Why My Peugeot 206 Is Not Starting: Causes & Fixes

The three‐ and five‐door Peugeot 206 hatchback was first launched in 1998 and has become a real bestseller in a matter of months. Attractive appearance, compactness, durability, and affordability make the Peugeot 206 a popular city car. 

However, one of the major issues that the Peugeot 206 drivers face is no start issue. We know several cases are reliable for creating no start problems. 

But why is my Peugeot 206 not starting? What are the exact reasons and how do I fix it easily? 

Carry on, guys. All your questions are answered here. 

Just keep reading this guide. It’ll help you to figure out the ways why your Peugeot 206 won’t start normally, and how to solve the issue. 

No start problem of Peugeot 206 

Before solving the Peugeot 206 starting problem, you should first know about the Peugeot engine. 

Peugeot 206 engine

Peugeot 206 engine

The first Peugeot 206 was equipped with gasoline engines of 1.1 liters ﴾60 hp﴿, 1.4 liters ﴾75 hp﴿, and 1.6 liters ﴾89 hp﴿. 

In 2000, the 1.6‐liter engine was replaced with a 16‐valve analog of 109 horsepower. In addition, a two‐liter gasoline engine with 135 hp was sold in Europe. A diesel version was also available. Initially, it was possible to use diesel 1.9D ﴾70 hp﴿. 

Major Reasons Why My Peugeot 206 Is Not Starting? 

peugeot 206 not starting

Which parts should you check first to diagnose?

Modern cars come with different types of electrical components. So, you should check some important parts to diagnose where the problem is.  Check the below parts first: 

  • Cylinder head gasket.
  • The rear torsion beam 
  • The solenoid valve of the automatic transmission.
  • The release bearing of the manual transmission 
  • The electrical connector contacts the old car.

Tools required for this automotive replacement: 

We recommend the required products from Amazon. You will find all the necessary tools from Amazon. 

  • Allen wrench 
  • Ratchet wrench 
  • Metal pointed tool 
  • Head Gasket
  • Gasoline container
  • ECU
  • Locking pliers 
  • Siphoning kit  

Problem and solutions to no start problem of Peugeot 206

Problem and solutions to no start problem of Peugeot 206

Problem 1: 

Your Peugeot is not starting because these motors have a timing belt drive with a recommended replacement interval of 80,000 km.


It is advisable to change the pump together with the timing belt. You can use analog instead of original to overcome the starting problem.

Problem 2: 

One of the common problems that many owners have long failed for is floating idle speed. Less common are triplet and engine stalls and Peugeot not stated.


Many people tend to think that floating rotation is a Peugeot feature that you have to accept.

Problem 3: 

Sometimes Peugeot does not start normally due to motor whims can be overcome by replacing the spark plug, ignition coil, oxygen sensor, or absolute intake pressure sensor.


The owner has to successfully replace ECUs.

Search on Amazon to find which ECU you need.

Problem 4: 

Another problem to not start a Peugeot 206 is cylinder head gasket often leaks after 80‐100,000 km for 1.4 liters. To solve the problem:


If the gasket is broken due to overheating of the engine, the gasket cannot be replaced only once. Grinding is required. You have to do some additional work. 

Check the head gasket from Amazon. 

Problem 5:

On the Peugeot 206 assembled in 2008‐2009, when opening to replace the cylinder head gasket, “corrosion” started not starting because we often found it in the coolant channel of the cylinder block.

The reason is that poor quality antifreeze poured into the system during assembly corrodes aluminum such as acids.


Your Peugeot 206 is not starting because the connection of the fluid supply line and the washer nozzle leads to a failure of the fourth fuel injector. The liquid fills the fuel injector and the electrical part is “shorted”.

Problem 6:

The starter serves more than 10 to 150,000 km. The Peugeot 206 unable to start a reason can be the contact of the retractor may burn out, failure of the retractor itself, or wear out of the brush may fail.


The new original retractor is often used for solving this problem.

Problem 7:

After 100‐150,000 km, the electric engine cooling fan is a big cause to not start Peugeot 206 because it may not work properly.


Doesn’t turn on at low speed, works continuously, or doesn’t work at all. The reason is corrosion and failure of the relay unit resistance.

Problem 8:

Valve problem caused it to not start Peugeot 206.

The Achilles gun of the “mechanical” is an electromagnetic valve that fails after 80‐120,000 km, it is abrupt during the transition.

The moment of transition is delayed, the “snowflake” and “S” indicators light up and the box “switches” to emergency mode. A pressure error appears.


Now you need new solenoid valves and must be the total replacement.


Problem 9:

Internal and external CV joints often need to be replaced after 10 to 150,000 km. CV joints are assembled only with drives.


However, it is also possible to separately choose an analog of the CV joint to start the Peugeot car. 

Problem 10:

Front shock absorbers often give up after 100,000 km, and after ‐150,000 km in the rear. Original shock absorbers. In the same period, the ball joint of the front suspension is sometimes leased. And now your Peugeot is unable to start.


By replacing one ball, the problem can be solved. 

Problem 11:

Your Peugeot is not starting due to a leak that occurs through the seal on the antenna on the roof. Ceiling lamps begin to leak. The heater radiator pipe seal is leaking is a big problem not starting Peugeot 206.


You must eliminate leaks in car service After 150‐200,000 km, the stove resistance breaks, the heater motor does not turn on, or, on the contrary, it always blows at a maximum of 4 speeds. 

Other Problems and Malfunctions of Peugeot 206 Starting Issue

Other Problems and Malfunctions of Peugeot 206 Starting Issue
  • Decompression 

A common reason for decompression in the air conditioning line is a pipe separated from the fittings ﴾weak design﴿. The situation doesn’t matter and you can easily fix it.

  • Charging of battery 

After 150‐200,000 km, there is a problem with charging the battery due to a generator failure.

Your priority is to use the new original generator. 10,000 rubles.

If it happens you should repair the Generator which is a much cheaper option.

Final Words

The Peugeot 206 isn’t without flaws, but it’s generally a good car. We tried to cover all those problems which the owner of Peugeot 206 faces.  

If you have any further queries, feel free to let us know. 

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