How to Remove Door Panels –Things you should know

A door panel is an inside covering of the door of a particular machine. It refers to the section of a door that moves to and back. Removing door panels occurs when repairing the door by replacing some damaged objects or correcting a problem with the door.

Door panels are made of different materials like wood, glass, depending on their use. To remove the door panels, you will need to follow a series of steps to remove the door panels. Door panels are widely used as a source of beauty to the door; they help provide privacy and security.

Steps on how to remove door panels

how to remove door panels

Removing door panels may not be that difficult since it involves a few ways to do it. While removing the door panels, some tools are required to assist in the process, including flat Screwdrivers, a ratchet and socket, an L pick, and a light source. The following are the steps you should follow to remove the door panel;

1. Take off the control panel and latch the door

When removing the door panel, raise the door latch and detach the screw connecting it to the panel using the screwdrivers. Removing the door latch from the panel, using pliers, jerks the latch away from the panel since clips are there for holding it; hence removing using bare hands may be difficult.

Thirdly, disconnect wires from the control panel to remove them and then remove the clip wire to raise the window crank in the car.

2. Using screwdrivers to remove the trim pieces in the door

Removing the trim pieces is a gentle procedure as it requires less energy. Less energy protects other parts of the door panel from damages. To remove these pieces, use a screwdriver to disconnect the screws and bolts connecting the pieces. Locate the screws and bolts hiding using some lights and remove them all for easy dismounting of the panel.

In the door panel, there are some inner components like the speaker and the door handle. Locate the screws lodging the handle and the door and dislocate them from the door carefully to avoid damages to the door. The speaker is the last to remove in this step by pulling out gently without applying too much energy.

3. Jerking off the door panel

Use a screwdriver to pull off the door panel depending on the type and color of the door screws. Therefore, when removing them, keep them specific to the advantage when reinstalling back the door panel. When finally removing the door panel, you have to hold the door panel at the far and lower end and dismantle it using your hands after being confident that all screws are not there; this prevents breaking the door.

Advantages of removing door panels

Advantages of removing door panels
  • Helps in repairing the door panel

Removing door panels is useful when repairing some parts of the door like the door locks, screws and other parts of the door panel, and this helps better and prolong the functioning of the door for an extended period.

  • It helps in replacing the door panel that is currently used

Removing door panels helps in replacing new door panel, which prolongs the lifespan of the floor and the door lock.

  • It makes it easier when painting the door panel

When painting the door, opt to remove the door panel so that during the painting process, each part can have paint according to the colors that fit with it. Moreover, eliminating the door panel makes painting easier and saves time for the painter.

  • Used when the door has failures to open it

Removing the door helps individuals with door opening difficulties get out. In some cases, like in road accidents, some doors get damaged to a position they cannot open again. Therefore, removing the door panel is one of the best solutions to handle this kind of case.

Disadvantages of removing door panels

Disadvantages of removing door panels
  • Damages the original tools used to make the door panel

Removing the door panels may be difficult, forcing you to destroy some materials for fixing, hence damaging them and later, when reinstalling it, you may buy fake ones for use in the door panel. These fake materials will need repair each time, bringing loss to the individual.

  • It is not cost-effective

It is cost-effective when buying door replacement equipment. For instance, if the screws have accumulated a lot of rust, you will be forced to purchase new ones for replacement. Also, other replacement door parts might be expensive, such as the door panel, while others require a professional to troubleshoot them.

  • Brings injuries to the humans removing the door panel

Since the tools you are using to initiate the process of removing the door panels are sharp at the edges, they can hurt you in the process of removing the door. While pulling out the door after dismantling all the screws and bolts, the door may be heavier and fall for you, ending up injuring you.

Frequently asked questions about Removing Door Panels:

  • What are the main factors to consider when deciding on a door panel to use?

When deciding on the type of door to use, consider different factors such as the type of door panel, the materials used to make the door panel, the paint used as the panel’s color, the amount one wants to spend etc.

  • What type of paint can one use for a door panel?

Paint for use in the door panel depends on the customer’s preferences. Therefore, you should choose the color that matches your preferences.

  • How much is the cost of door panels?

Costs of door panels differ from door to door depending on the manufacturer. Cheap door panels are cheap materials, which probably fade over time and cannot last for long, while expensive door panels are durable as the materials that make them are of good quality.


Removing door panels is of some benefit despite the few challenges you may incur since it is easy and cheap. Moreover, it helps you know the parts of the door panels too and how to maintain them.

Finally, it is advisable to remove door panels regularly according to steps. Luckily, the article shows the best steps of removing the door panel without damaging other door parts.

To Remove Door Panels, You should watch this video from below;

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