6.4l Power Stroke Delete Kits Dpf and Egr

Power stroke delete kits for DPF and EGR can improve the vehicle’s reliability and raise the MPG and Hp of the vehicle. Manufacturers recommend the 6.4L power stroke for the DPF and EGR as it works best as it has a good tune and can do some good deletes for the vehicle. The power stroke works by working with it on the ECU stroke. Without using the delete kits, one can miss an improvement in the vehicle’s reliability when driving.

A delete kit has some components that they need to fully make the deletion process complete as it includes the tuners, deletes pipe which the exhaust, and the delete kits. The article below discusses the EGR and DPF delete kits tuners that best suit the 6.4L power stoke delete kit.

Reasons for using the powerstroke delete kits

1. DPF


Many people keep worrying about why one must delete the DPF in the truck. Below are the reasons for using the delete kits for deleting the DPF.

  • Reduces the amount of oil that goes bad

Deleting the DPF in a truck using the 6.4L power stroke delete kit lowers the amounts of oil that go to waste after use such that it turns out to be greasily lowering the efficiency of the truck. Removing the DPF helps the production of the bad oil to blow. Since bad oil damages the fuel tank, it causes rust in the tank walls that later leak the corrosions.

  • Increases the flow of soot and ash in the exhaust system

Deleting the DPF in a truck increases the rate at which the waste fumes get the release out of the erase pipe as it creates a path for the flow. The absence of the DPF leaves good space for the exit of fumes that causes the vehicle to find its route for travel as the exhaust pipe releases many fumes that are not good for the health of a human. In addition, the flow of the gases helps the truck to have enough air that it can breathe well.

  • Raises the working rates of the truck

DPF is the essential thing that needs deletion. The running of the truck will be effective as the DPF causes the truck to consume much fuel such that, in this case, it uses fewer amounts of fuel, making the driver carry out many activities over a long period using less cash. It also saves the amounts of money that the driver can spend in buying fuel for use and the cash to buy replacement tools for the DPF.

2. EGR

  • Increases the MPG

To increase the MPG, the delete kit works hard to remove the fumes in the exhaust with high temperatures from going into the air intake heater. However, fumes with high temperatures are not suitable for the exhaust pipe as they can damage the exhaust parts, making it leak the poisonous gases unnecessarily. In addition, the high temperatures of gases through the exhaust can cool when they are getting out, leaving moisture in the pipe that reacts with the metal, causing rust that leaks.

  • Reduces the possibilities of destroying new engines

Deleting EGR reduces the possibility of destroying new engines in that the EGR sometimes can fail to work, causing the engine to have damages. Therefore, deleting the EGR means the EGR is no more in the truck and that there are no failures with its system that can fail to damage the engine. In this case, it can also help make the engine livelier and work as the chances of being faulty are low.

  • Increases the lifespan of the EGR

Deleting the EGR helps increase the lifespan of the EGR system as it has a cooler where many fumes and gases pass through it that damage its path as it can cause cracks in the walls due to high temperatures. 

Therefore, the EGR delete increases the lifespan by lowering the high temperatures of the gases through the exhaust such that they can pass through smoothly, reducing any chances of cracks in the walls of the exhaust, and that increases the days the driver will keep using the exhaust.

Parts of the 6.4L power stroke delete kits

1. SCT *4 handheld tuners with custom tunes

6.4l powerstroke egr dpf delete kit
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In the 6.4L power stroke delete kit, manufacturers recommend using the SCT handheld tuner since it is the best tuner as it is from a small size to a large size depending on the size of the truck that needs it. In addition, the handheld tuner increases the efficiency of the power stroke in the deleting process. It also helps in increasing the rates at which the truck can work after removing the DPF and EGR by giving more power to handle bulky products.

SCT handheld tuners are flexible to move from one place to another, as its name suggests.  However, the most important thing is that it has a tuner that best allows the deletion of either EGR or DPF separately or deletes the two of them together.

Apart from the tuning feature, the handheld tuner supports the truck in solving technical issues that arise from the truck. For example, it can raise the amount of power from the little fuel for use with trucks; it can raise MPG, HP, and Torque and work with trucks with small wheels and large wheels.

2. H & S Minimaxx race model

H & S Minimaxx race model

H & S is best for use as it is cheap, and many people can afford to buy, maintain and use it. The H & S Mini Maxx race model permits the deletion of both the EGR and DPF. The model above cannot allow many tunes to run with it. Instead, it gives the driver enough power for the truck and aid in deleting the EGR and DPF systems at a lower cost. 

It is a multipurpose device that helps in deleting the systems that emit fumes and helps the engine run simultaneously. On the other hand, the mini Maxx can check the whole engine system for any damages and troubleshoot the damages for better engine functioning.

3. Exhaust kit

Exhaust kit

The best exhaust kit for a 6.4L power stroke delete kit for DPF and EGR is the turbo back race exhaust kit. Unfortunately, most vehicles with a straight exhaust pipe require removing the DPF directly via the computer or smartphone when running the deletion process. Failure to do this will cause the dirty particle to accumulate into the air filters blocking them, threatening the whole system. In addition, it might encounter high pressure that can damage the filters if it has restrictions.

To remove the DPF and EGR consider replacing the exhaust pipe by focusing on the outer surface of the exhaust pipe that covers the DPF and EGR systems removing the restrictions they have, and then changing them. The replacement process changes everything in the exhaust system as many individuals think it only replaces the pipe. 

It is best to choose this exhaust kit for the 64L power stroke delete kit as it has an aluminum surface that is strong for use over a long period and enhances the high flow of fumes in the truck that makes it for use away from the highways.

4. Air intake heater

Air intake heater

In the air, the intake heater considers using the aFe power magnum force performance intake system as it covers the air filters from exposure to the heat and makes it able to access air. In most cases, the air intake is compatible with the filter that is free from oil that can clean it, such that you can clean it and make use of it a couple of times before throwing it away. 

Furthermore, the option of reusing the filters saves one from buying filters every time they are tuning as one only requires to clean the filter with a detergent and clean water, then give it time to dry and later use it for tuning.

5. EGR and DPF delete kits

EGR and DPF delete kits

Deleting the EGR and DPF is essential as they reduce the amount of money to purchase urea that can add up in the tank for the Systems to work. Manufacturers recommend people to remove the systems as some decide to disable them so that they can still cause damage to the truck in that they permit fumes to go through them. 

The greatest thing one can do is remove the EGR and DPF in the truck for effective and efficient working of the truck on the particular roads.


The article above describes the reasons for deleting the DPF and EGR, respectively. To delete the systems with ease, one has to gather all the requirements they need, which the parts that make a complete 6.4L power stroke delete kit have the exhaust pipe, delete kits, tuners, etc.

Therefore follow the guide to show you the parts you need to make the process complete. Always delete the EGR and DPF systems to prevent any of their help to the vehicle as some people decide to disable it from working so that they can work without the user’s knowledge.

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