2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Clicking Makes Noise in Dash

2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee is a type of vehicle. Sometimes, the vehicle dashboard may start producing clicking and squeaking sound when driving or when starting the Jeep grand Cherokee. In most instances, the clicking sound is produces by a number of fixable problems such as failure of the vehicle heater control.

Troubleshooting the clicking sound problem requires you to first identify the cause. Second, ensure following the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid damaging the vehicle parts. The article provides brief discussion on the causes of clicking noise in Jeep Grand Cherokee and the possible ways/steps on how to troubleshoot the problems.

Causes of clicking noise in dash in 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2005 jeep grand cherokee clicking noise in dash

Clicking noise is caused by a number of reasons which in most cases can be fixed by the driver or a professional mechanic. To troubleshoot the clicking sound problem, first, have a full understanding of all parts of the Jeep Grand Cherokee to help you identify the problem easier.

Before troubleshooting the clicking sound problems, it is vital to follow the manufacturer’s instructions found in the manual book. If accessing a manufacturer’s manual book is a bit challenging, internet searching engines are the second best ways of accessing the vehicle manual book. Also, you can contact the manufacturer to help you retrieve the manual book. The following reasons can result in clicking sound in the dash of your 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

1. Failure of the Jeep heater control

Failure of the Jeep heater control

Heater control in the Jeep is usually used to regulate the amount of air flowing into and out of the Jeep. Moreover, the heating control provides the cooling and heating mechanism. In all 2005 Jeeps, the heater control system uses thermostat sensors or any other sensors to function as required. Therefore, it is important to consider the type of sensors especially when purchasing the vehicle.

Sometimes, the heater control system may be misaligned and miscalculated resulting in the vehicle engine/motor being engaged. Once the motor is engaged, a clicking sound is produced to indicate that the heater motor requires calibration.

2. Distorted vehicle stepper motor

Sometimes, the vehicle motor may be distorted beyond repair resulting in the production of clicking sound. Many motors present in your Jeep are the primary cause of clicking sound once they have been damaged. In such incidents, the heater system requires new stepper motors to function as required.

3. Damaged vehicle relay

Damaged vehicle relay

Vehicle relay is the part present in the Jeep and is usually used in regulating a heavy Jeep circuit. To control a heavy circuit, a low amp circuit is required. Moreover, the Jeep relay is used in many circuits; for instance, power seats, lights, starter motor, etc.

When power flows from power source to the motor, the vehicle relay makes the power magnetic resulting in production of clicking sound in the dash. Power flow is magnetized when power flowing is connected and disconnected several times. Also, unclean Jeep relay engagement points can result in production of clicking sound especially when connected and disconnected quickly.

How to diagnose clicking sound in the dashboard

How to diagnose clicking sound in the dashboard

There are several ways of diagnosing the occurrence of clicking sound in the dashboard. The reasons are as discussed below;

1. Inspect the vehicle heater control system for any faults.

2. Hear. Sometimes you can use your ears to identify a clicking sound being produced in the dashboard.

3. Test the stepper motor. To test the stepper motor, first, scan the stepper motor using scanning equipment. Record the code and if the code is determined to be faulty, then the stepper motor is damaged.

4. For a faulty Jeep relay, use your hearing senses to diagnose the damage that results in production of clicking sound. First, disconnect the relay together with the surrounding Jeep parts and shake the relay to find any faulty. If the relay is faulty, a clicking sound will be produced. Further, use the voltmeter to inspect the condition of the relay wires after making the relay wires hot.

Finally, remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when inspecting and removing the Jeep dashboard relay to avoid damaging the surrounding vehicle parts. Moreover, remember to use correct and recommended Jeep parts for replacement such as the steeper motor. Lastly, contact a professional mechanic if you are unable to diagnose causes of the clicking sound.

Ways of troubleshooting the clicking sound issue

Ways of troubleshooting the clicking sound issue

Troubleshooting the clicking sound problem in the dashboard depends on the causes of the clicking sound. The information below shows the best ways of fixing the clicking sound in the dashboard problem.

a) Fixing a damaged Jeep relay

It is quite difficult to fix a completely damaged Jeep relay and in most cases, a distorted Jeep relay only requires replacement. Replacing the Jeep relay is easy and simple as long as the recommended steps are followed.

  • Inspect the relay pins and ensure they are perfectly matched. If they are not aligned, consider rearranging them until they match.
  • Collect all the equipment needed such as a new relay, wire cutter, wire stripper etc.
  • Remove the old relay gently to avoid damaging other neighboring parts.
  • Slowly push in the new relay and ensure the relay perfectly fits in its position.
  • Also, refer to the manufacturer’s manual and look for the best steps required when repairing, wiring, or fixing issues concerning the Jeep relay if the manual contains such information.

b) Troubleshooting heater control system

Heater control system is usually fixed by calibration. The following steps shows on how to calibrate the heater control system.

1. Switch on the Jeep ignition and the auto button.

2. Switch off the ignition.

3. Disconnect the vehicle fuse form the HVAC system and leave the Jeep and the heater control system to sit for approximately 2 minutes.

4. Reinstall the fuse and switch on the ignition. Leave the ignition on for approximately three minutes without any interference including touching the heater control.

5. Leave the ignition for a couple of seconds, approximately 15 second after turning it off.

6. Turn on the Jeep engine and test if the heater control is calibrated.

c) Removing and replacing a stepper motor from the Jeep

The following steps show the best procedure of removing and replacing stepper motors.

a. Disengage the pigtail connector.

b. Remove the faulty stepper motor and replace it with a new calibrated stepper motor.

c. Scan for any installation damages.


Clicking sound production in the dash is a very common problem in Jeep grand Cherokee. In most situations, the clicking sounds require instant fixation as they cause ear irritation. Luckily, the article shows the best ways of identifying and fixing the issue.

Finally, the article also shows the common causes of production of clicking sound in the dash. Moreover, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when troubleshooting clicking sound issues. Lastly, it is essential to keep the vehicle manual book safely for future reference.

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