How to Fix a Car Door Handle That Won’t Open From the Outside

Assuming you’re in a hurry, either rushing over something or heading for work and the door handle of your car refuses to pop off. Sometimes the handle can pop off, but still, the door won’t open. Don’t worry anymore because there might be solutions to fixing a door handle that won’t open from inside.

This is something you can do yourself or seek the expert’s help if you are not sure. Before going for a replacement, I advise you to try figuring what’s the exact problem to know what to repair. However, sometimes you may fail to get a door handle that resembles the existing one; inspect the rear, and driver’s door handles to diagnose the issue.

Ultimate guide on how to fix a Car Door Handle that won’t open from the Outside

Step 1: Remove inside door panelHow to Fix a Car Door Handle That Won't Open From the Outside

To access the door handle’s exterior parts, you must remove its panel and access it from the inside. Here, you must take a screwdriver and unscrew all bolts or screws to detach the panel.

More so, you will have to take apart the window handle by locating where the holding pin is. These pins are hidden in all doors to prevent you from accessing the parts. So what you need to do is to break the function to get into the hook.

You will be forced to remove several parts to access all screws. These screws are located differently based on the car model, but this should not hinder you from fixing the handle problem yourself. The next thing will be to remove the cover by popping it off the inside top of the door.

Step 2: Unhook the inside door handle

Before you remove the door cover, it’s advisable to unhook the interior door handle, which contains the opening and locking mechanisms. Unhooking the surface from the door is necessary, right under the window.

The remaining thing will be the two rods connecting the locking mechanism to the interior handle and the outside handle. To take apart these, you must unhook the plastic holsters, lifting the rod outside its specific hole.

Step 3: Accessing the handle

This issue might be a bit annoying as it’s hard to access the door handle from inside. Before reaching to black internal cover, you will have to remove the silicone plastic cover that fills everything in the door holes. Remember, removing the silicone cover has no replacement.

The bolt sizing varies based on the car model you’re driving, but finding them is the best solution to get them. Sometimes, the bolt sizing is located behind the plastic holster onto the front door.

Try to inspect if the hulk stripped two screws. On such occasions, you are forced to visit the nearest screw remover and hardware store. After unscrewing all bolts for the handles, and then remove the handles.

It, advisable to move away from the electrocution drilling hazard and the rain, or else you may get hit by a thunderstorm.

Step 4: Spotting the difference

If you were using the driver’s door handle to diagnose the rear door handle problem, then try to compare various parts’ status. Sometimes the part connecting the opening rod can be broken or worn out. Care is required not to diagnose a wrong problem; you might end up deepening the situation.

Step 5: Piecing the handle aparthammer

You must remove the spring rod, the rubber joiner, and the spring on all the two handles to perform the switcharoo. Try to bang out the rod using a hammer slightly. Then use a pair of pliers to twist and pull the rod out via the other end. Be careful not to let the spring jump out.

Furthermore, the rubber surrounding the two parts should be removed. Separate the two pieces and fix the good one. Yes, doing so is essential when you use your care for work and get some difficulties accessing it via the exterior door handle. Cars with such problems will require you to penetrate your hand and open the door via the ajar window.

This sounds as if you are stealing your vehicle; it’s hectic.

Step 6: Fixing back the door handle

This step involves joining back the separated parts together. It’s the opposite of separating the elements, so you are ready to go if you know the procedure.

However, while fixing the rod back in its place, utilize a smaller hammer to hit harder; a big hammer can break the rod instead. A smaller hammer prevents cracks, yet you are through with repair.

On the other hand, while supergluing, apply super glue on the cracks for an extra bonding layer.

Step 7: Placing everything in its specific place

Since everything already has its specific position to fit, this step is straightforward. What you only need to do is not to forget screwing. The action involves a little bit of brute pushing, fiddling around, and pulling. Just be careful not to break any part.

On such occasions, don’t forget to fix back all the screws, nuts, bolts, and everything involved. Yeah, it would be best if you remembered their specific places. Fix the parts in an orderly manner to function appropriately. You should not jump any step; it will interfere with the parts’ performance, affecting the door handle.

Step 8: Screwing everything

A polite reminder, do not forget a single screw. Ignoring a screw(s) can force you to dismantle everything you’ve spent your day building. Or sometimes, you may be forced to draw the screw in the junk bin. Fixing the door handle is over, and you have to try opening it from outside.

The most exciting fact you’ll realize while attaching all the parts is that turning a child safety latch is necessary for easy assembling. If you’re not patient, try to buy one because the job itself might look tiresome.

Frequently asked questions

Should I call an expert to fix my car door handle that won’t open from outside?

Sure, this is not a walk-in-the-park job. Most of us don’t possess mechanical skills, so I am not assuring you anything. However, sometimes that issue might be too small; grab essential tools like a pair of pliers and screwdrivers.

What should I do not to lose a flying spring?

The first thing to do is open the panel slowly, not allow the spring to fly out. Experts recommend fixing the door issues in an open place, where you can see all the screws and dismantled parts.

If the spring gets lost, you have to visit the nearest hardware or dealership.

Can I replace the entire car door handle?

Yes, it’s possible, but let this come in after the repair has failed. However, sometimes getting the compatible handle can be hectic. Be careful not to buy the wrong one. 

Final words

Hopefully, the above in-depth discussion helps you fix a car door handle that won’t open outside. Yes, the article should equip you with an ultimate guide to resolve such issues yourself. If things get more challenging, don’t hesitate to seek help from a wiring expert.

The steps above are simple for both DIYers and professionals. 

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