How to Disable Anti-theft System- Hidden Strategy You Should Know

Anti-theft systems are systems in a car that prevent it from being stolen. These systems use electrical circuit disconnecting to work such that when the circuit is disconnected, the power will not flow. Therefore the car will die immediately, being unable to start. An anti-theft system may also combine a car alarm.

At some point, the anti-theft system in the car may fail to function properly due to a dead car battery and losing its memory or the remote having a dead battery. Further, it might be caused by the damage of the immobilizer chip in the key. Also, the anti-theft system may fail to function properly due to damage to the car lock. There are different ways used to disable the car’s anti-theft system, as discussed below. 

How to Disable Anti-Theft System – Hidden Strategy You Should Know

Method 1: Inspect the cylinder and the key

how to disable anti theft system

Steps to be followed.

i. Inspect your key fob battery

If the key fob battery is dead and has not disabled the system, the car’s anti-theft system may activate. Ensure that the key fob battery is well installed, or you can replace the battery with a new one, then try again.

ii. Inspect the door lock cylinder

In a case where the car has been damaged in a break-in attempt, there must be an involvement of the car’s anti-theft system. Find if there is any damage to the lock cylinder. Check whether the door handle has been damaged. Use the passenger side cylinder if the lock has been damaged.

iii. Ensure that the key you are using to get your car started is the right one

Most cars have a door key that performs specific functions and cannot be used to start the car. Those keys may only have been designed to open the car doors only.

Method 2: switch on the ignition

switch on the ignition

The anti-theft system might disable the engine of your car. In case of such a scenario, follow the following steps to disable the system.

i. Check the anti-theft light

The anti-theft light is located at the dash and will have red lighting or blue lighting.

ii. Switch on the ignition

 Turn on the car ignition by inserting the car key into the car’s ignition. All the accessories of the car are activated except the engine.

iii. Again check on the anti-theft light

 If the car’s anti-theft light is not blinking, allow the system to reset itself. The resetting is done by turning the key to the off position and resting there for some minutes.

iv. Start the engine

Try to start the engine to see if it is working. If it’s not working, check the functioning of the battery.

v. Repeat the process

Try this process again and again until it works. But, if the problem persists, contact a professional mechanic to help you troubleshoot the problem.

Method 3: Use a car key in your car door

Use a car key in your car door

Take the key and fit it into the car door using the door on the driver’s side and the visible key. Don’t use the keyless entry system.

Unlock the car door by turning the vehicle key without releasing it. Holding the key in place for some seconds will tell whether it is the right key. In some cars turning the key back and forth will work to disable the anti-theft system.

Start the engine. Ensure that the cylinder is not locked, and then take the key out and start the engine.

Frequently asked questions:

  • How can I turn off my car’s anti-theft mode?

Turning off the car anti-theft mode requires you to use the unlock key button. To turn off the anti-theft system, use your remote to press the unlock button key. It is advised to use the key to unlock the door and turn on the ignition switch. If that does not work, try to lock the door on the driver’s side using the key while you are out of the car.

  • Can anti-theft keep the cars from starting?

The anti-theft system can prevent the car from moving because it is designed to prevent it from being stolen. It is designed so that when the circuit is disconnected, the power will not flow, and therefore the car will not move.

  • What does the anti-theft light winking mean?

When your car anti-theft light winks, it indicates that your system is involved, resulting in the thief being scared by the winking light. It is advisable to lock the automobile door so that the alarms can be active.

  • How do you know that your car is in anti-theft mode?

Several ways make you know that the anti-theft system of your car has some issues. One, it’s when your car does not start. Another way to know is when the anti-theft light is flashing, which may be caused by a lack of recognition of the key by the system.

  • How can I disable the immobilizer?

When the immobilizer is active, it locks your car, making it unable to start. For the car owners to disable the immobilizer, they are supposed to fit the key into the ignition and turn it on. Leave the key in there for some minutes to engage the other automobile accessories. When you check the ad to find that the anti-theft light is no longer blinking, that’s an indication that the immobilizer is disabled, and you can have your normal drive.

  • How can I reset the anti-theft deterrent?

One way of resetting the anti-theft deterrent is by unlocking the doors using the keyless entry system. Again, the car owners or the drivers should leave the car doors open moving out of the car so that they can be able to lock the doors from outside by pressing the lock switch.


An anti-theft system is so important that it saves in case of any theft of the car. The system can create disturbance and be very annoying in any case that it falsely engages. In such a situation, it’s so important for car owners to know how to disable the anti-theft system.

For you to be helped, make sure that you use the methods and the steps that have been discussed above carefully. If the car fails to start, seek help from a professional to solve the issue because other underlying issues prevent it from working.

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