Ford Focus Mileage Display Not Working: How to Fix?

If you are looking for an easy and effective solution to the Ford Focus mileage display problem, then you come to the right place.

There are many problems related to the Ford Focus form since the 1998 Europe model. All the problems are common in mk2 and mk3 but the most common problems in ford focus are mileage display isn’t working showing dash, unfortunately, and giving doubtful information, sometimes also just off and on display. 

It seems very problematic. Therefore, now we are going to tell you what to do when the Ford Focus mileage display not working problem arrives. 

So, without any delay, let’s dive in. 

Gear Up Your Mind!

Gear Up Your Mind!

Before the study of why, and how to solve the problem of your Ford Focus display not working, is to study mileage, the term defines how much your vehicle goes in which amount of fuel. And that mileage is measured by the Odometer, which is usually installed on display.

But another fact is if you then have the problem, it may decrease your wallet wait up to 1000$, and you can do it by just buying a new display. 

So, do what best suits your situation. 

Major Reason why your Ford Focus mileage display not working

ford focus mileage display not working

Many problems occur in the display when you drive. The main four occurrences are as follows: 

  • Flickering 
  • Get Broken Completely
  • Partially Fail
  • Show Unusual Scenes.

But here we discuss only why your Ford Focus display is not working, display may not be working due to dysfunction of the fuse, connector, and also may be due to poor connection. 

Sometimes it might occur on applying any new connector, and if your vehicle has an underhood connection it may cause a dash in the display. Which may irritate you.

These all above mention problems are seen and

reported by the client of Ford Focus. The motto of the article is to provide you all the information related to this, so you may be free from this.

How to solve the Ford Focus Mileage Display problem?

How to solve the Ford Focus Mileage Display problem

You have an option to go to the garage and meet the mechanic to solve your problem, but he might take too much from you. Another option you have is to fix a new display which is negligible in price in comparison to the first option. After knowing the reason and solution the Ford Focus display is not working, I need to study the steps you need to solve the Ford Focus display not working problem.

Tools that you will need: 

  • 7mmsocket Drive
  • Fathered Screwdriver 
  • An LCD screen for 140 mph clusters or an LCD screen for 150 mph clusters

Steps to fix the new Ford Focus mileage display

Steps to fix the new Ford Focus mileage display

As prescribe you to fix a new display when your

Ford Focus display not working. Now, we are going to describe the steps. We’re going to guide you in each step written below, we have tried installing the new display.

Step 1: Drop the steering wheel to the lowest position. Just grab and hold underneath the gauge cluster and pull back.

Step 2: Holding gauge cluster at the same place and removing the screw.

Step 3: To remove the gauge cluster you need to disconnect the plug which is back to the gauge cluster. 

Step 4: Take out the front bezel carefully then you can see the screen held by screws.

Step 5: Flip over the display and expose the ribbon cable, replace the new display with the old display which is already installed.

Step 6: Now, connect the cable and screw the display carefully

Step 7: Reinstall the cluster(gauge cluster). After Reinstalling the gauge cluster, you need to roll the dash bezel and screw it carefully.

Step 8: Check the display, as it worked as you bought a new car.

Above all given information is sufficient to install

a new display in your car and just relax from ford’s focus mileage display not working. 

How much does it cost to replace a Ford Focus mileage display? 

However, it is much cheaper than arranging a mechanic to do the same work, and it is also too easy to do. It goes almost 100 to 200$ for replacing it.

How to reset your Ford Focus display?

How to reset your Ford Focus display

You just Install a new display and get rid of the Ford Focus display not working problem. Now, I teach you to reset the ford focus display.

Step 1: Click on the menu button. After that, touch on the down arrow option. 

Step 2: At this, the sync settings are displayed on your screen. 

Step 3: Now, click on the Ok button to proceed with the function you ordered previously. 

Step 4: Click on the down arrow option to get the master reset scenes on your display.

Used Dashboard Instrument Cluster for 2002 Ford Focus

Final Words

I think the above-given information is enough for you to know the facts about the display and the cure if the Ford Focus display is not working. In the above-mentioned ways, you can also reset the display. So, if you can earn or save a good amount of money and you also learn a new thing. And you will be free from the problem of the Ford Focus mileage display not working.

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