5 Best Double Din Head Unit Under 200 in 2022 [Review]

Fiddling knobs and dials to change radio station is long gone.

Car stereo is so advanced that the tech has kicked analogue systems down to dust. Welcome double din head units, the tech that lets you change radio stations in style and let you enjoy the frequency you love while behind the wheels.

For starters, these units replace analogue stereo completely, leaving them to no chance whatsoever.

And here’s the kicker:

These digital stereo sets feature multi-functional controls and user-friendly displays, which not only make them easy to use, but also enhance interaction.

When it comes to cost, it’s important to note that the units vary in price, and this depends on the model, the brand, and the number of built-in features.

In this guide, we look at some of the best double din units under 200So if you’re on a very tight budget and you need an advanced option fixed to your car, you’ll love the recommendations below.

Let’s get to it.

Double Din Head Unit under 200 Reviews

1. BOSS Audio Systems BV9386NV Double Din 

BOSS BV9386NV isn’t a perfect double din head unit, but it’s almost close. In our eyes, this gizmo offers so much value for the price, making it one of the premium options for budget buyers.

It takes a number of steps to update, though, beginning with removing the mini SD card and using the MIO website, but this shouldn’t be an issue once you get used to the process.

This double din head unit doesn’t just let you make and answer calls without distraction. It even allows you to play your favorite music, even if they’re on apps like Pandora.

We doubt you’ll ever watch videos when you drive. But if you ever pull over to rest on a long trip, the media playback can be quite as rejuvenating.

One of the smart audio features of BOSS BV9386NV double is the auxiliary compatibility. Plug your MP3 player or smartphone, and start playing your favorite tune right away.

If you’ve ever been keen to examine double din units closely, you may have noticed that not all of them support rear viewing. It’s not so with BOSS BV9386NV.

The device includes a rearview camera input option, which allows you to view behind you when driving in a reverse motion. The only problem is you have to spend extra cash to buy the rear camera.

We have to admit that the built-in GPS system is this double din’s strongest selling point – or so we think. With all the 50 states properly mapped and integrated into the system, you’d hate yourself if you lost your way. Plus, the system includes a text-to-speech technology, which you can use if you need a guide to point you to your destination.

  • Touchscreen display that’s easy to navigate
  • Easy to fit and stays quite well in position
  • Bluetooth works well most of the time
  • Audio doesn’t start right away, and this can be quite annoying
  • Missing some special features, but what you get for the price is enough anyway

2. SARCCH Double Din Car Stereo 

Maybe it’s crazy that SARCCH costs less than $50. If you ask us, we think this double din head unit gives you more value than its price tag portrays. But it’s a win-win if you get the biggest bang for your bucks, or isn’t it?

From reverse image view and mirror link function to four play modes and 7 color LEDS, this car stereo system undeniably offers you more for less.

So as far as SARCCH car stereo is concerned, the consensus is clear: it’s hard not to love. Moreover, it’s easy to install, it fits properly, and it’s quite easy to navigate.

On play modes, the Bluetooth option is definitely the most obvious, and it’s a must-have feature when you want to make hand free calls so you don’t easily get distracted as you drive.

With the SEL, a feature quite rear in most car stereos, you get access to a number of audio modes at high or low tones. And if you’re a fan of SD card playback, then this model is for you.

SARCCH includes a reverse image function, which lets you see behind you when your car is in reverse gear. You don’t have to switch this mode manually. Instead, this double din will check if your car is in reverse gear and switch to reverse mode automatically.

  • Cheap double din head unit with premium features
  • LED lights switch automatically, and you can choose a color that you like
  • Includes a mirror link function that lets you use car navigation
  • Reliable radio station connection
  • Four play modes, including Bluetooth are accurate
  • Easy to install and it fits quite well
  • It doesn’t have a built-in GPS
  • The radio clock won’t stay set unless with constant power supply

3. COREHAN Android Touchscreen Double Din Car Stereo 

COREHAN is the car stereo to consider if you’re looking for a double din that does more than just play music. Built to work with Android Operating System, and featuring a friendly user interface, COREHAN is one of the easiest to use in its class.

And given that it’s under 200, it’s a model to consider if you’re under a (tight) budget. Plus, this build includes tons of unique features that you won’t find in many double dins in the same price range.

By simply including the GPS system in this double din, COREHAN transformed it from just a musical device to a technical, yet easy to use, gizmo that you can use for direction assistance.

Plus, it includes a GPS antenna that supports offline and online map navigation, so you can easily reach your destination, even if you drive via routes with zero mobile traffic signals.

With COREHAN, music is only a click away. Because it supports multiple play modes, you can listen to your music from a source you choose. To put this in another term, it supports micro SD card, USB flash drive, and Bluetooth playbacks.

While COREHAN gives you access to Google Play Store with this double din head unit, we don’t particularly think they give you an exceptional experience. You can download apps if you intend to expand the function of the system. But you can only access and run apps for the tablet version. That’s not cool, or is it?

  • Access to Google Play Store allows you to expand the functionality of the unit
  • Can work with other mapping apps available in the app store
  • Multiple music play mode, so you can enjoy your playlist in style
  • You can’t access mobile apps, only those built for tablet versions

4. ATOTO A6 Double Din Stereo 

The ATOTO A6 is particularly an interesting pick because we’ve tested it on multiple road trips. After a week of testing, for at least a 2-hour drive per day, we were more than willing to admit that it stood up to the test quite.

The user manual was quite handy in helping us figure a couple of things out, although we didn’t entirely rely on it to setup the system. To say that it took us a few minutes would probably be an understatement. So let’s stick with “it was easy” for the lack of a better phrase.

From the onset, the ability to control the unit from the starring wheel will make it easy for you to kick distractions in the ass and focus on your trip. The ability to connect to multiple devices gives you options, but it doesn’t support CD/DVD systems. If you must stream movies or listen to music, load them to your phone or save them in your USB drive.

  • Comes with an installation guide to help you with the configuration
  • Works well without a subwoofer, a set of car speakers should be enough
  • Crystal clear and sharp display, which enhances content visual
  • It doesn’t have the best sound equalizer
  • Does not support DVD/CDs
  • You may need to buy a new harness for proper wiring

5. Sony WX920BT 2-Din CD Receiver with Bluetooth 

Sony doesn’t need an introduction. Well, unless you’ve been living under a rock. Their WX920BT 2-Din receiver is as good as its speakers. You simply can’t go wrong with this one. Because Sony backs this model by an intelligent audio processing, the kind of audio output you get is almost equal to none.

Creative audio production means sound clarity, with zero trace of negative sound effect and no distortion whatsoever. Whether you turn the volume high or you keep it relatively low, the sound should be true.

To be clear, this unit doesn’t include may premium features. So if you need functionalities like GPS navigation and mirror link compatibility, look elsewhere. Overall, this is a unit for drivers who’re only interested in music.

  • The sound quality is promising
  • Doesn’t include many premium features

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