No Power to Fuel Pump Relay Chevy Truck- Causes & How to Fix?

“My Chevy truck has been having an intermittent no start problem caused by the fuel pump relay…” The case is not uncommon to Chevy drivers. We know you are here to find a solution. 

A fuel pump relay is an important element of your vehicle that supplies power to the fuel pump when the ignition is on. That’s great, but what if there is no power to the fuel pump relay? 

There is the logic behind this issue, and an ultimate fix. So, don’t worry guys. 

Just go through our article until the end. We have written a detailed guide as you can solve the problem of faulty fuel pump relay. 

How does a Fuel Pump Relay work? 

How does a Fuel Pump Relay work

An engine requires fuel to run. A fuel pump relay does exactly what the engine requires. Once the ignition switch is on, your fuel pump relay starts working by passing electricity to the fuel pump. Again, once the ignition is off, the fuel pump relay turns the power of the fuel pump down. 

Major Reasons Behind No Power in Fuel Pump Relay Chevy Truck

Major Reasons Behind No Power in Fuel Pump Relay Chevy Truck

There are several reasons reliable for a bad fuel pump relay. In general, there you will find some common issues like check engine light on or no noise from fuel pump on ignition. The malfunction brings some dismal issues to the whole electrical system of your car.  

Let’s know 5 Symptoms of a bad fuel pump relay. 

  • The Check Engine Light Is On: The ECU always checks each sensor of the engine as they don’t give any wrong value. But once there are any suspects for a wrong value, the ECU (Engine Control Module) will turn the check engine light on. Plus, there you will get a trouble code on your fuel pressure sensor. 
  • Rough Acceleration: If the fuel pump relay gets faulty, it will affect the power supply of the pump and thus there will be problematic fuel delivery to your engine. As you know, engines work by fuel as the human heart works with oxygen and blood. So, the fuel pump relay problem will bring issues in the combustion chamber. Accordingly, your truck may face difficulties while starting.
  • Engine Stalling: Having any faulty solderings inside the relay, your engine may lose the relay connection as well as your fuel pump may not get any power supply.
  • The Engine Is Completely Dead: Your bad fuel pump relay will create a no-start problem for your engine. If there is no fuel pressure, an engine won’t start at all. 
  • No Noise from Fuel Pump on Ignition: If we turn on the ignition, usually a whirring sound is heard there. When the sound doesn’t come from the fuel pump after turning the ignition on, that means the fuel pump relay has issues. 

Now, we will do simple troubleshooting to the fuel pump relay. 

No Power to Fuel Pump Relay Chevy Truck- How to Fix?

no power to fuel pump relay chevy truck

Now, we are going to note the ways you can solve the problem of the fuel pump relay. Follow the below steps carefully to fix the no power problem of Chevy Truck’s fuel pump relay:

Step 1: Check whether the fuse of the fuel pump has gone blown. Usually, ECM-based fuel pump systems come with such a fuse. You should find it under the dashboard. If the fuse gets blown, replace that piece with a new one suited for your vehicle. 

Step 2: Place the electric fuel pump. Just maintain the fuel line from your vehicle’s carburettor, turning back inside of the fuel tank. The fuel pump will get inlet and outlet connections and the ECM engine computer will get an electrical connection. You may need an Engine/ABS/SRS/Transmission Diagnostic Scan Tool SRS Code Reader. Check this from Amazon. LAUNCH-Support-Transmission-Lifetime-Update

Step 3: This time, check if the fuel pump has a proper electric supply with a multimeter. In doing so, first, you have to turn the ignition switch on and connect the black cable of the multimeter to a good ground on your vehicle frame. Then, connect the positive part of the multimeter to the ECM.

Step 4: If the reading is not sufficient enough to run the fuel pump, replace the fuel pump with a new one. If it’s not getting the right voltage, then the problem might be between the ECM and fuel pump electrical connection. 

If this is the case, this time you had better seek professional help.

Step 5: Switch the ignition off. Concluding that you need to replace the ECM, you should ensure the right amount of pressure and volume for your vehicle. If it’s seeming too hard for you to do it yourself, then you had better seek professional help.


The fuel pump relay can be compared with the heart of the human body. It is the key to the start-up and shut down of your engine. Ending the article, now you know what are the facts about your Chevy trucks fuel pump relay no power problem. 

If you have any queries regarding the topic, our comment box is open for you. 

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