Ford Focus Information Display Not Working: Ways To Fix Now

A bad LCD in the instrument cluster is a pretty common problem that most Ford owners claim. 

And if you go for a mechanic, you will have to pay a lot of bucks. Whereas, if you know how to solve it on your own, you will just need to buy a new display online and replace it. Thus, it’ll not be a big deal. 

All brands come with some common drawbacks. Ford focus information display not working is one of the most common failures you may have faced already.  

It might seem new to you. Whatever, it’s not new in the long run of Ford users. There is an easy solution to fix this problem right now. 

No worries dear reader. Today, we have got you covered. Just read our article until the end. We will let you know the causes and solutions to the Ford focus information display for not working. Let’s get started.

Why Is My Ford Focus Information Display Not Working?

There might be different reasons for your Ford Focus Information display being unable to function. But the most common problem occurs for the problematic instrument cluster

While driving, you may face various types of issues with the instrument cluster. And for this, the information display may flicker, get broken completely, partially fail, or show unusual scenes. 

It may happen to a poor electrical connection in the system. Although, the Ford Focus connector isn’t responsible for alternator failure. Yet, it may be a reason for a faulty charging system. 

Again, if there is any newer electronics or an electrical connector, it may cause failure in electrical circuits as well. There might be an unpredictable dash instrument cluster performance for this issue also. Moreover, if your car has an underhood connection, then it may even cause a dash display trouble. 

Overall, these are the most common reasons behind a dysfunctional Ford focus information display.

Tools that you will need to solve this problem:

  • 7mm socket driver
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • An LCD screen for 140 mph clusters or an LCD screen for 150 mph clusters

Ways to Fix Ford focus information display not working (Step by Step)

We will now give you a step by step guide on how to fix a Ford focus information display. 

Step 1: Go ahead and drop the steering wheel to the lowest position and back. 

Step 2: Grab a hold on the little piece underneath the gauge cluster and pull back it. 

Step 3: Remove two T-25 torque screws holding gauge clusters in place. 

Step 4: Remove the gauge cluster. You will get the cluster disconnected from one single plug. Now you can see there’s a tab right here in the center. Press it down and slide this assembly. 

Step 5: Then, you should proceed to remove the front bezel of the cluster. Use a flathead screwdriver to remove it. 

Buy this flat head screwdriver from Amazon.

Step 6: Lift the front bezel off carefully. Two screws are holding the LCD screen. Remove those with your screwdriver.

Step 7: Now, you will get the display flipped over and the ribbon cable exposed. 

Step 8: Replace the old LCD with a new one. 

Step 9: Connect the ribbon cable to the new display. 

Step 10: Re-install T-10 Torx screws to fasten LCD and reassemble the gauge cluster. 

Step 11: Re-install gauge cluster into the car. 

Step 12: Re-install T-25 Torx screws, dash bezel, and crumb catcher. 

Step 13: Check the display whether it’s working or not. We hope it’s as good as it was when you bought your car. 

LCD screen for 140 mph clusters:

LCD screen for 150 mph clusters:

The typical cost of repair

By professional car mechanics: In general, the typical cost of repair at the dealership is 1000-15000 dollars. 

By your own: Fortunately, it is possible to do it yourself. By maintaining the aforementioned steps, you can just replace your Ford focus display. You can find a replacement LCD panel for something around 100 dollars! 

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Tanin Auto Electronix Speedometer Gauge Cluster 150MPH

Tanin Auto Electronix Color TFT LCD Screen | 140MPH Instrument Cluster Display

Used Dashboard Instrument Cluster for 2002 Ford Focus

How do I reset my Ford Focus display?

Look for the sync screen. Click on the menu button then. After that, touch on the down arrow option. At this, the sync settings should be displayed on your screen. Now, click on ok. Touch the down arrow option to get the master reset scenes on your display.

Final Verdict

Replacing your Ford focus display will solve the problem now! 

In the end, it’ll be an intelligent move if you do it by yourself. It’s as easy as we wrote. Just maintain the steps. And thus, you should be done.

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