Nissan Titan Xd 5.0l Cummins Deletes and Tuning (Dpf, Scr, & Egr)

A Titan XD Nissan has an advanced 5.0L Cummins, which is the latest combination that distinguishes it from other trucks. The truck has several features, such as an engine size of around ¾ ton, and it is heavy with approximately 555ft. libs. The engine has many materials that reduce its weight, making it more compatible and efficient. Also, the engine of the Titan XD truck powers faster and quickly due to its latest advancement.

The output of the Titan XD is impressive and is around 310HP with a torque of weight that is less than 7,999 pounds. The invention of the 5.0L Nissan Cummins uses metals like iron, making it more effective and thinner, hence stronger. Also, aluminum metal is essential in preventing the occurrence of any rust in the diesel engine. The article briefly discusses Nissan Titan XD 5.0L, including the EGR, SCR, and DPF.

Features of the Nissan Titan XD 5.0L Cummins

nissan titan xd 5.0l cummins deletes and tuning

The 5.0L comes with many features which increase the performance of the truck, especially the diesel engine.  The features are as described below.

  • It has both compacted graphite iron and aluminum

The materials manufacturing the 5.0L Nissan Titan XD increases the lifespan and prevents the accumulation of rust on the truck engine and the truck. For instance, aluminum is a strong metal that does not allow the accumulation of any rust, and the iron metal is strong enough to prolong the lifespan of both truck and truck engines.

  • Light in weight

Compacted graphite iron used to manufacture the Nissan Titan XD is light and requires a thinner design. The thinner design decreases the weight of the 5.0L, and aluminum metal makes it lighter than any other diesel engine made from other materials.

  • Packaging design

The packaging comes with a small footprint and uses tricks such as tucking the turbos deep into the valley pan area. Also, the intake manifold of the 5.0L is molded right around the tucking turbos and small footprint.

  • Peace and tidiness

The Nissan Titan XD 5.0L produces very little noise when running. The manufacturers designed the 5.0L Titan XD in a way that it is clean at the forefront and emits less noise. In terms of cleanliness, the Titan XD has a unique feature of firing five times when substances are combusting, and the Bosch piezo injector system present does this. The combustion process that occurs at each event prevents the pistons from contacting the walls and emitting funny noise.

Further, the Cummins present in the Nissan Titan XD times the fuel pump after being set at a specific sequence during the combustion process, and you can do the setting process by setting the Bosch CP 4.2 off of the timing chains. Finally, the Nissan Titan XD 5.0L comes with all emission accessories just like all other trucks.

Trade-offs present in the Nissan titan diesel engine

Trade-offs present in the Nissan titan diesel engine

Just like other trucks, the Nissan Titan XD has some problems that prevent the truck from functioning normally, especially the diesel engine. Such trade-offs includes; DPF, SCR, and EGR. The emission systems are as discussed below.

i. Selective catalyst reduction (SCR)

SCR systems are essential in regulating the number of emissions such as nitrogen oxide emissions that can pollute the environment. The emission of nitrogen oxide is the main reason why the truck is limited to off-roads only away from public places such as public highways. The hot exhaust gas, nitrogen oxide emitted, reduces the engine performance and reduces its lifespan.

Therefore, the good system effectively reduces the tailpipe emissions that can interfere with the longevity of the Nissan 5.0L truck. Also, it is advisable to follow the country’s rules and regulations concerning the diesel and diesel emissions that can pollute the environment.

ii. Diesel particulate filter (DPF)

The Nissan 5.0L has a DPF system found at the exhaust downpipe near the turbo. The system requires other systems such as the SCR and the EGR to filter any dirt accumulated on the exhaust stream. The filter soot emitted during the combustion of exhaust gases affects the functioning of the diesel engine.

The DPF system performs many functions, such as deleting all dirt hence prolonging the lifespan of the Nissan Titan XD diesel fuel. Further, the filter requires regular cleaning or replacement if worn out.

iii. EGR

The EGR system controls hot gas emitted from the diesel engine using the cooling system present. Hence, shutting off all exhaust gas recirculation reduces the emission of substances keeping the engine in good condition and prolongs its lifespan. Also, deleting the diagnostic trouble codes present in the system results in the correct functioning of the truck during the running process.

The process of deleting and tuning the Nissan Titan XD

Some parts require deletion and tuning to improve the performance of the Nissan Titan XD truck. Some of the parts that require removal include;

1) A tuner.

2) An Exhaust gas recirculation that must be switched off or blocked off.

3) A titan exhaust.

4) A 5.0 Cummins.

The information below shows the ways of deleting or removing the ports present in the Nissan Titan XD truck.

Deleting a Titan XD tuner

Deleting a Titan XD tuner

A tuner is essential in running a deleted truck properly. Therefore, ensure you have a tuner to run everything present in the Nissan titan. To delete a tuner, plug the exhaust gas recirculation block-off kit and activate all sensors, especially when installing the DPF pipe. When deleting a titan tuner, ensure you have all materials necessary for the installation process.

Recommended delete tuner for deleting the Titan XD Cummins

There are several delete tuners present in the market today for deleting tuners from the Nissan titan. The tuners vary from one another depending on the manufacturer, and each has different manual instructions. Among the tuners, the best and most recommended tuner is the EZ LYNK Tuner.

1. EZ LYNK tuner

EZ LYNK tuner

The tuner is suitable for deleting the Nissan Titan Cummins 5.0L trucks from 2016 to 2017 to 2018. The tuner comes with many different features with different parts that improve its performance.

Features and benefits

  • It can record and send truck information such as data logs.
  • Checks and monitors unique parameters present in the truck, such as speed limiter, seat belt minder, unlock driver door, and auto door lock.
  • Updates the engine control module (ECM) to the latest version to increase its effectiveness.
  • Reads and clears all codes present in the truck, such as the diagnostic trouble codes (DTC).
  • Performs GDP tuning in the truck diesel engine.
  • It is compatible with emission systems and emission detached applications to remove all substances such as nitrogen oxide emitted hence prolonging the truck’s lifespan.

2. The single-tune HP level present in the EZ LYNK tuner

  • 140 HP level indicating maximum effort.
  • 120 HP level indicating the tuner race.
  • 60 HP level indicating street.
  • 40 HP level showing two.
  • 20 HP level indicating the economy.

There is a setup that needs the truck driver to use unlock cable, and the setup is “*DPF DELETE EGR DELETE CAPABLE*”.  Such a setup enables the truck driver to communicate with the tuner to get a solution.

3. Nissan titan diesel particulate filter deletes exhaust kit

The best exhaust delete kit for the Nissan Titan is the 4 delete exhaust kit. The kit comes with many advantages and features that differentiate it from other exhaust kits.

Features and benefits of the 4 delete exhaust kit.

  • Has a medium diameter of 4.
  • Performs the function of removing both CCR and DPF.
  • It has a mandrel-bent made of stainless steel, making it stronger and last for a long time unless well maintained by following the maintenance schedule.

It is the most recommended delete exhaust kit as it can remove two systems: the DPF system and CCR.

Best delete options for the EGR system

Best delete options for the EGR system

Delete kits for the exhaust gas recirculation system have not been invented to delete or block off the exhaust gas recirculation system on the titan Cummins. Therefore, it is advisable to choose an EGR system that has a built-in tuner for deleting emissions.

For the truck drivers who wish to clean the engine bay by removing all dirt accumulated on the engine, it is advisable to look and research for more options to block off the EGR plates for the truck. Many manufacturers are trying to come up with the best deleting options for the Nissan titan truck model.

Frequently asked questions:

  • What can I gain if I delete my exhaust gas recirculation from my Nissan titan truck?

By deleting and removing the EGR system, there are many benefits gained. First, eliminate the emissions such as unburnt carbon and nitrogen oxide hence reducing the environmental pollution. Also, it enables the recycling of the unburnt carbon for further use. Moreover, deleting the EGR system lowers the diesel engine temperature improving its performance when starting the truck.

In terms of throttle response, removing the EGR system leads to the throttle responding quickly and improves the economy by reducing the amount of fuel consumed. Finally, it protects the oil from any form of contamination or carbon reaction.


There are some parts you require deletion and tuning in the Nissan Titan XD. For instance, a tuner, exhaust, and the EGR system require deletion when deleting the Nissan Titan XD. Therefore, it is advisable to pay attention to the parts that require deletion instead of deleting all parts, including the important ones.

In conclusion, the article above shows almost everything concerning the Nissan titan, starting from the features to deleting and tuning the Nissan. Finally, it is essential to pay attention when installing and deleting the tuners in your truck.

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