Best Lift Kits for the 2007-2017 Silverado and Sierra

The Silverado and the sierra truck are designed to get through all kinds of terrain. Therefore they need to have a lift kit installed in them for better clearance. Apart from the release, the lift kit in the Silverado helps in fitting bigger tires on the Silverado truck. There are different models of lift kits that are on the market.

It becomes so difficult when shopping for the lift kit since you are not sure of the best lift kit to carry. Moreover, different lift kits have features that differ, and therefore the selecting process for the equipment for the Silverado and Sierra trucks is challenging. In the article, you will be helped to compare the options as we discuss the popular lift kits for Silverado and how they work.

Best lift kits for the 2007-2017 Silverado and sierra

best lift kits 2007 2017 silverado sierra

The following are the best kits for the Silverado trucks.

The 2007-2017 Silverado/sierra leveling kit

The 2007-2017 Silveradosierra leveling kit

The Silverado trucks have a forward rake from the factory to the way that they sit. That feature is seen even in pictures. The forward rake has an inch difference of 2 to 2.5, which means that the front end of the Silverado truck sits 2 inches lower than the bed. A leveling kit is used to make the car look aggressive without compromising the ride quality. Also, the leveling kit functions to reduce the factory rake or altogether remove it.

The following are the best ways that you can use to level your truck.

1. Rough country spacer leveling kit

The best kit for leveling 1500 is the rough country. The leveling of the rough country kit is made of a long-lasting Delrin. Delrin is much durable and is resistant to corrosion which makes you confident of its long lifespan.

According to the reviews from the people who have used the rough country leveling kit, no one regrets having it. However, there are some occasions whereby the buyer installs it the wrong way, and therefore they’ll get some errors. It is easy to install the rough country leveling kit, and different GMC 1500 owners confirm the 2″ lift.

2. Rough country 2″ front end leveling kit

Its features

i. The rough country 2″ front-end leveling kit gives the GM 1500 excellent performance and protection. Again, it provides the best style from the wild country.

ii. It ensures smooth maintenance of the OEM-like ride by increasing the ground clearance for on and off obstacles of the road.

iii. The 2” leveling kit functions by leveling the front end with the rear. With that, you don’t need to disable the stunts to do the installation.

iv. To install the rough country 2″ front-end leveling kit is easy since it is supported by RC.

v. The rough country 2″ front-end leveling kit has a replacement warranty.

Installation of spacer leveling kit

The installation of a spacer leveling kit is a breeze compared with most of the suspension lift kits. The following are the steps followed to install it.

a) Take out the lower strut mount bolts. The strut bolts are two and need to be taken out all, and after that, you are supposed to sway the bar.

b) Place the new spacer kit between the LCA and the lower strut mount. It is done by prying down the lower control arm.

c) Lastly, put the new and long bolts and finally torque to spec.

2011-2027 Silverado/sierra 2500HD and 3500HD leveling kit

1. Ready lift 2.25″leveling kit

Ready lift 2.25leveling kit

These truck types require a different kind of lift when you need to do the front suspension. The reason is that the 2500HD and the 3500HD are made so that they should carry a heavyweight that they set up in 1500. The rest set up on 1500 is designed to take a small, lighter than 72500HD and 3500HD.

A torsion bar is a type of suspension setup used by the 2500HD and the 3500HD Silverado for the front. When using this kind of suspension, one can adjust it to lift the truck in stock form.  Your vehicle will not ride rougher when you crank the torsion bars with the factory keys.

For the above suspension setup, it is advisable to get the lift kit since one can adjust the ride’s height in the stock torsion suspension setup. In addition to that, you are given a range limit that is allowed by the factory torsion bar keys.

The ready lift 2.25″ leveling replaces the factory torsion keys with another set that will move the point of adjustment up the scale. As a result, the adjustment range starts with a high lift point at the torsion minimum setting. Due to that, there will be a higher lift potential while the factory ride quality is maintained.

2. Ready lift 66-3011 2.25” leveling kit for Silverado/sierra 2500 HD/3500HD 2WD/4WD 8 Lug

Its features

i. It is ideal to obtain the level stance on your truck while maintaining the factory ride.

ii. One can forge the torsion keys to create a long-lasting corrosion protector using ultimate strength and powder coat.

 iii. When you lift the truck to a level stance, the ready lift 66-3011 2.25″ leveling kit will retain the OEM factory ride.

  iv. It is easy to install the ready lift 66-3011 2.25″ leveling kit. It only takes an hour at most for a complete installation.

3.5” lift kits

The 3.5″ lift kits provide a bit higher height than the other regular front leveling kits. These kinds of lift kits are used when you want a high lift goal. Moreover, the kit gives a better ground clearance against obstacles and also provides for better wheel spacing.

1. 2008-2017 Silverado/sierra 1500 4WD

2008-2017 Silveradosierra 1500 4WD
  • Supreme suspensions

The supreme suspensions are the best 3.5″ kit for 1500 since it contains everything needed for the lifting without affecting the ride quality. The extra lift is given by the lower spacers and another spacer at the top of the strut assembly. Having too many spacers on the strut end affects the suspension geometry. Therefore, such kind of spacer splitting is a lovely idea.

The Supreme suspensions –Silverado 3.5″lift kit has blocks needed to match the rear lift with the front. Again, it has U-bolts that are extended and are required when one needs to add blocks at the rear springs of the leaf.

The Supreme suspensions –Silverado 3.5″lift kit also contains a differential drop kit. The work of the differential drop kit is to keep the front axles at a better angle to protect them from faster wear than usual.


i.  It is not compatible with the adaptive ride control equipped models, auto ride trained models, airbag-equipped models, and auto-leveling suspension systems. In addition to that, it is also not compatible with trucks of 2015+ that have upper control arms equipped with factory-stamped steel.

ii. The contents of the lift kit 3.5” include the following;

  • Installation hardware
  • Axle alignment shims
  • U-bolts that are square bend
  • Strut spacers (aluminum front top)
  • Strut spacers (Delrin front bottom)
  • Installation instructions
  • Tapered lift blocks
  • Supreme suspensions pro pack

The installation of these lift kits takes about three to six hours without the use of special tools. In case you are altering the vehicle height, it is recommended you do an alignment.

The benefit of the lift kit is that it improves the vehicle look and increases the ground clearance, which allows for a  larger custom and tire fit.

4-6” lift kits

If you need a higher lift to fix a giant wheel and bigger tire combos in your truck, it is advisable to use the 4-6″ lift kits if the 3.5″ kits are not giving you the required lift. The following are the compressive lifts that are necessary to provide the significant lifting that you need.

1. 2014-2017 Silverado/sierra 1500 4WD

2014-2017 Silveradosierra 1500 4WD

Ready lift 693414 lift kit


i. It gives an extreme and durable finish.

ii. The bolts are 100 percent on for easy installation.

 iii. It is not used with the 2014-UP Z71 OFF-ROAD that has taller rancho front struts.

 iv. One can include the super heavy solid duty ball joints since the factory settings are changed to upright.

2. Rough Country 3.5″ Lift Kit (fits) 2007-2013 Chevy Silverado GMC Sierra 1500 4WD | V2 Monotube Shocks | Knuckles | 23670


i. It gives the Silverado/Sierra the right blend of performance and protection.

ii. The ground clearance that is provided is unmatched by the other lift kits. For ground clearance, the kit contains monotube shock absorbers.

iii. The anti-axle wrap rear blocks inside the kit are used to maintain the ride quality of the stock and eliminate the problems.

iv. The fabricated blocks have a stronger and longer lifespan than the cast blocks.

v. It also contains a warranty of three years.

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To conclude, the user’s best leveling kit depends on the quality work that they want it to perform. There are lift kits that differ depending on the features, whether you need a gear that can withstand a heavy load or equipment that is easy to install.

It is essential not to be fooled by the price of the lift kit; consider the quality that you need. Hopefully, you are helped by this guide to make a good decision on the best lift kits that you need for your vehicle.

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