Why Is the Nissan Micra Key Fob Not Working? Ways to Fix

If the Nissan Micra key fob has stopped working, it can be such a temperamental case for a while. 

Having pressed the key twice, you still find the Nissan Micra key fob not working at all. 

Maybe you have tried replacing the battery or a few other fixes, but everything goes in vain. 

Don’t lose all your hopes anyway. Today, we are here to let you know the easy solution to the Nissan Micra Key Fob issue. 

Why are key fobs essential in cars?

Why are key fobs essential in cars

Due to the progress of science, the latest technology is prevailing in all aspects of society. So, why would car industries not join this race? The key fob is one of the best advancements in the automobile industry. It has made life much easier for the car owner. Now you can easily unlock a car without the hassle of inserting the key into the key lock. That’s why key fobs are very popular in the market.

Nissan Micra Key Fob not working? Causes and Solutions

Have you anticipated what would happen if the key fob stops working? It is a very complicated situation especially if a child or pet is locked inside the car. There are the following causes that describe why the Nissan Micra key fob not working.

Issue 1: Key Battery

nissan micra key fob not working

Normally the key fob is durable and can last for a long period. However, there is not any specific time limit for a key fob. In most circumstances, the key fob can last for 8 years if you are taking good care of it. Whereas, if the key fob is falling more than usual then the expected lifetime is 8 years. 

Although, when you notice that the Nisan Micra key fob is not working then the first thing that comes to your mind is a dead battery. It is a very common problem. If your key fob is not working according to your commands then it means that the battery of the key fob is dead. 

How to fix the key Battery in Nissan Micra? 

Whenever you face this problem, try to use a duplicate key fob. There are some possibilities that a spare key fob can work. However, if a duplicate key fob is not useful then you need to change the battery of the car. 

Issue 2: Internal Damage

Internal Damage

Sometimes internal damage also disturbs the functioning of a key fob. The working of the key fob depends on its transmitter and the receiver of the car. Both these components coordinate well for the efficient functioning of the key fob. Any problem in the transmitter of the key fob or receiver of the car disturbs the coordination. Hence, it will eventually cause the key fob to stop working as it is supposed to. 

The internal damage is not restricted to the disrupted communication of the transmitter and receiver. In some cases, internal damage can also occur due to issues in the electronics of the car. Moreover, the age of the vehicle is also a very important factor. The wirings of the car can also collapse if it is too old. 

Furthermore, the poor handling of the key fob can also cause damage to it. If you are dropping key fob more frequently then it will be worn out as it is an electronic machine. 

How to fix internal damage in Nissan Micra? 

In this case, when you can anticipate internal damage, contacting an automotive locksmith is a good idea. A highly professional technician can efficiently provide a solution. Moreover, there is a difference between the functioning of a layman and a professional. An adept technician can recognize the error and will effectively handle the situation. 

Issue 3: Programming of the key fob

Programming of the key fob

There is a key for every single lock but with the advancement of technology, the technicians have further enhanced the security. Nowadays, it becomes very difficult to break a lock because of the introduction of transmitter and receiver. No doubt, it has incredibly enhanced the safety and security of the car. 

However, it also has a disadvantage because you need to program every new key with the car. So, that the car can communicate with the new key. Hence, you need a new car key when your previous key fob has been lost or damaged. 

How to fix the programming issues of the key fob in Nissan Micra?

So, if your new key fob is not working then it means that you need to program it. If you are not capable enough to do so, go to a nearby locksmith so that he can reprogram the key for you. This reprogramming is a technical procedure so it requires time to coordinate your new key fob with the car. 

Issue 4: Damaged Ignition Cylinder

Damaged Ignition Cylinder

The function of the key fob is not only to unlock the car door but also it communicates with the ignition to start the car. If the key fob contains any function, then there will also be a corresponding function in the vehicle. 

Consequently, damage to any of the car parts also disrupts the functioning of a key fob. Therefore, if you unlock the car but it does not start the car then there is not any problem with the key fob. Instead, there is an issue with the ignition.  

In addition, if you have an old car then it will be more prone to damage. Similarly, the engine or the ignition cylinder can also collapse over time. 

How to fix the Damaged Ignition Cylinder in Nissan Micra? 

Whenever you are facing this situation, visit an automobile store. So that the technicians can identify the problem either caused by a key fob or ignition. If they find that the ignition is damaged then they will either repair it or replace it with a new one. 

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Finding Aftermarket Car Keys for Nissan Micra: How to Choose?

Finding Aftermarket Car Keys for Nissan Micra How to Choose

The aftermarket car parts are economical as compared to the OEM parts. So, many car owners prefer to buy aftermarket key parts. For instance, the cost of a key fob in the aftermarket auto parts store is almost $50 -$70. Whereas, the same cost increases to $150- $200 when you come to the Nissan’s store. 

Although aftermarket car parts are economical these car parts do not have any guarantee. You are not sure that the key fob purchased from the aftermarket efficiently coordinates with your car. 

When you are going to purchase a key fob from the aftermarket car parts, always do thorough research. So that you can find the one that works efficiently with your car. If you do not pay attention to this part then the key fob does not work for you. Furthermore, if the key fob purchased from the aftermarket does not coordinate with your car, then go to a locksmith. They will reprogram it according to the type of your vehicle. 

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Final Words

Hopefully, you are now ready to work with your Nissan Micra. Still, if you find difficulties, call a professional mechanic. 

Plus, if you have any other questions on how to solve the Nissan Micra key fob not working problem, then feel free to let us know. And, you can also buy the necessary tools from Amazon while doing the process.

Best regards!

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