5 Best Aftermarket Steering Wheel: Compare Wisely Choose Well

The aftermarket reduces the entire diameter of the wheel, one of the most popular entities, allowing less input and so faster steering. Cosmetically, steering wheels from aftermarket look aggressive so there is no reason why so many enthrallers exchange them.

In general, aftermarket steering wheels are smaller than standard wheels, which can impact the control.

So, let’s start with the question: What are the considerations to buy the Best Aftermarket Steering Wheel

First, pick the best selection for yourself, evaluate what driving you do and what visibility and accessibility preferences you have. You should also decide how to use the car mainly. The fact of the wheel’s thickness should be considered. Last but not least, the budget is the most crucial concern before you acquire an aftermarket steering wheel.

Now, my friend, we are just warming up. 

To help you find the  Best Aftermarket Steering Wheel, these considerations above are essential. Keep them in mind.

Therefore, if you want the Best Aftermarket Steering Wheel, read along! 

5 Best Aftermarket Steering Wheel: Compare Wisely Choose Well

It’s frustrating, isn’t it? 

Shopping for the crucial best Aftermarket Steering Wheel is always exciting, regardless of whether it’s for a new car or just updating your old one.

But it goes without saying that you have chosen an aftermarket steering wheel. It is yet astonishing that you have to be discerning only to choose the proper one. You must consider receiving a new steering wheel which will provide you with the best possible control if you require it.

To help you, we’ve listed the 5 Best Aftermarket Steering Wheel.

We have arranged this table to help you to know about them easily and quickly. 

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Let’s, get started with the review;

1. NRG Innovations, ST-006BK-Y, 350mm 3 Inches Deep Dish 6 Hole Racing Steering Wheel

best aftermarket steering wheel

The ST-006BK-Y deep NRG steering wheel fits most automobiles in a universal fit.

There are six-hole hub adapters to fit your automobile tightly. It has a diameter of 350 mm or approximately 13.75 inches. The NRG logo contains all the wires, nodules and bolts in the box to configure things for the record.

The wheel is wrapped with high-quality leather grips, which allow you to handle the wheel more sharply. Three aluminium spokes are used to support the control wheel.

Installation is easy, and sustainable materials assist to last longer. Installation is easy. The design of the black three-speak platter is in high-quality aluminium for additional beauty and performance.

Whether you stop early to take the pinnacle of your rivals or sail through the city, NRG Innovations is your top rider.

Key Features

  • The Frame is made of High-Quality Aluminum and is wrapped with Leather
  •  Black Stitch Design with Yellow Center Marking; Black Spokes
  •  350mm Diameter 3″ Deep Dish Racing Spec.
  •  5mm Thick Spokes; Horn Button is Retained
  •  Universally fits with any Standard 70mm 6-Bolt Racing Hub Adaptors

Things that may bother you 

We could not find the customers who use it are unhappy with the product, but a few have registered that their yellow stripe at the top is vastly off-centre. 

2. Grant 338 Classic Steering Wheel

Grant 338 Classic Steering Wheel

Three holes per talk to tell you all about this high-performance wheel in the classic style. You are confident you have the most excellent wheel around regardless of your journey. To attach this wheel to a vehicle, a grant installation kit is essential.

Its crescent cylindrical lock design fits the most rounded steering wheels. This one attaches the steering wheel, unlike more common steering wheel locks. To prevent turning, it stretches across the dashboard.

This complete steering wheelset is supplied in combination to save time and effort while installing it and seeking the correct adapter.

This is a premium choice with a universal fit and a 12-inch diameter. It has a central hub with a 6-bolt design and a solid connection.

It is a complete construction of aluminium and is wrapped in leather. Moreover, it’s budget-friendly and delivers a lot of pricing.

Key Features

  • 13 3/4″ Diameter wheel with 3 1/2″ dish
  • Black vinyl cushioned foam grip
  • Black finished steel spokes
  • Matching horn button included
  • Grant installation kit required

Things that may bother you 

The design might not be of everyone’s taste.

3. Sparco 015L800PL Steering Wheel

Sparco 015L800PL Steering Wheel

This is yet another well-known Italian corporation, one of several post-market entrants. And instantly, it welds to the directional side between the steering hub and the wheel.

Furthermore, this model’s CNC-machined disconnections. As a result, your vehicle will be linked to a zero play. Quality is never compromised in this regard. This racing steering wheel was built after years of racing and tweaking across the world.

So, in one sexy bundle, you get sportsmanship. Secondly, for aesthetics and maximum longevity, it is black anodised.

It is a premium choice with a universal fit and is 12 inches in diameter. The centre hub is equipped with a 6-bolt design and ensures a solid fixation.

It is whole aluminium construction, and the rim comes in leather-wrapped. You need not weld it into the steering column because of its design.

Key Features

  • Color Black
  • Material Leather
  • Brand Sparco
  • Fit Type Vehicle Specific
  • Grip Size 350 millimetres

Things that may bother you 

Although the wheel is impressive, some users aren’t convinced that it is lower priced than its competitors.

4. Grant 414 Challenger Steering Wheel 

Grant 414 Challenger Steering Wheel

Other than the aesthetic, the wheels of the above-stated brands are the same regardless of brand. So it’s just a matter of deciding what you prefer. There are also carbon-fibrecarbon fibre steering wheels for those of us who are tired of carrying all that cash every day.

Grant 414 is one of the top aftermarket steering wheels that assist the automobile function smoothly and efficiently, allowing the rider to become a fantastic one. The Grant Custom Styling Ring is a simple solution to improve the appearance of your original wheel while maintaining the safety of the original airbag system.

The Grant Challenger steering wheel is designed with dual-plane spokes. Instead of utilising three spokes to support the rim, Grant used four to ensure the steering wheel’s overall strength. Before installing, be sure to remove the horn fuse or disconnect the battery.

The spokes are matte black steel. Its rim is wrapped in a pleasant black cushion foam grip, providing you with comfort and control over the wheels. Grant offers original equipment manufacturer (OEM) replacement steering wheels for various GM and Ford cars, allowing you to modify the car while keeping the original airbag safety device.

This steering wheel is compatible with all Grant Standard 3000 and 4000 Series Installation Kits. Today, Grant Product provides a comprehensive line of personalised steering wheels and fibregreatest carbon with various steering wheel accessories. This is a more budget-friendly product with a high price point.

Key Features

  • 13 1/2″ Diameter wheel with 3″ dish
  • Grant exclusive Dual-Plane design
  • Black cushioned foam grip
  • Matte black steel spokes
  • Grant installation kit required

Things that may bother you 

Many customers claim that the Installation kit must be bought separately along with all of the great things.

5. Grant 967-0 Classic Nostalgia Style Steering Wheel  

 Grant 967-0 Classic Nostalgia Style Steering Wheel

This is a one-of-a-kind racing steering wheel, and it’s the only one in this group that doesn’t have the standard 3-spoke configuration. It sports a unique dual-planed 2-spoke split arrangement that gives it a hefty appearance. The Grant 969-0 Vintage Nostalgia Style Steering Wheel is meant to provide precision driving while also adding a classic aesthetic to your vehicle.

This steering wheel is primarily concerned with aesthetics to aid and make your automobile appear more relaxed from the inside. However, this does not imply that it is a compromise in terms of driveability. Because of the wheel’s typical size, it may be mounted on a variety of cars.

Dust and corrosion-resistant materials are added to the hydrophobic design. As a result, it is simple to see that these lights are designed to withstand all types of adverse weather.

This steering wheel has a really classic look with the brushed stainless steel spokes. Its proper installation is critical. If you wish to do it yourself, please in mind that a Grant installation kit is required for a correct installation.

Furthermore, its grip is excellent, allowing you to move the wheels with effortless motions.

Key Features

  • 15″ Diameter wheel with 4 1/8″ dish
  • Genuine hardwood grip
  • Brushed stainless steel spokes
  • Chrome horn button
  • Grant installation kit required

Things that may bother you 

Along with all the quality features, it may bother you that the edge of the wheel could be a bit sharp for some users.


  • Question: Is getting an aftermarket steering wheel worth it?

Answer: In summary, most people use them for security (because you can’t actually steal a car without a steering wheel) and because they look good. They can also improve the driving experience since the overall feel of the steering wheel may make it feel livelier, like a racecar.

  • Question: Is it safe to get an aftermarket steering wheel?

Answer: In terms of safety, an aftermarket wheel is less safe than a factory wheel in a stock automobile. A racetrack does not only contain automobiles moving in the other direction, but it also has a stringent set of regulations that people really follow because there will be no racetrack if they don’t.

  • Question: Do aftermarket steering wheels affect insurance?

Answer: Even if you buy a new automobile and add alloy wheels as an optional extra, insurers will consider it a modification. Changes like that won’t have much of an impact on your premium because they are made by the manufacturer, but you must still mention them.

Take Away

Now, those are the 5 Best Aftermarket Steering Wheel. Always remember to keep the considerations in mind. Keep in mind that an aftermarket steering wheel is not as safe as a factory-made one, so choose one with the maximum safety option.

So, what do you think about this review? 

Share your answers and thoughts with us by leaving a comment. 

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