Indicator Not Working On One Side: Solutions Revealed

When you find your car indicator not working on one side, it is something that makes you feel worried. 

A lot of questions then come to our mind. Is this common and can I fix them by myself without needing a mechanic? If yes, then what are the solutions to fix this problem?

All your questions are answered. Make sure that you read the article until the end.  

Hopefully, this read will ease the burden off your shoulders.

Starting By Yourself

These indicators issues are very general and you can repair them yourself. To solve this first evaluate the dilemma for what it can be. Check the bulb if it has any dim regions or has split filaments, plug connections, and ground. If there is an issue with both lights on the same side, it may be due to a weak or faulty bulb. Otherwise, it could be due to a faulty flasher relay, a defective connector that is found between the flasher and the switch.

Many relevant problems happen and although are common but have different fixes so it can be a bit confusing and tough to know. But that’s where this article will be helping you. Let’s start with the basics.

Reasons For Indicator Not Working On One Side:

  • Poor Light Bulb

When the turn signal of the car is not working, this is the most common reason for it to not work. It will happen because like normal light bulbs the filament inside the bulb might be broken and the glass will be dark. 

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  • Bulb Sockets Oxidization

Over time, various parts of a car decompose continuously. This could be another reason for your turn signal indicator to not work if you don’t clean it regularly. Because rust can interfere with everything and regular cleaning is essential.

  • Flasher Module

A defective flasher module is also one of the reasons that are causing the problem. It is essential because it provides electricity to the turn signal system. Blinkers are to be affected if the cable that attaches the fuse and flasher module is removed or dislocated. 

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  • Fuse Breakage

When the current flow in an appliance or electrical system exceeds its limit then the fuse breaks. This is a very useful product as it secures the wiring of the appliance if something goes wrong. If it blows up then it’s important to replace it with a new fuse for later safety. The same goes for the car, this could also be one of the reasons for the connection breakage from somewhere.

  • Defect in Turn Signal Switch

The mechanism with which you operate the turn signal is your turn signal switch. It’s common sense that if the switch is faulty it won’t be able to send a signal to the blinkers. Sometimes when the problem is the switch then it is stuck and won’t move. Or it could be a defect in the device that sends the signal to the blinker.

  • Connections and Wirings Mess

In the bulb socket, with time messing up connections is pretty much common sense. You could be dealing with corrosion, damage, tightening or loosening, or anything in the connections which also leads to problems. So, better check it, and if the case, fix it!

  • Common Problems With Their Quick Solutions

These are the most common problems that may happen with your car. 

Reasons For Indicator Not Working On One Side

Indicator not working on one side

This problem is the most common and also very easy to solve. The reasons for this to happen might be a dead bulb or either the ground socket or connection is facing a problem due to corrosion or some kind of damage. 

#Easy Fix:

Try to replace the bulb or check the connections with an ideal tester to find some inactivity in them.

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Both turn signal lights are not working

This situation is nerve breaking when both the lights are not working. In this situation, the reasons may be that either the fuse is blown up or the problem could be with the turn signal switch. 

#Easy Fix:

Try to change the fuse or replace the bulb. Check on Amazon which bulb fits your car. 

Signals do not flash

This could also be a problem you are facing. In this, the lights are a bit lit but are not giving out a healthy flash. The most common reason for this problem could be the dead bulb. Also, the reason could be a loose connection of wires or any of them is unplugged. The fuse could have blown. 

#Easy Fix:

Connection in the turn signal switch should be checked. 

Buy an ideal tester to check connections.

Indicators on the dashboard are not flashing

You identify that there’s something wrong with your turn signal flash as the dashboard indicator is not flashing as usual or is not flashing at all. The Flasher unit can be poor in this condition. 

#Easy Fix:

Also, check the bulb socket if it is dealing with corrosion or damage.

Lights flash too fast or too slow

Changes in the blinking rate of turn signal lights are not normal and difficult to detect. If they flash quicker than usual, the inverter may load the battery or the battery may be undercharged. The burn-out bulb can cause the indicator light to flash faster. Bad power or grounding of the lamps may also lead to slower or faster blinking.

#Easy Fix:

Charge the undercharged battery. 

Indicators not working but the outside lights are

Also, a common problem in which the outside lights are working fine but indicators are not giving a sign of anything. Reasons could be a shitty bulb, flasher unit problem, or the socket connections are messed up.

#Easy Fix:

Try to resolve the issues. 


After reading this article, hopefully, you will be sure of the problem if you were already unaware of it, and also you got to know the possible reasons that are causing the issue with the possible solutions you can do to fix them. So, in the beginning, we stated that there’s anything you need to know. Which itself is going to be a tip if you’re unaware. It is about the use of a vehicle repair manual. Why is it important you say? Because it is your next step. You analyzed the problem, you know the solution, now taking the action with a guide is what the manual is going to help you with.

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