How Many Shandies Can You Have and Drive It?: You Need to Know

Even though drinking and driving are not advisable, we have some people that can still have some tots before the journey. When asked to give solid reasons, such people will tell “we need to be sober”. However, before you have some tots before you drive, learn to educate yourself what the law says about alcohol and driving.

Of course, you can have a few tots and drive, but it’s not permissible. I am sure you don’t want to find yourself in the hands of the law; you will get caught for drinking and driving.

How many shandies can you have and driveHow many shandies can you have and drive

Driving under the influence of alcohol is highly prohibited as you might be arraigned in a court of law. Drinking and operating in violation of the law and could is a police case. We have seen many people neglecting the rule of ‘drink-driving’ law; they are now in jail, and others are past tense.

Some have paid massive fines for being caught driving under the influence of alcohol. Therefore before you even start thinking of drinking and drive, think first about the consequences. You are getting behind the steering while drunk is irresponsible and a terrible idea.

But how many shandies can you have and still be sober to drive? The answer to this question is not many. It’s hard to answer this question because people are not the same as I can have five tots and still be sober while another person can have more or less than that. So, it depends on somebody’s metabolism, stress etc. 

The law interprets the limit of alcohol in milligrammes, making it a bit trickier to navigate the process correctly. If you think you can escape the hands of the law when driving while drunk, go on. However, let’s check on how many shandies can take you past the limit.

According to the law, it’s a crime to drive with not less than 35 milligrams of alcohol in 100 millilitres of your breath. This is equivalent to 80 milligrams in 100 millilitres of blood. With such specifications, you’re breaking the law, and I am sure you will get caught and fined or jailed.

The alcohol limit in urine should be 170 milligrams of alcohol for each 100ml. Determining how many shandies can be trickier because there is no precisely clear-cut answer. It isn’t easy to translate the stipulated alcohol limit into some glasses, tots, units etc.

I say so because your system’s alcohol level depends on your gender, BMI, what you have, eater, metabolism, and stress level when taking the test.


Since there’s no recognized criteria to measure alcohol limit in one’s body, we can estimate. Two pints of two small glasses or regular-strength wine can get you over the limit. I would advise you not to get behind the steering wheel when you are above this limit. Once you are found violating the law, the charges won’t be lenient.

Apart from just a fine, you can engage in an accident that could leave you with lifetime injuries. Besides, it could lead to deaths, either of your passengers, pedestrians, or yourself. I thought you should know that one pint takes about an hour to leave your system, so taking two pints could be heavier for your system.

Furthermore, more extensive and more robust beers might take a longer time than this to get absorbed into your system.

Check your alcohol levels before your driveCheck your alcohol levels before your drive

Though it’s illegal in some countries, experts recommend having a breathalyzer Kit with you in the car. It’s the easiest and quickest way to measure your limit level; it will notify you when you are over the limit.

However, you have to understand that alcohol might still be over the limit in the early morning. This mainly happened when you consumed too much of it; it will now be the one drinking you in the morning. You might feel sober, but you could be having alcohol in your body, endangering you.

Ways to drive home safely after drinkingWays to drive home safely after drinking

Luckily there are multiple ways to get home after having a few tots. There are alternatives to help you get home safely with your vehicle. Such services include sober friends, not like you, public transport, taxis.

A scooter man can drive you home for those who don’t want to leave their vehicle in the parking sector. Such people tend to store their foldable scooter in your vehicle’s boot and drive you safely home. We have some people spending a night or a few hours with fear of being caught driving under the influence of alcohol.

Be warned! If you get caught drunk in the car, even if you are not driving, it’s a crime even if you aren’t moving.

Effects of drink-drivingEffects of drink-driving

There are several consequences that you can accrue after being caught driving under the influence of alcohol. They include:

You will not be allowed to drive for a minimum of 12 months. Sometimes this goes up to 36 months if you get caught two times for the same mistake.

Also, you may be imprisoned for about six months and pay a considerable fine.

If you engage in an accident while drunk, the insurance company may not cover the situation. This implies you won’t get a payout from the insurer, plus other costs like damage claim.

Frequently asked questions:

  • How many beers should I have before driving?

Various factors determine the number of beers to consume before driving. For example, based on gender, two beers for 100 lb female is just enough for an hour.

  • Can I kip in my car after drinking?

Yes, but it’s illegal even if you are not driving.


You have seen for yourself that driving under the influence of alcohol is a crime by law. Your insurer may refuse to cover you or cover for the damages that arise due to the accident. Besides, you may be arraigned in court, barred from driving for not less than 12 months, etc. The number of shandies you take should therefore not exceed the limit. 

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