5 Best Car Speakers Under 100 to Buy in 2022 [Review]

If you are on a budget, or you just need the best car speakers under 100, you’ll love the top picks that we’ve included on this list.

Let’s agree on one thing before we get to the “meat”:

The best car speakers aren’t often the most expensive ones. From our testing and firsthand experience, we’ve learned that even lower-end models from well-established brands can deliver an outstanding audio experience.

So let’s look at some car speakers that pack a punch, yet for a price as low as under $100.

5 Best Car Speakers under 100 Reviews

1. JVC CS-J620 300W Coaxial Car Speakers 

The JVC CS-J620 may be the cheapest coaxial car speakers on this list. But they’re a cut above many models in the market.

Suitable for car owners on a tight budget, the CS-J620 is the ideal alternative to the OEM car speakers and quite a perfect replacement for factory installed speakers altogether.

Even at a price as low as under $50, the speakers have an exceptional sensitivity rating of 92. Not to mention that they have the capacity to handle at most 30W of continuous RMS power – and possibly crack up to 300 watts.

These cheap speakers feature a cloth and rubber surround, which make the cone to pick up even the least sound frequencies to make the lows more precise. The one-inch dome tweeter is balanced out well, so the speakers deliver more detailed sound output, sometimes by extending the frequency to as high as 22Khz.

To be clear, the JVC CS-J620 won’t give you a tremendously banging sound experience. So forget the boom-like and window-shaking sound experience if you decide to go with these. At the very least, they’re a step up from any OEM set of speakers. And at such a lower price point, these are definitely a steal.

  • The cheapest car speakers on this list
  • Good sound output from such a low-priced set of speakers
  • A perfect alternative to possibly all the OEM speakers
  • Sound distorts if turn the volume up

2. Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Prime

If a car speaker’s price is a factor to consider and quality is something you aren’t willing to compromise, go with Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Prime.

These are so iconic than many high-end models in the market. But they only cost under $50, making them suitable for you if you’re on a tight budget.

Like the JVC CS-J620, the Rockford Fosgate R165X3 sports a strong and durable rubber surround. The material alone makes the speaker an ideal alternative to the OEM speaker surrounds. Not to mention that it contributes to enhancing the overall audio quality.

Moreover, the polypropylene woofer cone maximizes bass response without the need for an amplifier.

It’s often unreasonable to expect a decent frequency response from cheap car speakers. However, it’s a completely different case with Rockford Fosgate R165X3. With a frequency range between 52Hz and 20Hhz, combined with the 3-way setup, this model delivers an excellent audio output from each song you play.

If you get this and test it for the first time, you’ll notice the mid-range tones are standardized, the bass isn’t bad, and the highs are quite exceptional.

You’ll also notice that the speakers can easily pull as much power as possible from an OEM head unit.  However, you can’t crank up the speakers to a higher volume without the distortion. For the price point, though, turning up the volume to a level with little to no distortion at all should do the job.

  • Fair performance for the price point
  • A good upgrade for the OEM speakers, and a cheaper pair for that matter
  • A good design, which makes the speakers feel like premium models
  • You get quality sound output; excellent base, reasonable mid ranges, and acceptable high tones
  • Expect sound distortion if you turn up the volume too high
  • Doesn’t have the best power handling ability

3. Pioneer TS-F1634R 2-Way Speakers

Pioneer TS-F163R 2-ways speakers aren’t going out of the market soon. In fact, they’ve held a better rank in the brand’s low-end speaker series. And they’re a true replacement for your car’s factory installed speakers.

Pioneer hasn’t this model’s design its best. But at a price point as under $30, a flaw in design is something to expect. First off, the appearance is quite an appeal, with a silver accent and a black finish that protects the speakers from elements.

While it features a grill, which protects the mid-range driver and the tweeters, the grill itself isn’t complete. The problem with this is that it leaves the woofer exposed, and if you aren’t careful with it, it could as easily be damaged.

The cone’s design sports a multilayer of materials, with one of them maintaining the stiffness of the cone to ensure better audio quality. Moreover, the layers work together to ensure both speakers deliver clear, crisp sound without traces of too much distortions whatsoever. And as for the power output, each speaker can handle as high as 175 watts, a total of 350 watts for both.

  • Cheap car speakers, which are ideal for buyers on tight budget
  • Thanks to the modern design, this set will easily fit most cars
  • With a high power output for each speaker, you can be sure that the set can handle high volumes quite well
  • The grill build isn’t completely. That leaves the woofer exposed and downright subject to destruction

4. Sony XSR1646 4-Way Car Audio Speakers

We’ll probably sound biased if we say that Sony is the best entertainment equipment company of all time. But isn’t it? Known for its artistry and tech innovation in its niche, there’s no denying that Sony also designs some of the best car speakers under $100.

This four-way coaxial speaker features two tweeters on the sides, a woofer, and a mid-range speaker at the center. The tweeters of these speakers are quite small, but they perform exceptionally well when it comes to audio output.

Sony’s XSR1646 4-way car audio speakers are some of the best in its low-end category. The angular design, with a black matte finish, makes it an exceptional build for the price range. We like how Sony nailed the design of these ones, particularly with the X-shaped grill. The grill protects the woofer quite well, with the only problem being that small objects can easily land on the cone.

Sony XSR1646 doesn’t have the best power output, though. At 270 watts from both speakers, it’s quite less compared to what you get from something like Pioneer TS-F1634R. That, however, doesn’t mean it can’t perform, because you still get a rather exceptional audio performance.

The sound quality is good, because even at high volume, Sony has made sure there’s minimal audio interruption. And if you’ve used Sony speakers before, you know you don’t have to turn up the volume to the max to get the audio details. Plus, these are cheap speakers, but the quality of the sound you get from them means they should have cost more than the current price tag.

  • These are cheap, high quality speakers from a reliable and trusted brand
  • You will love these speakers because they deliver more audio clarity even in the higher frequency range
  • The design is appealing overall
  • These one are very easy to install; you can install them on the front or rear door
  • Unfortunately, the peak power output of the Sony XSR1646 is quite low
  • We wish the grills of these speakers hindered small objects from reaching to the cone
  • You don’t get the best sound quality at max volume
  • May feel like factory speakers for some people

5. Kenwood KFC-6995PS

You wouldn’t even think that Kenwood would make speakers. After all, isn’t it a brand that mostly deals with kitchen appliances? Regardless of their specialty, Kenwood seems to be branching out.

And it our opinion, they’ve done quite a good job on the KFC-6995PS model. Cheap, yet well made, this is one of the few car speakers under 100 that can actually replace factory-installed speakers.

It’s hard not to love these speakers. The audio quality is up to the standard, with a good balance for the highs, mid ranges, lows, and the bass. That’s proof that car speakers don’t have to be expensive to deliver an impressive audio output.

Many of the speakers on this list are either 2 or 4-way. But Kenwood steps up high with its KFC-6995PS model, making it a 5-way instead. In particular, you get two tweeters, one big woofer, and two mid-range drivers.

The result is a high quality sound production from cheap speakers built by a brand that doesn’t entirely specialize in entertainment equipment.

  • The speakers’ paper cones are well-built to enhance performance by managing change in humidity and temperature
  • Kenwood uses paper cone instead of polypropylene cones, which explains why these car speakers sound better
  • Has a peak power output of 1300 watts, which is the highest we’ve seen so far
  • Tweeters may crackle if the volume is set to max

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