Duramax Lml Dpf Delete Kit- Indepth Reviews

Duramax LML DPF delete kit is majorly on helping trucks save amounts of fuel when running over long distances. The purpose of the delete kit is to help the truck work to its perfection while saving power for use. DPF is a deleting mode that helps the vehicle have enough air when moving as it allows the truck to breathe. The air the truck is breathing helps the truck work extra hard, reducing the chances of other parts in the system having damages.

The article below helps you find the exact parts that you need to make the deletion process successful in increasing the truck’s efficiency and reducing the amount of fuel consumed during its regular operation. When the truck has DPF, it uses much fuel to produce enough power.

Parts that make a complete Duramax LML DPF delete kit

duramax lmm dpf delete
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The delete kit has the components that complete the delete kit here in the article below. However, the Duramax LML DPF delete kit has conditions that one must live in areas that do not have restrictions as the trucks with the delete kits emit poisonous fumes that are for use with hidden routes away from the public roads or run in areas that are more technological that it has the diesel controllers to regulate the fumes the truck produces.

To make a complete Duramax LML DPF delete kit, there are parts you have to make complete. The parts help one ultimately do the deleting process and remove the DPF in a truck since the DPF delete removes the DPF in a vehicle and connects it to the truck’s computer for accessible communication. Ensure you have a tuner, exhaust pipe that replaces the DPF and deletes kits. Below are the parts you need.

1. H & S Minimaxx DPF and EGR delete race version

 H & S Minimaxx DPF and EGR delete race version
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The Minimax is a remote tuner that completes the Duramax as it is cheap for purchase and maintenance. However, today, people use different modes to regulate the power in their units that have many fumes as harmful emissions. Therefore, you need to fix the tuners in the engine to avoid damaging the engine. Failure to do this damages the truck’s whole operation when running and the engine, which is the vehicle’s brain.

The essential factor to check on these tuners is to delete the essential needs of the DPF and EGR units. Ensure the tuner you are using can delete the two as some tuners cannot program the PCM to delete the manufactured exhaust systems.

Luckily, the H & S Minimaxx tuner can perform to its best by controlling the amounts of emissions the fuels excretes and helps the truck work more. The Minimax leaves all the restrictions as per their make until the owner decides to adjust them and allows you to delete the DPF and the EGR to a good level for effective running for long distances.

The Minimax is advantageous in that it is cheap and affordable compared to other tuners that can be expensive. In addition to that, it increases the working efficiency of a vehicle.  Minimax is the new generation today from the H & S manufacturers that can use diesel.  The system gives the ability of the setting in the shift-on-the-fly unit.  

Moreover, it provides the ability to have control over the engines working by following the data. It consists of good color with a high-resolution rate that helps the driver view different parameters simultaneously. High resolution can increase the workings of the truck, including the amounts of fuel the vehicle is using, the speed of the truck, and other readings that it can produce such that the driver can see everything clearly and correct them or command the tuners to make the diagnosis and troubleshoot the problem.

2. EZ-Lynk Auto Agent

EZ-Lynk Auto Agent

EZ-Lynk auto agent is one of the best delete receivers for the Duramax LML DPF kit, so if one needs more power from the kit or wants a specific tune from the kit and a good connection between the parts, choose this part as it works better. The part is all about adjusting the Duramax LML DPF from some level to a different level as it is the future of adjusting. The EZ-Lynk does not need any specific tuners or any other kind of switches and screens as it is compatible with the mobile phone as the phone takes control of the activities it must take to achieve the goal.

EZ-Lynk is made to be corporate with android and apple phones that can change the receiver features as it can browse through the internet and perform the task. The mobile phones help the EZ-Lynk sync the EZ Lynk through the cloud software via an internet connection and adjust the settings to the owner’s preference. 

The EZ Lynk is a modern tuner in the Duramax LML DPF that is compatible with some computers and phones such that you can program it to work and send a notification to the user in case of any problems.

The entire work the owner must do to connect the mobile phone. The EZ Lynk is to publish the correct figures of e truck description to the mobile phone and can use the details to make an appropriate song for the truck that can be for notification in case anything in the vehicle needs the owner’s knowledge or adjustments. EZ Lynk auto agent, together with the PPEI, can be the best for tuning the vehicle with the DSP5, which helps one adjust the songs in the truck. Furthermore, the EZ Lynk is capable of logging data, helps in checking the problems with the vehicle, fix them, and communicate with smartphones, which makes it awesome for use.

3. LML DPF Erase Pipeline

LML DPF Erase Pipeline

LML DPF erases pipeline work in place of the exhaust pipe that has the DPF use the pipeline you need to remove the exhaust system first. Then replace it with the erase pipeline, which is more manageable after following specific steps in the guide so long as you ensure the exhaust package is in use like the erase pipeline.

Erase pipeline from the manufacturer has a design that you can fix directly to the truck’s pipe position and give the truck a direct shot directly out of the truck from the back. If one is a good driver for the truck, you can realize that using a direct shot without any constraints in the Duramax DPF filter is better and works better than the way it is working before. 

In other words, the more the restrictions are there, the less the power and the less the effectiveness of the truck functioning correctly as required. But the less the constraints, the more the power, and the more rates the truck works to its perfection.

Erase pipeline works to its best by deleting the Duramax LML DPF vehicles; however, the settings with the vehicle are set despite the difference in the lengths at some points. The erase pipeline works with diesel trucks like the Duramax 6.6L. It has bent tubing that increases air circulation rates in the truck, but the overall design has a square format. The outer material of the pipeline is metallic with an aluminum coat on the surfaces. It is cheap, affordable, and easy to fix as the technician who makes it provides a guide on the manual.

4. LML EGR Delete kit

LML EGR Delete kit

An EGR delete kit is a tool that primarily replaces the LML Duramax motor in vehicles when the system fails to perform. Instead of replacing the EGR system now and then, it’s essential to use this kit as the EGR format is from an edition of the ECM with a receiver and EGR valve where sometimes the vehicle produces excess pressure that can damage the valve making fumes out of the tank. 

The kit reduces all the issues from the valves, and gases cannot leak anymore. The kit replaces the whole system, increases the torque and horsepower, and enhances the quick circulation of air, lowering high temperatures in the engine. An EGR delete kit is essential in making the Duramax LML DPF delete kit complete and perform its work to its best.



The LML DEF is also the urea storage tank that the fumes from the exhaust store after release. In case of any changes with the exhaust, that means the tank also needs replacements.  After minimizing the fume to emit with the delete tuner, change the exhaust pipe to disconnect the DPF and the DOC and then remove the lousy eyesore that accumulates in the DEF tank. 

First, remove the tank, remove the sensors, remove the air filters and unscrew the tank screws to remove the container out of the vehicle. In most cases, under the frame at the passenger’s position in the vehicle, the tank is at a specific location in the vehicle.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), and how does it work?

A DPF is a diesel particulate filter that mostly helps the exhaust and catches the fumes that the engine is heating. For a DPF to work, it must meet certain conditions to help the truck. The DPF in a truck has many cons, such as lowering the vehicle’s rate of working because of the high pressure at the end side of the air filter that needs washing the filter every time.

The delete kits are essential to individuals who want to prevent some damages to their vehicles. For a complete delete kit, it must have all the parts that make it necessary. First, you need to have an exhaust pipe that is direct since it works in place of the DPF and the other parts are the tuners and computers to help change the settings in the engine.

Failure to use the delete kits in the DPF results in some damage to the vehicle. It can make the engine produce lights continuously, which consumes the vehicle’s battery using up its power for other purposes. The main function of the DPF delete kit is that it reduces the amount of fuel consumption such that it makes the truck run with little amounts of fuel.

To fix a DPF delete kit, ensure the DPF kit has an exhaust system for replacement and a tuner for controlling the codes in the DPF systems. Also, consider using a kit that has a muffler since engines use different pipes with varying materials. The fixing process of any DPF delete kit depends on whether the deleting process is total or partial. It will take a longer time for a complete deleting process as the partial deleting process takes a bit less time.

The delete kit problem prevents the vehicles owners from using highways as they produce poisonous fumes that are dangerous for one’s health, such that you can use in countries with diesel controllers. When handling the delete kit problems, it is essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions from the manual guide carefully.


Duramax LML DPF delete kit is a tool that mainly helps in reducing the amount of power that a vehicle uses for its journeys. The Duramax LML has the specific parts that make it complete to perform the task in the vehicle. The article above shows the parts and how they work to increase the efficiency of your vehicle when you are using them. Ensure you have all the parts to start the deleting process as it needs a few hours to delete.

While using the parts and fixing them, consider checking how they work in its guide and replace them when necessary. Some of the parts that are compatible with the phone can notify if there is any failure. With such components, consider replacing them with new ones as per the manufacturers’ instructions on fixing the delete kit. Moreover, during the replacement process, inspect the position of the older part and fix the new part responsibly. Finally, ensure you fix the parts tightly together to avoid any failures with the delete kit.

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