Renault Clio Not Starting: Causes & How to Fix?

If your Renault Clio car has been creating no start problem and you are facing a hard time, then this is the article for you. 

Perhaps, this is one of the major issues that Renault Clio’s owners face. There are different causes for this problem. 

But what exactly causes your Renault Clio not to start? Just keep reading until the end. All your questions are answered here. 

Today, we will let you know the major causes of Renault Clio’s problems and how to solve the no-start problem.

5 Major Causes of Renault Clio Not Starting

Major Causes of Renault Clio Not Starting

There are few common reasons behind the no start issue of Renault Clio cars. 

While going through the reviews of this car, we came to a point where we started reading the negative comments of this car. Most negative reviews were on starting problems. And the problem is created for below five major causes:

  1. Weak Battery Issue
  2. Corrosive Battery Terminals 
  3. Faulty key fob battery
  4. Problematic starter motor
  5. Issues with the alternator

Now we will talk about the issues and solve them one by one. 

Renault Clio no start- Causes and Solutions

renault clio not starting

The most common issue of this car, not getting started. When you got this car out from the showroom it will act as your companion on road but as you use this car for your daily use it starts making numerous issues. The topmost issue found from the reviews is not getting started, it seems like the worst enemy.

Let’s imagine that you own a Renault Clio, you are in hurry to go to the office, you came into your Renault Clio but now it’s not starting, you’ll be annoyed.

When going through the reviews and feedback from users of this car, I came to a point that there is no single reason for not starting, it has multiple causes of not starting or having issues in starting. Let’s discuss some of those reasons or causes here:

1. Weak Battery Issue

Weak Battery Issue

If your Renault Clio engine won’t start and have issues starting, the major issue could be the use of the dead battery. You’ll simply need to investigate over It and check the acid level of the battery by doing a simple battery voltage test, and you can easily assess the condition of your Clio’s battery.

Solving Battery Problem: 

  • Check 12V battery

The most common and easiest solution to this battery problem is to check out another 12volt battery as it’s compatible with your Clio.

  • Starting your car with a Jump 

While dead battery causes the no start problem, then you should accomplish a jump start. You have to use a jumper cable and take the help of another car battery.  Plus, a battery booster can come to play.

2. Corrosive Battery Terminals 

Corrosive Battery Terminals

If you are facing issues in starting your Clio then it might be due to corrosive battery terminals, if terminals are corrosive, the flow of current will be reduced which ends up not starting your Clio. Now, the only solution is to investigate it and check out the terminals of your Clio battery, if you discover which or silvery-green deposits with no damage or cracks then you just need to clean it, don’t replace the battery.

Solving Corrosive Battery: Clean the corrosive battery 

By removing the pole cables, you should gear up for cleaning the corrosions. After removing the pole and battery, you have to clean the battery. At last, plug the terminals again.

3. Faulty key fob battery

Faulty key fob battery

Cars come with a key fob that helps you to start/stop it with a click. Then, if the key fob’s battery is not working, there will be a problem in starting your Renault Clio.

Solving Key Fob Battery Issue: 

Try to place the key fob remote key as close as possible to the start/stop button. Even if it seems not working, check the operational manual of your car. 

Check the key fob on Amazon.

4. Problematic starter motor

In general, a starter motor can run flawlessly as long as 100,000 to 150,000 miles. But after this duration, it may cause some problems.  

Solving starter motor problem:

You had better replace a starter motor than fixing it temporarily.

5. Issues with the alternator

An alternator works as a generator of your engine. So, if it seems not working, your car will face difficulties while starting.  

Solving the alternator Issue

You have to replace the old alternator with a new one.

Final Verdict

Renault Clio not starting is no more a problem now, right? If you feel so, we are successful.  

Hopefully, if you work on your car, follow our guide hack, you can solve the problem. 

Sometimes a Renault Clio may not start because of problems with its crankshaft position sensor. It will turn over but won’t fire up.

The crankshaft position sensor is used by the cars ECU to determine where the crankshaft is at any given time, then it can decide when and what spark plug to use, and what injector needs to spray, if the sensor is faulty, it has no way of knowing what to do and therefore will not start.

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