Astra Horn Not Working: Ways to Fix It

At times you may find the Astra horn has stopped working. 

You should never ignore this issue as it can lead to a bigger problem in the future. Of course, driving a car with a dead horn can be dangerous, as it may not work when needed. You cannot always scream substituting the dead horn.

That is to say, the Astra horn not working problem is something you have to solve at once. 

No worries guys. In this article, we are about to give you the solution to the Vauxhall Astra Car horn problem. Let’s Jump in. 

Car Horn Basics

Car Horn Basics

A car horn is a safety device or sound signal or warns others to approach or to call attention to some hazard.

Fuse and its purpose

Plus, a fuse comes as a metal wire strip that melts or burns when too much current passes through it, hence it controls the flow of electricity to avoid circuit failure and it has many such fuses to protect its various electrical components from high voltage occurrences. 

How to check fuses in your car?  

How to check fuses in your car

To check the fuses of your car, you have to follow the below steps. 

   ● Visual Inspection to inspect if there is any breakage in the wires.

   ● Testing with a multimeter to check the voltage, resistance, and current in the circuit.

   ● Using a circuit tester to check if there is a current flow in the circuit.

Relay and its purpose

Relay is termed as a remote switch that uses an electromagnet to close a set of contact points, when the relay magnet is supplied with voltage, the points close, and battery voltage is routed through the main circuit and the main purpose of a relay is to reduce the current that flows through the primary control switch. You can’t inspect the relay visually. Take the help of proper tools like a multimeter or circuit tester when checking it. 

Major Reasons behind your Astra horn not working

astra horn not working

These might be different causes why your Astra car horns are not working. Some of the most common reasons behind the issue are: 

  •  Car horn sits upfront – 

Horns might get exposed to rain and road chemicals which damage the coil.

  •  Manufacturing malfunctions –

Astra horn having some manufacturing malfunction like it works Intermittently and just does not work at all.

  • Headlights on Issues –

Horn works fine with headlight off and it didn’t work well with headlights on, because of a bad connector that introduces more and more resistance to oxidation.

  •  Wiring loom Issues –

Horn may not work if its wires get damaged, wire damaging location were Engine, Airbag, Steering Wheels, etc.

  •  Fuse Issues –

Fuse boxes protect electrical circuits in the car from exposure to the elements preventing damage and short circuits. There might be some issue with the fuse box due to which your car’s horn might not work.

  •  Relay Issues –

The Horn relay is the electronic component that gives power to the horn and fails because of broken wire.

  • Airbag Issues –

An expanded airbag can interfere with horn operation

  • Car battery Issues –

Low voltage from the car battery could stop the car horn from working

  • Horn switch Issues –

If the Horn switch is broken, then the vehicle horn stop working

Some other factor behind the Astra horn not functioning properly:

  • Steering wheel controls just don’t work.
  • Horn turns the stereo volume up and the radio.
  • Dash lights flicker.

Things you need to check 

  • All electronic components depend on power from the battery, so check the battery.      
  • Make sure it properly connects wires.                  
  • Fuse on your fuse box                 
  • Relay of the horn
  • Check if your horn has water inside.

Some Tools to repair 

  • 16-gauge wire 16-gauge are used for light-duty extension cords supporting 13 amps
  • Clamps – A clamp is a device used to hold or secure objects tightly together so that their object does not move while using.
  • In-line fuse holder Used to protect the circuit of a piece of electronic equipment.

How to Fix your Astra Horn Not Working Issues?

How to Fix your Astra Horn Not Working Issues

Step 1: First, look car owner’s manual for fuse location if the fuse blows, then you got a bum horn and if the fuse is good, jump power directly to the car with a homemade fused jumper and if it makes a clicking sound, the problem could be a poor ground connection.

Step 2: Clean the ground connection of your horn. Then try powering it once again. If it still clicks you better replace it for replacing a fuse, disconnect the corresponding switch, or turn off the ignition.

Step 3: Modern car fuses have that fork-like look and if the wire between is not connected then is broken. Just replace it. 

Step 4: If your Astra horn tends to work with jumped power, that means the problem lies upstream. So, check the horn relay then.

Step 5: If the fuse and relay are good, then the horn itself is bad how to test it, here the instruction gives electricity by connecting a probe to the horn wire and a USA e jumper wire to connect one of its end on the positive battery terminal and another one on the horn.

Step 6: Clean the wire connector and reattach it.

Step 7: Horn switch in your steering wheel, a broken clock spring under the steering wheel if you know how to open the steering wheel and deal the airbag rightly with respective tools then you might solve the problem

To  Repair Astra Horn you may have to –

  • Replace wiring loom for CIM (Column Integration Module)
  • Dim the dial brightness
  • Switch the ignition on and off.

Final Words

We hope that the above solutions would have fixed your horn issue. But if still, the issue persists. You need not move your car to the car dealer from where you have purchased your car. They could. Replace your damaged horn with a new horn. Hope you have found this article helpful. Please let us know if this has solved your issue or not in the comment section of the article.

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