Renault Megane Drivers Door Not Unlocking: Causes & How to Fix?

You are just going to unlock your driver’s door and fail! 

This is not what you expect from your Renault Megane. But, you are to search for the solutions to the Renault Megane drivers door not unlocking issue. 

This article will help you to solve the Megane car door does not unlock problem. 

Now, we are going to tell you the causes and how to fix the Renault Megane drivers door. 

Just keep reading the article. 

Why is the Renault Megane Driver Door Not Unlocking? 

There are many reasons for the problem of Megane drivers’ doors, not opening, to rectify this problem you must have a brief overview of the cases that cause your car door not to open. 

5 Major Reasons for Renault Megane Driver Door Not Opening

  1. The dead battery of the key fob 
  2. Problems with the key fob 
  3. A blown fuse
  4. Bad solenoid
  5. Any broken wire

Renault Megane Drivers Door Not Unlocking: Causes & How to fix?

renault megane drivers door not unlocking
  1. The dead battery of the key fob 

Megane cars come with a key fob that helps you to start/stop it with a click. Then, if the key fob’s battery is not working, there will be a problem in starting your car. 

So, change the dead battery with a new battery for the key fob. 

Check the battery for your key fob

  1. Problems with the key fob 

If your Renault Megane driver door doesn’t open, the major issue could be for the key fob. 

To tackle this problem you first lock and unlock the door through a new key fob and try to feel the strike sound inside the door-pad. 

Check the key fob on Amazon.

  1. Blown fuse

In some machines fuse is used for the safety of the actuator, check it, if it’s damaged replace it, don’t worry, it’s very cheap.

Buy the Engine Motor Mount for Renault Megane 

  1. Bad Solenoid 

Sometimes the solenoid can get worse. Or, any components of the actuator such as gears, pistons, motors got damaged. So, you should replace that part to solve your issue.  

Buy the Variable Valve Timing Solenoid for Renault Megane on Amazon 

  1. Any broken wire

Check all the wire connections, because the loose connection is a big cause for the failure of the electronic device.

Renault Megane Central Locking System 

Renault Megane Central Locking System

Again, the car door is related to the central locking system of your car. Let’s have a brief overview of the central locking system of your car. 

Following are the main components of car central locking:

  1. Main processing unit: It is an electronic device. Sometimes it is also called the brain of assembly. It is responsible for controlling all the operations of the machine.
  2. Actuator: It is a mechanical device, which provides the necessary force to lock and unlock the door.
  3. Pin connector: It is responsible for the transmission of actuator force to the rod connected to the door lock.

Several other parts like wires, nuts, and bolts are also used to install the assembly.

Now coming to your problem of central locking not working on one door. As this problem is only in one door so we can conclude that there must be any localized issue, on that specific door’s part. We must follow the standard method for the diagnosis of the problem. We first reset the main unit. Because resetting the car central locking system will rectify many issues related to programming.

How to reset the car central locking unit? 

How to reset the car central locking unit

Close all the doors and lock the doors through the key fob. Hold the remote button for one second, then ignite your engine, and within five seconds of ignition turn the key to off position, you will observe a glow of light in your door panel (some cars do not have these features, if the light does not blink, don’t worry). It will reset your central locking system. If your central-locking does not get reset, repeat the procedure.

NOTE: Resetting the device will rectify programming issues in the main unit, but if there is any hardware failure in the main unit, you must replace that part or repair that hard-ware part.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, the Renault Megane driver’s door not opening problem is no more a problem for you. If you follow our instructions, you should be able to do it on your own. 

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