Steering wheel not straight: How to Fix 

When your steering wheel isn’t standing straight, it’s possibly out of alignment. The steering system doesn’t stay at proper angles. Misaligned wheels cause rough wear on tires then uncomfortable driving experience. You may need to solve this problem as much as earlier. Here we discussed all about why steering wheels are not straight and how to fix it. 

Causes of Steering wheel not Straight

Steering column is a part of the steering system that’s connected to the steering wheel. This gives your hand to control on the wheel at the moment you turn your vehicle. The steering column is connected to the pinion that joined the rack. For this, when you turn the pinion it provides the rack one way or another. The rack and tie rod both tied together with arms to attach the wheel hubs.

This whole system must be aligned properly for your car. It gives response and turns properly the way you wish to move your steering wheel. Causes of Steering wheel not Straight

When there’s any alignment problems occurring in your car, it makes the whole system out of control. It’s developed difficulty in controlling your car.

On the other hand, your car equally turns the amount of your steering wheel when your car is properly aligned. A proper wheel alignment makes sure all of your wheels are consistently turning together. It will also increase the gas mileage by preventing the uneven wear on tires 

Most importantly, proper wheel alignment will make sure your steering wheel will not crooked.

We already discussed about the first  

factors of steering wheel not being straight. But, there are additional aspects that reflect the reason for the problem. You can check out these symptoms to identify why your car’s steering wheel is not straight.

Heavy impact on the wheel such as being hit by anything while driving can be a reason for the wheels to be misaligned. It may occur after an accident happens. This also leads your car steering with a single direction. 

When the wheel alignment will pull on one side, the auto parts become slack and worn. So, your car starts abnormal driving. Then bring your car for checkups and take the necessary steps.

Height modification will be another reason for your steering wheel is not straight. The suspension system has to be modified according to suitable changes. But, once you modify your car’s height without modifying the suspension system, your car’s wheel faces serious misalignment.

Steering wheel not straight: How to Fix:

Take your car into an auto service centre

is the best method to fix a misaligned steering wheel. Here mechanics can completely diagnose your car’s problem and serve the suitable service to fix it. They will use special instruments to properly measure the alignment.

Accordingly, they will realign after measuring the alignments and compare with the specifications. You have to match the steering wheel with the centre together with the realigning of wheels. Sometimes fixing this problem will be covered by your car’s warranty. But, this may vary from brand to brand and depending on where you bought your car. Some auto service centres will provide wheel alignment service with an extra fee.

How to Fix the Steering Wheel? Step by Step

How to Fix the Steering Wheel? Step by Step

Firstly, make sure that your tires are inflated accurately. Therefore follow the below instructions to fix the problem.

Step 1: Detach the negative wire of the battery to disable the airbags.

Step 2: Turn the steering wheel to discover the upper right and left corners screws. 

Step 3: Remove these two screws and pull off the plastic cover.

Step 4: Unscrew the Torx screws that you will discover inside.

Step 5: Remove the nut (right in the centre)

that maintain your steering wheel in its place. 

Step 6: Remove the steering wheel and 

rotate to the possible position with a wrench rotator.

Step 7: Replace the nut and tighten it to place the steering wheel in a secure position.

Step 8: Replace the airbag, plastic covers and steering column to cover all screws.

Step 9: Finally, drive an experimental test and adjust again if needed.

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Often recommended to check your wheel alignment at least once every year. Well, cars will consume less fuel and aligned tires last longer. Overall, your car driving will become more comfortable.

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How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Steering Wheel That Isn’t Straight?

The simplest way to repair this problem is to take your car into a mechanic. The alignment cost will differ from how much repair requires.

As well as the type of warranty you obtain with your alignment. On average, alignment cost will vary from $50 to $150. But, when you take all of your wheel alignment then you have to spend some of the extra cash. This price will possibly exceed up to $200 for the job.

Let’s Wrap Up!

It’s probably out of alignment when your steering wheel is not straight. Taking your car into the auto service centre is possibly one of the best ways to fix it. Here the mechanics can find the problem and serve a service to fix it.  Above all, you’ve read our guide on all about steering wheel problems. As always, routine check-up is the best method to prevent all of your car problems.

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