Best Ball Joints for Dodge Ram 2500 [5 Best of Them]

Ball joints function as a bridge between the suspension and the wheels and keep smooth. You may examine elements like compatibility, durability, safety, frictionless service, and others to obtain the most excellent ball joints for dodge ram 2500.

The Dodge Ram, like other vehicles, has four ball joints, one of which may wear out over time.

So, let’s start with the question: What do you need to know before buying ball joints for dodge ram 2500

Firstly, check compatibility before you buy the Dodge Ram 2500 ball joints. The straightforward installation you will also have to consider. Take into account the hardness that cars face every day. Lastly, choose a ball joint for dodge ram 2500 that will be easy on your budget.  

We have compiled a brief list to help you locate the most delicate ball joints. See if you want to acquire yours fast.

Therefore, read along if you want to discover more!

5 Best ball joints for dodge ram 2500 [Along with details]

1. Carli Suspension Extreme Duty Ball Joints

best ball joints for dodge ram 2500

Carli Suspension makes some good quality Dodge Ram ball joints. The Dodge Ram 2500 (4 bis 4) is compatible between 2003 and 2013. You may also make those using the 2014 model years (link to which is mentioned below).

Four extreme ball joints (two uppers and two lower) and a synthetic grate tube may be obtained as part of the kit.

The suspension system of your automobile is just like your back. If the suspension you install does not resist the weight of your truck, it will cause severe damage to your automobile.

They are also highly fuel-induced and durable. In addition, these joints are dry lubricated to be easily installed. These ball joints also have a redline CV2 grate tube, which allows the joint to remain free of friction throughout its lifetime.

Now the price comes in this degree of performance. A complete set of Carli suspension ball joints is perhaps a significant investment in an older car.

However, they can’t be beaten from a pure quality point of view.

Key Features

  • Heat Treated 4130 Construction
  • 2-Stage Dry Lube Process
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Life Of The Vehicle Product

Things that may bother you

We have found nothing much negative, but the price is a bit higher than most other competitions. But the service you will get is second to none.

2. Synergy MFG Dodge Ram 03-13 HD Adjustable Ball Joint Kit

Synergy MFG Dodge Ram 03-13 HD Adjustable Ball Joint Kit

One of the most robust ball joints for Dodge Ram is the Synergy MFG Ball Joints package. The superbly reinforced structure was what made us lovers of this ball joint kit.

It has a structure of solid metal alloy combined with heat processing.

Even under high temperature and pressure, these ball joints work pretty well off-road. They are constructed with 4140 stainless steel, heat-treated, hardened induction, and ferritic nitro-carbonated for durability.

They also have a tool for the lower joint adjustment. They also feature powder boots to remove waste. The pieces of this ball joint kit are pre-grained. They feature a lifetime seal which provides additional protection during the application.

Due to the perfect ball joints, product maintenance is reduced, and the performance is increased. They are also properly sealed to ensure cleanliness and lubrication. It implies that shortly, you do not have to purify and lubricate them.

Key Features

  • Kit includes all 4 ball joints and lower ball joint adjuster tool
  • Patent Pending Lower ball joints are adjustable, so they always have the correct amount of preload
  • Knurled and non-knurled ball joint housing options to fit any vehicle
  • Lower ball joints are rebuildable on the vehicle without removal
  • Lower Ball Joint bearing surfaces are CNC machined from 4140 steel

Things that may bother you 

The only issue we have observed is the complicated and time-consuming greasing process.

3. 4 Piece Suspension Kit Front Upper & Lower Ball Joints

4 Piece Suspension Kit Front Upper & Lower Ball Joints

This suspension works effectively on and off the road and is damped. This product consists of four, with two ball joints up and down. This is a competitively priced set of Dodge Ram 2500 2005-2007 compatible ball joints.

It is a suspension package that offers accurate performance at competitive prices. The overall performance and life expectancy of the factory components are comparable. Professionals propose installation and maintenance.

Thanks to its high-level craftsmanship, we found this suspension system extraordinarily sturdy and robust. It’s effortless to grate. In addition, it features a dust boot barrier that prevents the water and dirt from being removed from the joint.

Dynatrac Pro Steer ball joints can be rebuilt once they have been installed, unlike cheaper ball joints. It lets you manage your steering more firmly.

Key Features

  • Heat-treated ball joints
  • Zerk fitting for easy servicing
  • Greasable ball joints
  • Eliminates ball joint deflection
  • The joints function smoothly
  • Improved steering response and tightness

Things that may bother you 

These ball joints are suitable for easy riding, but we do not recommend that you take large loads regularly off the road or carry them.

4. MOOG K500316 Ball Joint

MOOG K500316 Ball Joint

The ball joints are wrapped by loops that enhance the refrigeration process and suit demanding applications. In addition, the ball joints from the MOOG are treated to resist severe temperatures and conditions of pressure.

We appreciated the accurate fit that Dodge Ram 2500 provides. It fits the steering system flawlessly and makes installation a delight. In addition, the design is smoothly greased, which enables the body to remain lubricated, smooth, and simple to operate.

The most promising aspect we discovered is its most minor maintenance needs.

It’s costlier, but if you’re searching for a good-quality substitute that lasts longer than any other, it’s a better investment.

They are constructed to correspond to the specification and performance of the original ball joints and their durability to the OEM ball joint. Furthermore, it features grateful sockets that simplify grassing and make the flow through joints simple.

All of these characteristics make upkeep extremely easy and make your money more attractive.

Key Features

  • Heat-treated
  • Rebuildable ball joints
  • Teflon-coated wear points promote a long lifespan
  • Stainless steel ball joints
  • Greasable fittings

Things that may bother you 

The most obvious disadvantage is the nuts which do not fit all the cars with ball joints.

5. XRF Lifetime Ball Joint

 XRF Lifetime Ball Joint

The XRF USA Dodge Ram Ball Joint is a drop-in replacement for Ram pickups manufactured between 2003 and 2012. Another fantastic advantage of this ball joint set is that it provides a trouble-free replacement service directly compatible with OEM. This item has a weight of 7.98 pounds. The overall dimensions are 8.9 x 6.6 x 6.5 inches.

It may not have the sophisticated treatments of more expensive versions. Still, it is a rugged workhorse of a component that holds up well to regular usage. In addition, due to characteristics such as Brand Lifetime guarantee and more, they are one of the best ball joints compared to many other ball joints on the market.

These are the most excellent heavy-duty ball joints available at this price. They’ll last for years, even if you transport loads or tow trailers frequently. We especially like how easily and smoothly these ball joints are lubricated. In addition, these ball joints are easily accessible and allow lubrication to flow through the balls.

While they might be a pain to install, they are equivalent to most aftermarket ball joints in this aspect. They also feature a lower joint adjustment tool. They also wear dust boots to keep debris at bay. The design may also be lubricated for simplicity of maintenance.

Key Features

  • Hardened full-ball stud with grooves for grease
  • One-piece forged washer
  • Belleville washer pre-load
  • Greasable design
  • Pressed-in patented cover plate

Things that may bother you 

We can not say it has the best construction.


  • Question: How many ball joints do a Ram 2500 have?

Answer: The Dodge Ram, like other vehicles, has four ball joints (two uppers and two lower), each of which can wear down over time.

  • Question: Are Moog ball joints oversized?

Answer: The MOOG K8695T006 lower ball joint was created with simplicity of installation and longevity in mind. To fit in worn lower control arm receptacles, the ball joint is. 006″ larger.

  • Question: How much does it cost to replace ball joints on a Ram 2500?

Answer: A Dodge Ram 2500 suspension ball joint repair costs between $395 and $449 on average. Labor expenses are expected to be between $206 and $260, with components costing $189.

Take Away

Now, those are the 5 Best ball joints for dodge ram 2500. But always remember to buy yours, considering your needs. It is critical to outfit your vehicle with high-quality ball joints. Our selection of the eight most delicate ball joints includes the most satisfactory OEM replacement, Dodge Ram.

So, which one did you like the most? 

Share your answers and thoughts with us by leaving a comment. Good luck getting the best ball joints !!

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