Best Upgrade for the 7.3l Power Stroke-Best Performance Mods

Most manufacturers recommend individuals to use the 7.3L power stroke engine from the Ford Company. The 7.3L power stroke is the best upgrade for power stroke engines since it is made from the older power strokes that hinder some actions with the engine as the older versions emit dangerous fumes. In addition, the 7.3l is more reliable and can hold power for an extended period, making it the best upgrade for power strokes.

The article below discusses the best upgrades with the 7.3L that makes it best for use. The upgrades of the 7.3L power stroke below give the power stroke a strong foundation of it being the best as it has some modern features that are unavailable in the older power strokes.

Upgrades with the 7.3L power stroke

The upgrade for the 7.3L is mainly due to the reliability of the power stroke, the ability to hold engine power, and improvements. 7.3L is the best upgrade as it is cheap and affordable at some point with many individuals, and it makes the vehicle’s performance more efficient as it can work to its perfection.

1. S & B filter cold air intake

best performance mods for the 7 3l power stroke

S & B filters is a reusable filter in the 7.3L power stroke as it is the best tool that allows air to enter the engine in a truck. The S & B filters perform more as it allows air entrance to an excess percentage than the normal requirements as it gives out extra power to the truck.

The filters have layers on them that are greasy and are compatible with water that you can wash with a piece of cloth. It gives space for air to flow continuously into the truck’s engine to produce enough energy for starting the truck running it.

Some more features of the filters are that the filters are put in positions that are free for easy flow of air such that it consumes the spaces that are specifically for installing them. The device is from legit factories and is legal for use within any country in the world.

2. MBRP Turbo-Back Single Side Exhaust System

MBRP Turbo-Back Single Side Exhaust System

MBRP Turbo-back single-side exhaust system is one of the best exhaust tools for upgrading the 7.3L power stroke. The MBRP Turbo-back single side exhaust system has some basic features that make the 7.3L power stroke since it has bent tubing in all the mandrel such that the fumes can follow the bent paths as they flow outside the engine.

The exhaust system is made of stainless steel metallic material that makes it strong enough to perform its task as per the manufacturer’s instruction. It has an additional horsepower that powers the engine and is strong enough to work efficiently and torque.

3. Ts Performance 6-way switchable tunes

Ts Performance 6-way switchable tunes

The Ts performance six-way switchable tunes are the best tuner chip for the 7.3L that makes the power stroke be the best for use today since the tuner is different from the older versions.

Ts performance six-way switchable tunes have good explanations that help the user understand and have knowledge on how to use the device by following the instructions.  When one needs to fix the Ts performance switchable tuner, it is easy to fix as you follow the instructions in the manufacturer’s manual.

The tuner gives chances of tuning the settings to adjust them to your preference in that it has a modern hardware component that is programmable. The programmable feature helps design the other hardware to fix the problems related to and perfect the performance.

4. Glow shift complete gauge kit

Glow shift complete gauge kit

The glow shift complete gauge kit is the best gauge kit for the upgrade on the 7.3L power stroke as it has extra features than the gauges that the older versions of the power stroke.  The gauge has a glow shift package of diesel that matches the manufacturers make on the tan triple pillar pod, three gauge power wiring harness, and instructions for fixing that helps users work with the gauge as the instructions have a step-by-step guide.

It has the boost gauge with fittings for compression when completing the power stroke, an adapter with nylon material on the surfaces, a temperature transmitter and sensor gauge, a pyrometer  EGT gauge with an EGT gauge, and other boosters. All the gauges above are the boosters in the glow shift complete kit that makes the 7.3L more powerful for use.

The instructions in the guide to follow with the 7.3L power stroke upgrade has photos to follow when fixing the product. The photos help easy identification of parts that need a connection from the picture during the installation process and when cabling the diesel package in the truck.

The warranty period of the glow shift complete gauge kit is good as it offers free support for the technical issues for the rest of the years the truck is in use which is helpful to the user as one can get solutions to the problems by asking the manufacturers on how to fix and some essential advice for free. Apart from the free services, it has a warranty period of about a year. And if it fails to work correctly, you can take it back within the period and get a replacement.

5. Garrett power max G TP38R ball bearing Turbocharger

Turbocharger foundation is the best of all the parts to replace for an upgrade of a 7.3L power stroke; therefore, you must change the charger to a Garrett power max ball bearing Turbocharger. The Garrett charger provides power faster to the power stroke as it has some boosts with it providing enough energy to a truck.

6. GlowShift air intake heater boost plug sensor thread adapter

GlowShift air intake heater boost plug sensor thread adapter

When upgrading the 7.3L power stroke, the air intake is to a measure that it has an air heater delete mod that gives chances for disconnecting the air intake heater that prohibits the flow of dirty air out with the clean air into the truck.

The heater must operate in places that have very low temperatures and when the vehicle is parked. However, if the truck has to move, the temperatures must be optimum, the lights must be put off, the brake must be on, the voltage for charging must be to a particular level as per its instructions, and the temperatures are to be very low. 

It is complicated when fixing the air intake heater as it is working since you have to remove the old heater and fix a new plug in the same position that works with the aid of the aftermarket boost pressure sensor. The extra characteristics that make the 7.3L have upgraded with the air intake heater include the following.

It has instructions in the manual that shows clear steps of fixing the Glow shift air intake in the power stroke. It allows users to fix a boost hose quickly to the intake without many tasks from the drill that replaces the air intake heater. The air intake heater is compatible with the old versions, and hence one can fix in the other types of the power stroke, and finally, it can work with an NPT thread port plug.

Frequently asked questions:

  • What are the advantages of the delete kit above?

The delete kit above is helpful to a vehicle that consumes a lot of fuel. It helps lower the amount of fuel consumption in the economy since it makes many vehicles use little amounts of fuel in their daily operations, raising people’s living standards in a particular country.

Even though it is the best upgrade of the power stroke, it is also affordable to individuals such that its price is a bit lower than many people can opt to use it. Furthermore, due to its features, the 7.3L power stroke enhances the vehicle’s reliability as the engine works faster, effectively increasing the vehicle’s functioning.

Lastly, it has a charger that provides power to the truck’s battery faster, making it hold a charge for a long time saving its life span. Finally, the 7.3 power stroke is essential in maintaining the overall parts of the truck from the engine to the other parts as it works in improving them to make the truck perform to its best.


The article above shows the best features in the 7.3L power stroke that make the best power stroke from the older ones. Its upgrades straightforwardly show the differences with the older ones as most power strokes lack air intake heater, gauge kits that best fit their truck for effective performance. The upgrades in the features are easy to fix as the manufacturers have the steps in the manual that will guide the users on what to carry out activities to complete the process.

Finally, follow the steps to fix the 7.3L power stroke in your truck as the parts are convenient, cost-friendly, and easy to use. In addition, some of the products have warranties that allow you to take them back to the manufacturer if they are not working better with your truck.

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