Mondeo Central Locking System Not Working on One Door:What to Do?

The Driver’s door didn’t open! It happens whenever there are issues with your Mondeo’s central locking. 

You have been searching on Google, but not finding an easy solution out there. 

No worries man, this article is for you. 

Today, we are going to help you out whenever the Mondeo Central locking System not working on one door. 

In this article, we will focus on the reason for the issue and easy solutions to the faulty Central Locking system in your Ford Mondeo car. 

What is the Central Locking System?

What is the Central Locking System

In modern automobiles, by pushing a button or flipping a key, the driver can lock or unlock any of the doors of a car or truck at the same time. This is made possible through the central locking system also known as power door locks. Many vehicles today have devices that can open doors like the baggage compartment or the fuel filler cap. They have automatic locks that work when the vehicle is pushed into gear or exceeds a certain speed. Ford Motor Company implemented an external keypad-type keyless entry scheme in 1980, in which the driver inserted a numeric combination —either factory-programmed or one programmed by the owner— to open the vehicle without the key.

Many modern vehicles like Mondeo Ford with power door locks often have a radio frequency remote keyless entry feature, which allows an individual to unlock the vehicle by pressing a button on a remote control key fob. A light or a horn signal confirms successful locking and unlocking, and most remote locking systems have an easy way to switch between these two options. Both are nearly identical in terms of features, though light signals are more discrete. Still, horn signals can be annoying in suburban areas and other congested parking areas (e.g. short-term parking lots). The volume of the horn signal can be adjusted by certain manufacturers or car mechanics.

Major Causes of the Mondeo Central locking System not working on one door

mondeo central locking not working on one door

The lever, solenoid, wiring problem, or mechanical problem inside the affected door’s connection may all trigger an inoperative control door lock. There are a variety of reasons why your power locks can stop working:

  1. Your key fob is broken or the battery is dead. Perhaps the solution is right in front of you! Many people are concerned about the operation of their gate, not understanding that the only problem is the key fob.
  1. There has been a fuse blown. Because of age or being overworked, your car’s fuses can occasionally blast. This is a relatively cheap repair for most cars.
  1. A broken wire may be the cause of your occasional problems. Try turning the lock knob up or down and then repeatedly opening and closing the latch. You can have a faulty wire if the locks start to operate intermittently.
  1. The process has frozen due to very cold temperatures. Extreme cold can cause the connection regulating your power locks to freeze because your car’s doors are not completely moisture-proof.
  1. It’s time to replace the solenoid. The solenoid, which controls the locking and unlocking functions of your door, maybe broken or need to be replaced.

What to do in case of One Lock Failure

What to do in case of One Lock Failure

Start the investigation at the fuse box if any of the door locks are broken. 

Check to see if the fuse protecting the door lock circuit has blown. Fuse designations and ratings can be found on the fuse box placard or in the owner’s manual. 

Experiment with each door lock switch in the car to see how either of them will lock the doors. If all of the switches on the doors lock, and one of them is non-operational, the mighty cause can be the defective switch. This may be due to the open circuit between the switch and the solenoid, or a faulty solenoid in the affected door. 

When energizing the door lock, you should listen to the affected door. If a click is heard but the lock does not engage, the most likely cause is a fault with the door lock system or connection.

The first and most straightforward thing to verify is that nothing is blocking the door lock from interacting. If dirt or grime gets into the locking mechanism, it can prevent it from moving and locking. Listen to the broken door attempting to engage as you click the locks to see if that is the issue. Spraying lubricant into the lock system is the easiest way to flush it out without breaking it apart. WD-40, for example, would lubricate it and break up any obstructions. This may be a quick and convenient solution to your dilemma.

If the lock somehow doesn’t fit after lubricating it, you’ll have to search deeper into the door to try to repair it. This will necessitate removing the door panel to gain access to the actuator and engine. 

You should check for noticeable damage to the parts in the gearbox until the door panel is removed. A motor gear will split at any moment, and this may be the source of the problem. 

If your car battery needs to be recharged, you better select the right battery tender. If the actuator is dead, it will not function, and you have discovered the source of the problem. If the actuator fails, what you have to do is replace it with the new one.

Why only sometimes one door lock stops working?

If you lock all of your doors simultaneously, you may be asking why just one motor or actuator failed. Since these components are going, they malfunction at varying speeds. This is particularly because of plastic parts like gears, because, despite their similarity, they all had different manufacturing variables. As a result, one lock can fail while none of the others do even when used simultaneously.

How to reset Mondeo Central Locking System?

How to reset Mondeo Central Locking System

If one wants to reset the entire locking system of their Mondeo car because of the repeated failures, he should better follow these steps:

  1. Unlock both doors with the key fob and keep it down for more than 30 seconds 
  2. Then, close both doors with the key fob and keep it down for more than 30 seconds.
  3. Unlock both doors with the key fob and keep it down for more than 30 seconds.

The entire central system is now reset to its factory settings. This procedure may help to recover the locking issue of either one door or all.

Final Verdict

So now you know that just the driver’s door is broken. You’re probably aware that locks are made up of gearboxes, engines, and actuators, and that any one of these components inside a single door will fail at any moment. Before consulting a technician, it is better to diagnose the issue and if possible try to resolve it using the methods and techniques that are already discussed.

Meta description: The Driver’s door didn’t open! It happens whenever there are issues with your Mondeo’s central locking. 

Today, we are going to help you out whenever the Mondeo Central locking System not working on one door. 

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