Mini Maxx Dpf Delete Race Tuner by H&S Performance

H&S performance mini Maxx is the most recommended delete tuner, especially for people wishing to buy a diesel particulate filter and an exhaust gas recirculation since it’s cheaper than other delete tuners. They are usually found in vehicles such as; the ford super duty Powerstroke diesel 6.7L, Chevy Duramax diesel LML, among others.

All H&S mini Maxx come are packed together with tunes essential in deleting all emissions such as DPF, SCR, DEF, and EGR to keep the engine in the correct state and increase its lifespan. Also, the tunes monitor engine lights and ensure they are not present. The article below gives a summary of the mini Maxx DPF Delete race tuner.

Mini Maxx DPF Delete Race Tuner

mini maxx dpf delete race tuner

The DPF Delete Race Tuner results in mpg rise when connected with a proper exhaust gas recirculation block-off kit and diesel particulate filter. After flashing the correct race tune best for the truck, the diesel particulate filter exhaust regeneration cycles, and the exhaust gas recirculation system becomes inactive. 

In such a case, the majority of the people prefer using an exhaust gas recirculation delete or block-off kit when getting rid of any leaks present in the race tune.

The most recommended form of deleting and tuning is using the block-off method rather than the EGR system that needs to be switched off. The cheapest way of eliminating the emission systems regulations is by installing the Mini Maxx DPF Delete Race Tuner and is considered to be among the best race tuners in improving the diesel and the diesel engine.

Eliminated emissions of Mini Maxx Race Tuner

Eliminated emissions of Mini Maxx Race Tuner

The DPF Delete Race Tuners are the best in the trucks used in countries with no strict rules and regulations. Still, they are designed to be used off-road only and not in public streets as they may result in increased jams and emission of substances such as nitrogen oxide. Nitrogen oxide may affect the health of individuals in the surrounding areas.

The emissions exhausted from the engine include the following;

1. DPF (diesel particulate filtrate) delete

The mini Maxx race tuner performs many functions, especially with the DPF delete. First, the race tuner deletes all substances of the diesel particulate filtrate, increasing its performance and prolonging the lifespan of the diesel engine. 

Also, the mini Maxx race tuner switches off codes that are detected by the sensors present. Lastly, the tuner monitors the check engine lights present and eliminates them to improve the performance of the truck engine.

2. EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) delete

The mini Maxx race tuner has a cooling system with an increased pressure to control the hot exhaust gas emitted in the car engine, thus bringing a cooling effect to the truck engine and increasing its performance. Also, the tuner shuts off the exhaust gas recirculation function and any related check engine lights and diagnostic trouble codes.

Further, the race tuner switches off the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system, installed in place, and increases the correct functioning of the diesel engine. Finally, the tuner allows the truck driver all sensors related to the tank and the tank itself, resulting in increased performance.

3. CCR (Catalytic concert removal)

Deleting a cat requires the use of diagnostic trouble codes or check engine lights that are popping up. But, with the invention of mini Maxx race tuners, you can delete the cats without the stated tools successfully. Therefore, it is advisable to choose the mini Maxx race tuner over the DTC.

4. DEF delete

Some trucks use the urea injection system to function effectively. If the truck uses such kinds of injections, a mini Maxx race tuner is adequate for such trucks. The race tuner allows the truck driver to turn off the urea injection system, ultimately allowing you to eliminate all sensors related to the tank and the tank itself without any difficulties.

5. ULSD (ultra-low sulfur diesel)

Most poorly developed areas prefer using the ultra-low sulfur diesel since it requires no additional option of buying another pair of ULSD. The mini Maxx race tuner helps remove tunes present in the truck, thus increasing the truck performance.

Fuel mileage

The process of installing a diesel particulate filter in most cases increases fuel mileage. For instance, a truck with fuel mileage ranging from 2 to 4 mpg increases to 5 mpg once the DPF is installed. The difference in tire size and driving habits of each truck results in an unequal outcome, and the fuel mileage increase is visible. The information below shows some preloaded power levels for some trucks.

i. Duramax LMM- 60hp to 170hp.

ii. Duramax LML- 50hp to 150hp.

iii. Powerstroke 6.7L- 50hp to 150hp.

iv. Cummins- 60hp to 174hp.

v. Powerstroke 6.4L- 80hp to 250hp.

Tips for installing the Mini Maxx race tuner

Tips for installing the Mini Maxx race tuner

The installation process differs from one truck to another, depending on the model of the truck. The installation process for each truck model is shown below.

1. Duramax Diesel LMM 2007-2010

The model has more minor installation requirements, and the block-off system or the EGR are left switched on. Despite the system being switched on, the model requires a block-off kit to clean the engine to increase its lifespan. 

When deleting the emissions, the sensor positioned in the exhaust requires removal and unplugging from the wiring harness. Also, the leakages present in the connectors must be sealed and protected from any dirt and water intrusion.

2. Dodge 6.7L Cummins 2007-2009

To install the race tuner in the 2007-2009 Dodge 6.7L Cummins requires disconnection of anything associated with the exhaust gas recirculation system in the absence of an exhaust gas recirculation block off kit. Also, all sensors need to be dismantled when installing the diesel particulate filter delete pipe. The number of sensors present include; one pressure sensor, two o2 sensors, and three EGT sensors.

3. GMC Duramax Diesel LML 2007-2014

Dismantling all the exhaust gas recirculation sensors is another way of installing the tuners in the absence of an exhaust gas recirculation block-off kit. First, dismantle the urea injection system and ensure the system is completely uninstalled.

Secondly, dismantle all sensors that are not useful with the delete pipe present in the exhaust side apart from the pressure sensor that must be connected all the time and is usually positioned under the truck’s bed near the passenger frame rails.  Also, unplug the pressure ports with rubber hoses but leave the electrical connection steady and plugged in all the time, especially in the truck wiring harness.

4. Powerstroke. 6.4L 2008-2010 ford

The Powerstroke 6.4L, 2008-2010, requires fewer installation tools since they do not require exhaust gas recirculation and block-off systems. Still, it is advisable to plug in the block-off kit to keep the truck engine clean and reduce the risks associated with the leaks in the coolant system.

To remove all sensors present in the factory exhaust system, install a diesel particulate filter delete pipe. There are two sensors present in the exhaust system: a pressure sensor that requires removal after unplugging and three EGT sensors. Finally, it is advisable to seal all open connectors to prevent water and dirt from accumulating in them.

5. 6.7L Dodge Cummins 2010-2012

Exhaust gas recirculation system does not require removal on the Cummins and may be left in position if you don’t wish to unplug the EGR system. Installing the race tuner automatically shuts off exhaust gas recirculation and leaves it for some time to clean the engine bay and remove any dirt and dust accumulated. Also, follow the same guidelines when installing coolant leaks from the exhaust gas recirculation system.

The Dodge 6.7L Cummins comes with accessories such as the urea injection system that require disconnection. If you ignore disconnecting the urea injection system, a warning notification is sent via dash message warning you to check the check engine lights and warn about the system’s condition.

First, for the diesel particulate filtrate side, dismantle all sensors present in the factory diesel particulate system. To perform the process fast using less time, leave the sensors connected in the diesel particulate filtrate and dismantle all connectors present in the wiring harness. 

Such a method keeps all factory exhaust and sensors together, making the installation process simpler and more manageable. Finally, keep the exposed plugs taped to prevent the accumulation of dirt and corrosion of the fuel metals from taking place.

6. 6.7. Ford Powerstroke 2011-2014

The installation process of the race tuner in the Ford 6.7L Powerstroke requires more attention than other diesel engines. First, make sure you connect all the sensors, including all exhaust gas recirculation systems, to avoid damaging the Powerstroke.

 There are two methods to install the race tuner: unplugging the diesel urea injection system and leaving it for some time while installing, or disconnecting the tank and cleaning it using the recommended materials to remove all unwanted dirt present in the tank. Ensure you handle the tank carefully to avoid damaging it.

Before installing the DPF delete pipe, remove all sensors present in the diesel particulate filtration system. The sensors include; pressure sensor, one diesel urea injector, 3 GET sensors, and N0x sensors.

Added features for mini Maxx race tuner

Added features for mini Maxx race tuner

The race tuner has many essential features apart from deleting and tuning the diesel in most trucks. For instance, the race tuner has the feature that allows the truck driver to make some adjustments. The standard setting adjustments are as shown below.

1. Size of the tires

The trucks come with non-stock-sized tires that allow the re-calibration process of the factory speedometer to make some adjustments. The best way of getting accurate speedometer readings is by measuring the size of the tire in terms of diameters using a tape measure. Avoid using printed tire sizes if you want to get the correct speedometer readings.

The larger the wheel, the more the speedometer readings, and a lower tire size records a low speedometer reading. Therefore, it is essential to adjust the tire sizes from 25.0 to 45.0. The adjustment is a simple process that takes less time, around 10 seconds, significantly when changing the pressure in the tires from the calibration menu settings.

2. Speed regulation adjustment settings.

Speed limiter adjustments differ depending on the model of the truck. Each truck speed limiter adjustments are as shown below;

i. 6.6L LMM Duramax has a speed limiter of around 98MPH but is adjustable from 49 mph to 98mph. Also, the mph can be deleted permanently, especially after installing the tuners.

ii. 6.4L power stroke has a speed limiter of 95 mph and can be adjusted from 54 mph to 199mph, and the adjustment settings are only done during the installation period.

iii. 6.7L Cummins with a speed limiter of 106 mph and are regulated from 19 mph to 200 mph. Like others, the speed adjustment process is only carried out during the installation process and cannot be done.

iv. 6.0L Powerstroke has a speed limiter of 95mph and can be regulated during the installation process to the desired speed that suits the user.

v. 6.6L LML Duramax has a speed limiter of 98mph that can only be regulated during the installation process and can also be entirely deleted in case of any issues detected.

3. Unique and essential features

The mini Maxx race tuner has unique and essential features located at the “special functions menu,” The information below explains each unique feature in a way majority of the truck drivers can understand.

  • Lights. The race tuner can activate and deactivate the daytime lights that are in use. Also, the race tuner activates or deactivates the fog lights when high beams are used, thus saving power.
  • Auto door lock. The tuner activates or deactivates the auto door lock when the truck runs at a specific speed.
  • A seat belt minder is essential for the driver seat belt system.
  • Activates or deactivates the unlock of the driver’s door.
  • Activates or deactivates the accessory delay of the truck radio.
  • Activates or deactivates the set headlamp delay.
  • Activates or deactivates the horn chirp on the lock when locking the truck.
  • Activates or deactivates idle up control buttons that regulate the idle RPM.


Once the mini Maxx DPF race tuner fails to function, the problem may be due to lack of technical support from the experienced personnel. Therefore, it is essential to seek support if you do not know how the race tuner functions.

Finally, before buying a mini Maxx race tuner, consider all factors and review all products present to choose the best suits your preference. Also, service the race tuner and the trucks more often to increase their performance.

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