Deleting and Tuning the 3.0l Ecodiesel Dodge Ram 1500

The 3.0L EcoDiesel dodge ram was manufactured in 2017 with many features that enable it to function effectively. For instance, the ecodiesel dodge ram is very powerful, especially when installed in a medium-size truck. It can supply many horsepower, around 240, and has many unique characteristics that distinguish it from other truck engines.

Moreover, the 3.0L eco diesel dodge has torture right out of the box around 420 to 425 ft-lb giving the engine a unique appearance making it effective for truck drivers who want a friendly engine with many spare parts. There are several options for deleting and tuning a 3.0L ecodiesel, and the guide below shows how to delete and tune the engine.

3.0L Ecodiesel dodge ram 1500 features

deleting and tuning the 3.0l ecodiesel dodge ram 1500

The engine has many features that uniquely distinguishes it from other engines, and they include;

1. Economizes fuel, thus saving fuel refilling costs.

2. Has a clean, peaceful, and smooth power plant.

3. 480 lb-ft.

4. It has 260 horsepower, which is probably (+20).

5. Increase in performance up to 20-52hp.

6. It doesn’t leave any codes or any evidence after tuning the truck. The DEF gauge is the one used to detect the presence of any tuning.

7. Responds quickly to the throttle.

8. Requires removal of the engine control module before deleting and tuning the eco diesel engine.

Tuning the 3.0L ecodiesel

Tuning the 3.0L ecodiesel

A 3.0L truck that holds a medium-sized engine known as a 3.0L Ecodiesel is a unique vehicle with a distinctive engine that keeps evolving in design and functions. Sometimes, the truck driver may wish to change something about the truck, unlike others. The best way of introducing the changes is by tuning the vehicle to lower emissions output and increase its effectiveness.

There are several ways which you can tune to keep the factory emission tools and add some towering features to get more accurate results. The information below describes the best tuning and deleting options to improve the performance of the truck engine in the process of starting.

Process of deleting engine control module in the ecodiesel

Process of deleting engine control module in the ecodiesel

The process of deleting and tuning the ecodiesel engine requires materials such as a DPF pipe, an EGR block-off kit, a CAT delete pipe, and tuned engine control module (ECM). Removing the Ecodiesel engine after removing the truck ECM is easy as long as you understand how to install the tools required, such as EGR block-off kit.


a) pack the truck in off-road places away from public highways.

b) Switch on the key to start the engine.

c) If any codes present or not present, clear them all before removing the engine control module.

d) Remove the ECM and keep it safe for the reinstallation process.

e) Switch off the key to stop the engine from running.

f)  After switching off the key, remove the negative cables present in the truck battery and ensure you handle the wires carefully to avoid damaging them.

Available options for deleting 3.0L Ecodiesel

Available options for deleting 3.0L Ecodiesel

Deleting 3.9L ecodiesel is essential since it is MPG and reliable and can fold and squeeze the maximum horsepower to suit your preference. Removing the emission tools on any latest version diesel engine is only possible for off-road vehicles. If done in public places, it results in jams and can affect the people’s health near the public highways.

Such a truck is usually used for activities such as racing and farming in some countries that have no rules and regulations that limit the truck drivers. Several delete tuners are present, and the information below shows the best delete tuner for the EcoDiesel.

The most recommended delete tuner for the Ecodiesel

The most recommended delete tuner for the Ecodiesel

There is a recommended way of deleting and tuning the ecodiesel truck, but it requires more understanding before carrying out the process. Despite several ways of deleting and tuning, some faults come with the tuning. For instance, new plug-ins that can carry out the deletion process are currently unavailable. Thus, when tuning, you will need to pull out the ECM from the truck to unlock the tuner and flash the bench.

There is the latest version of a delete tuner for your Ecodiesel. The new product is described below, including its features and benefits.

  • 1. DPF/EGR Delete ECM Tuning 14-18 Dodge Ram Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.0 ecodiesel ram 1500

The delete tuner has a laptop-based tuning option. It has many advanced features such as the diesel particulate filter, Exhaust Gas Recirculation, among others.

Features and benefits

a) Removes Diesel particulate filter hence removing any dirt present in the filtered soot from the exhaust stream.

b) Switches off and disables the Exhaust Gas Recirculation hence regulating hot exhaust gas emitted.

c) Has increased fuel mileage.

d) No difficulties in handling truck codes or monitoring the engine lights.

Best EcoDiesel Delete Exhaust

The best way of deleting the diesel particulate filter compared to other options is using a test pipe. The test pipe is usually straight and appears downward hence the name downpipe. It has a straight shot from the turbo to the muffler allowing diesel to flow freely without any blockages present in the tube. The best ecodiesel delete exhaust is the off-road race 3 DPF/CAT delete test pipe ecodiesel.

1. Off-road race 3 DPF/CAT delete test pipe Ecodiesel

 Off-road race 3 DPFCAT delete test pipe Ecodiesel

The off-road race delete test pipe comes with many advanced features that increase its efficiency, allowing maximum diesel flow. The features of the test pipe are as shown below.

Characteristics and benefits

  • It comes with a mandrel-bent tubing to allow maximum flow of diesel.
  • Deletes the diesel particulate filter from the Ecodiesel exhaust faster than other options hence have a high performance.
  • Has raised horsepower and torque to increase its efficiency in terms of fuel provided to the truck engine.
  • It is made of aluminum and steel materials, hence strong and can last longer.
  • Comes with a delete test pipe kit known as 3 DPF/CAT.

Exhaust gas recirculation delete kit for the 3.0L Ecodiesel dodge ram 1500

Keeping your truck available and in good functioning is essential to delete the exhaust gas recirculation present on the Ecodiesel, and it is advisable to avoid skipping the process. The only way of removing the Gas exhaust recirculation is by using the block off plates and rerouting the hoses. Such activity allows you to get rid of the EGR completely.

The process of removing the EGR from the ecodiesel in your truck keeps the sooty exhaust gases from recirculating, thus leaving the engine clean. The method of controlling the sooty exhaust gases from the engine prolongs its lifespan and keeps the engine in good condition. The kit comes with all tools required to carry out the process of deleting the exhaust gas recirculation.

The best kit is Exhaust Gas Recirculation cooler delete kit 3.0L Ecodiesel that comes with many designs and benefits, as discussed below.

2. Exhaust Gas Recirculation cooler delete kit for 2014-2017 Ecodiesel

Exhaust Gas Recirculation cooler delete kit for 2014-2017 Ecodiesel

The process of installing the cooler delete kit is essential and is done in two ways: accessing order while the other in descending order.

Method 1

The first step is installing the design of the kit in ascending order. The process is done by bypassing the EGR valve directly to delete the EGR from the ecodiesel entirely.

Method 2

Method two is installing the EGR cooler delete kit in ascending order using the steps below. First, install the equipment and start deleting the EGR in reverse motion, starting from deleting the EGR valve and the exhaust gas recirculation completely. Proceed to the EGR coolant line and exhaust gas recirculation manifold in reverse motion. Finally, delete the exhaust gas recirculation exhaust line.

Features and benefits of exhaust gas recirculation cooler delete kit for Ecodiesel

 The cooler delete kit comes with many features and benefits that enable it to delete the EGR completely, and they include;

a) Has sequential step guide on installing the EGR cooler delete kit successfully, whether in ascending or descending order.

b) It consumes less fuel, thus saving the finance economy.

c) Deletes the EGR, thus getting rid of the intake soot that fails to cool the engine.

d) The engine oil is cleaner.

e) Increases the lifespan of the ecodiesel engine by removing the exhaust soot emitted by the engine during the running process.

f) Does not interfere with the level of the coolant flowing through the cylinder head.

Tuning and deleting the 3.0L ecodiesel using a VR tuner

Some truck drivers may wish to tune the electronic control unit of the dodge ram 1500 Ecodiesel, thus changing the truck and improving its performance in terms of driving. The VR tuner upgrade

  • Increases the torque for towing.
  • Increases horsepower with the top end and pulls to the redline.
  • The ecodiesel engine responds faster in terms of throttle response.
  • Reduces fuel economy, thus reducing costs for refilling fuel every time.
  • No returning of the electronic control unit due to the presence of bolt-on performance.
  • Easily adjustable due to the existence of additional parts such as a pulley, intake, and exhaust.

Steps of removing electronic control units for tuning

Steps of removing electronic control units for tuning

To make good power out of the truck, consider tuning the electronic control unit of the Ecodiesel 3.0L dodge ram 1500. Before tuning the Ecodiesel dodge, remove the electronic control unit from your truck and mail it on the recommended place to be bench flashed. The following steps explain how to remove the electronic control unit from the Ecodiesel dodge ram.

1. Have all the materials necessary, such as the screwdriver and a 10mm socket. Find the position of the electronic control unit and is usually positioned behind the intake against the firewall.

2. Dismantle the intake sensor and, using a screwdriver, unscrew the airbox lid and remove it carefully to avoid damaging it, and position it in a proper place for reinstalling.

3. Using the screwdriver, unscrew the intake boot hose clamp until it is loose.

4. Inspect the condition of the diesel particulate filter and pop off the clips that are holding the airbox.

5. Check the electronic control unit, which is positioned near the firewall behind the intake.

6. Disconnect the electronic control unit harness slowly from the top and the bottom by rotating the clips holding the harness in position slowly.

7. Loosen the two bolts on the bottom and top of the electronic control unit using a wrench. The most recommended wrench is a 10mm socket wrench.

8. Pull out the electronic control unit after popping right.

Ways of maintaining the 3.0 Ecodiesel dodge ram 1500.

Maintenance of the 3.0L ecodiesel results in an increase in lifespan and prevents it from any damages. The following guideline shows how to take care of the 3.0L Ecodiesel dodge ram 1500.

  • Change fuel present in the Ecodiesel engine more often even though it is expensive to keep the engine in good condition.
  • Refill the diesel exhaust fluid tank every time you change the oil in the Ecodiesel engine.
  • Change the oil filters each time you change the oil and get rid of the old or worn-out oil filters.
  • Grease the engine often to avoid metals coming in contact with each other and emit loud noise and vibrations.
  • Always carry extra fuel for refilling in case the engine runs empty.
  • Service your truck frequently and troubleshoot any issues detected sooner to prolong its lifespan.
  • Service the engine cooling system every 150,000 miles and replace faulty parts such as thermostats and tank caps.
  • Replace the serpentine belts often.
  • Clean the truck more often and remove any dirt that has accumulated in the internal parts. 

Frequently asked questions:

  • How long can a 3.0L Ecodiesel dodge ram 1500 drive?

Ecodiesel dodge ram engines have a long lifespan when compared to ram gas engines. The Ecodiesel engine lasts for approximately 200,000 to 35 000 miles if well maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions. In terms of warranty, the manufacturers offer a 3-year warranty which is 35000 miles, and a 5-year warranty, which is 100,000 miles’ warranty.


Deleting and tuning an Ecodiesel dodge ram 1500 is essential in that it increases the truck’s performance, reduces the fuel economy, and makes the truck more reliable. The article above summarizes the various ways of tuning and deleting the ecodiesel dodge ram, how to delete the ecodiesel using a VR tuner, and the best tuner to use.

Also, the information describes various ways of increasing the lifespan of the Ecodiesel dodge ram by giving it proper maintenance.  Finally, remember to service the Ecodiesel dodge ram often to improve its functioning and refer to the guide above in case of any challenges.

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