out a free solution by checking the driver’s door switch. The lock-on switch may sometimes be accidentally bumped, affecting the rear window functionality when activated.

Sometimes your car’s windows may fail to work ultimately; don’t worry because here might be the solution. In such a scenario, the relay or fuse might have been damaged. The best solution is to opt for a replacement for better freedom of air conditioning.

On modern cars, mostly those that don’t feature a window frame, a computerized motor module that tracks the gear revolutions is the window and stops it from rising.

 If the computerized module was accidentally disconnected or lost power, it’s hard to determine where the window stopped. For such cases, reinitialized is the best action that you can opt for. I am sure you can’t do this for yourself; seek an expert’s help or hit the road to the nearest dealership for the service.

Maintenance is another significant and reliable way to offer your window. Sometimes the window fails to move up or down due to lack of some care. Ensure the window guide is in good working condition by spraying silicone lube onto the principles.

Try to lower and raise the window several times for quick silicone penetration. Window regulators sometimes are out of mind and sight until they become problematic. But, with a little elbow grease and patience, it’s possible to fix the issue.

For wearing out window motor, you will start experiencing occasional lack of movement or slow ascent. Like another electric motor, a starter, the window motors may burn out after a long period of use. You might not visually see worn-out engines, but a motor with more than ten years in service should be replaced.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • What should I do when there are no spare parts for my unstuck or stuck car window?

The best solution is to replace the worn-out part. This hassle is possible you have moved around searching for the appropriate component, and you don’t find one.

  • Can frame shoes be the reason my car window doesn’t stay up?

Yes, defective shoes tend to cause problems with up/down window movement.

  • What are the three types of balances?

Balances come in various ways like a spiral, tackle, and block, coil, or constant force


Let’s assume you are in the car and want to raise or lower the window for air rationing, and it jams. It’s annoying to operate with a window that keeps on misbehaving, and that’s why this article should guide you on how to fix a car window that won’t go up.

Such a window will disappoint you during cold weather or rain. Use the above solutions to fix the issues for your safety.

This video will help you for knowing more about Fix a Car Window That Won’t Stay up, enjoy!

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