Ring Battery Charger Not Working: Here’s How To Fix It

To what lengths are you willing to go to guarantee the safety of your car battery? With the Ring smart car battery charger, both your battery optimization and the lifespan of your battery are reassured. 

Today, this article aims to let you know every fact about a ring battery charger. In doing so, we will know why your ring battery charger doesn’t work, what are the exact reasons behind this, and obviously how to fix the problem of a ring battery charger not working.

Why Is Ring Battery Essential? 

Why Is Ring Battery Essential

Ring smart 12A battery charger is essential for 12V batteries in cars that are up to 5l. The ring battery smart chargers are crucial for maintaining the START/STOP functions in vehicles. It is advantageous to use a Ring battery charger for the following reasons:

  • Sulfate builds up damages the battery lifespan and performance over time. Ring battery charger fixes this through the process of desulfurization.
  • Repairing of the battery and keeping it in a working condition to increase its life span.
  • Soft starting of the battery to ensure that the voltage introduced does not shock the system.
  • Bulk charging such that the car battery charges with the least time possible,
  • Enabling the conducting of a discharge test for the user to figure out the percentage at which the battery is losing charge.
  • Maintaining that the battery stays for a long time without overcharging. Ring charger recharges the batteries when the car is at an optimum position while repairing the damaged battery additionally protecting the car’s battery from overcharging.
  • Ring battery charger protects your car from being affected by extreme weather conditions. Starting is even guaranteed on cold mornings and winter periods when the Ring charger battery is left charging overnight. 
  • Ring battery changer ensures smooth input of the last twenty percent of the battery’s charge which makes it last longer.
  • Its inbuilt capacity to charge gel, lead-acid, and the AGM and calcium batteries make it essential.

Why Is My Ring Battery Charger Not Working? And How To Fix It?

When your ring battery charger is not working, look for the various pointers. These are:

Reduction in the amount of power output

When your ring battery charger is not working, sometimes this is due to a reduction in the amount of power output. This poses as a distraction to your level of comfort as the START/STOP functions of your car stops working.

The battery might also be the fault 

It is because you just bought it with a defect. Check the International rectifier control board, which is more often than not the principal cause of failure in the chargers. 

How to fix the faulty battery?

When your automatic charge doesn’t charge, check the fuse board and connect the booster to the mains. 

Sulfate build-up

When the ring battery in your car is not working because of the sulfate build on your battery plates, which is counterproductive to the battery’s lifespan and the overall battery performance. 

How to fix the sulfate build-up battery?

A smart car battery will fix this automatically by removing the sulfate build-up through a process of desulphurization. This method is both efficient and affordable for reducing the expense of ever replacing a vehicle battery. 


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The 12V/24V switch might be faulty

If the ring battery charger is not working; sometimes it is because the switch box is not working. 

How to fix it?

Fortunately for most ring battery chargers, the switch is located at the top part one needs to remove the uppermost case to access it. The microswitch counts for a large percentage of the problems related to the ring battery charger not functioning.

A compatibility issue

The lack of compatibility of the batteries to the ring bell battery charger is the main problem. 

How to fix it?

To fix this, check the compatibility of the batteries before you purchase the charger. It is important to note that as long as the batteries are shaped the same way as the charger, they will work perfectly fine.

Voltage imbalance

when your ring charger is not working, check the connection of the central wire on the transformer to the two other wires in the ‘AC Voltage’ mode. This way, you will see the difference in the point between high and low voltage. 

How to fix voltage imbalance?

After the assurance that the transformer battery charger is working, shake it from time to time and see how this reflects changes in the measurements. 

To check the voltage of the device, you may use this voltage tester from Amazon.

Low voltage

Some chargers will not completely operate if the battery level is down or the battery charger has not been in use for a long time. 

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How to fix the low voltage problem?

At times the ring battery charger is not working because there is a minimum voltage required in a battery for it to charge. Although it is connected to your car battery system properly, make sure there is a nominal voltage too for it to work. 

If you need to boost the voltage, this Boost-Power-Module-Voltage-Generator voltage booster will help you. 

Let’s Wrap Up!

After all, a Ring battery charger is the best device to give a full analysis of your battery’s health. They come with warranty service, and when it has not expired, one can always send them back to the company and get an instant replacement. So, it’s such a great device if it’s okay. But, when it is not, you have to fix it. Have you fixed your one already? 

Let us know in the comment section below.

Ring Battery Charger Not Working, for fixing watch this video below, Enjoy!

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