How Do I Get My Car Put Out of Anti-theft Mode? Easy Method

Anti-theft systems are installed in cars to secure your vehicle from theft. They use an electrical circuit by disconnecting power to shut down the car or prevent the car from starting when it is tampered with. The system requires you to activate it to work and at times, it can activate itself without your consent, making your car alarm go off, disconnecting power and the car fails to start.

This means that you will have to disable or deactivate the anti-theft system. Moreover, at some point, your car’s anti-theft system may cease to function correctly and so many reasons may cause this. Firstly, it is due to your system battery or the remote battery dying.

Furthermore, it can be due to a damaged car door lock or immobilizer chip being damaged. If your car’s anti-theft is not functioning as required, you will be forced to look for ways to put your anti-theft system out for the car to work normally. Luckily, there are ways in which your anti-theft system can be put off.

Methods of turning off your anti-theft system

Method 1: Using your key fob

how do i get my car out of anti theft mode

This is the commonly used and fastest way of putting off your anti-theft car system. Begin by pressing the anti-theft alarm remote button. This will automatically put off your anti-theft system, that is, if you are close to the car.

At times, passing on a minor bump can trigger the anti-theft system sending a false alarm that someone is trying to break into the car and pressing the alarm remote will automatically reset the anti-theft system. If the system was stimulated for an unknown factor, using your key fob alarm may not work; hence you will need to try other methods to put the anti-theft system off.

Method 2: Checking your door lock cylinder and key

Checking your door lock cylinder and key

Step 1: Do thorough checking on your key fob battery

Your anti-theft system may turn on after activating itself after the key fob battery is dead and the plan was still active when the battery died. This can deactivate the anti-theft system and turn off the car alarm. Therefore, you must install the car key fob correctly. Replace the old battery with the new one and the system will turn off.

Step 2: Carry out thorough checking on your door lock cylinder

If you have accidentally broken your car door locks, the anti-theft system may sense that the car is being stolen and it will automatically activate itself and the alarm will go off.

Therefore, check your door lock cylinder and even the door for any damages. If damaged, follow the manufacturer’s instructions on using the passenger side cylinder and use it instead of the door lock cylinder to put off the anti-theft system.

Step 3: Check the key you used if it was the proper key

Sometimes, you can forget and use the wrong door lock key to open the car and the key you used may not have the chip necessary for starting the car. This will turn on the anti-theft system and the alarm is engaged. You must ensure that you change the key and use the appropriate one to unlock the car door lock.

Method 3: Disintegrating the battery

Suppose your anti-theft system goes off and it gives you a hard time turning it off. In that case, you can disintegrate the system battery by unplugging and disconnecting either the positive or the negative terminals and leave it for some time before returning it. This will reset the system and the system will be turned off.

Method 4: Turning on ignition

Turning on ignition

Step 1: Check whether the anti-theft light is on

The light is located on your dash and it will contain a red or blue light. You should check it to see if it is on or off.

Step 2: Turn the ignition to the on the spot

Turn the ignition on by placing the car key into your car’s ignition and all car appurtenances will be activated except the car engine. Leave the key for around 10-15 minutes.

Step 3: Check if the anti-theft light is winking

After leaving the key for 10-15 minutes, check if the ignition light is winking. If it is not blinking, turn the key into the off position and then leave it for 10-15 minutes again, allowing the anti-theft system to reboot itself.

Step 4: Onset the engine

Try to start your engine to see if the car will start. It does not start; check on the car battery and ensure it is complete.

Step 5: Attempt again to reboot the system while following the steps

If the anti-theft alarm does not turn off, try again to redo the processes above and if still, it does not work, try another method.

Method 5: using a car key in your car door

using a car key in your car door

Step 1: Putting your key into the door lock

Use the door side of the driver’s side and the physical key, which might function.

Step 2: Turn the car key, slowly unlocking the car door without discharging the key

Turn the car key and hold it for around 30 seconds allowing the system to sense that the key inserted is the correct key. This will enable the system to dodge the anti-theft alarm system.

Different cars recognize the keys differently. Some cars will accept the key by moving back and forth on the key inside the cylinder’s door lock. Attempt to drive the car key entirely in both directions to deactivate the anti-theft system alarm.

Step 3: Attempt to start your car engine

Detach the key from the door lock and try to start your car engine. Ensure that the key cylinder remains locked.


Your anti-theft system can stop functioning normally, releasing false alarms and you will be required to disintegrate it to make the car function normally. Lucky enough for you after reading this, you now understand different methods you can use to put off the anti-theft system.

You can try the key fob method, using the key on the door lock, check for any door cylinder damages. If the process fails, you can try the discussed methods above. If all the methods fail, you should have it looked at by experts, or you can contact the manufacturer.

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