Ideal classic boiler not firing up? Here’s what to know and how to fix it

Faulty boiler is not going to be a great thing to deal with. If you are facing issues with the ideal classic boiler not firing up, then it’ll not be ideal at all to make heating.  Seeming complicated right? 

Don’t worry dear. This article is for you. 

As you’re facing difficulties with the ideal classic boiler not firing up, this article is a must-need for you to get the problem solved. Good news for you that you can just get the boiler firing up again by maintaining a few steps.

There are few common problems with Ideal classic boilers, but the fact is, you can easily fix them. Before that, check them first. 

Gear Up Yourself: Simple checks 

Quick Check: The indoor regulator needs temperature setting 

Check the indoor regulator whether it is set to the optimal temperature or not. ecobee3 lite Smart Thermostat

Usually, the best indoor regulator temperature keeps between 18-21°C. You may use a  thermostat to keep the optimal temperature. 

Quick Check: Timer

Check the user manual and know how to set the timer you’d like your boiler to ignite properly.

Quick Check: Breaker box 

If there’s no capacity to the boiler at all, however, other electric and gas apparatuses are working, check the wire box as there may be a stumbled switch. 

Quick Check: Prepayment meter 

For any house including a prepayment meter, it means that it’s enough for the perfect temperature to work. If not, just fixing it up ought to get your kettle to light. 

Quick Check: No gas supply 

There are different gas machines. For example, an oven. Then, you should check whether it’s  working. If not, there might be an issue with the gas supply in your house.

Quick Check: The boiler needs to be reset

It’s often found that most of the time, a boiler requires a restart to be fired up once more.

If it’s not working, then you will need to recheck the system again.

Potential Faults With The Heating System

After following the checks, if you get your ideal classic boiler not firing up still, it’s time to know the problems with the heating system.

Boiler pressure

Boiler pressure is the pressure reading of your boiler. In general, a boiler comes with a boiler pressure of 1-2 bar. Check out the boiler pressure with a pressure gauge.

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If your boiler pressure is excessively low (below 1 bar), then it will fail to figure. Again, if it’s a high boiler pressure (over 2 bar), it may put unnecessary strain on the boiler and may cause it to break down.

Here, a boiler gets its pressure lost after a time span. Nevertheless, when you’ll see an uneven drop, then it’ll be a symbol of a leak. Even, it may be for the radiators that require bleeding. If you discover a leak, regardless of how small, turn the water system off and get in touch with a professional heating engineer.

The air within the radiators

After turning the heating system on, hot water gets circulated by the pipes, filling the radiators and after that heat the space. When the rock bottom of the radiator is warming up, or you are watching that the radiator isn’t heating up altogether, then air is trapped within the radiators that restricts predicament from filling the whole radiator.

Once you bleed the radiators, it tends to release the trapped air. In this way, it will help the water to heat them appropriately. You can bleed radiators by yourself. But if you don’t think that you can do it properly, then please hire a heating engineer to try it for you.

Frozen condensate pipe

The condensate pipe is an important part of condensing boilers, leading acidic wastewater far away from the boiler and down a drain outside your property. Being outside makes condensate pipes vulnerable to freezing during freezing temperatures, causing a blockage that forestalls the water from leaving the boiler. Should this happen, the boiler will recognize that it isn’t safe to work and lockout until the condensate pipe has thawed out.

So, if you’re reading this during the winter months then there’s an honest chance that your condensate pipe has frozen to assist you to identify a frozen condensate pipe, your boiler should display a mistake code.

Ideal classic Boiler Still Not Firing Up? Time to rent a Heating Engineer

Ideal classic Boiler Still Not Firing Up? Time to rent a Heating Engineer

All of the problems we mentioned within the last section are often resolved yourself, although you shouldn’t hesitate to contact a heating engineer if you’d prefer. The subsequent reasons why a boiler might fail to fireside up should only be repaired by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

While it is often hard to inform which of the subsequent is preventing your boiler from igniting, unless there’s a mistake code, a fully-qualified heating engineer is going to be ready to diagnose and resolve all of them safely and quickly.

Low gas pressure 

In the case that there’s a supply of gas to the boiler, just not enough, the boiler will lockout and display a mistake code. One should  call a Gas Safe engineer to do this task. 

The gas valve controls the extent of gas flowing to the boiler, opening and shutting to permit more or less gas, counting on what proportion of heat is required. Sometimes, the gas valve might just need adjusting but it could even be damaged or blocked – a Gas Safe engineer is going to be ready to perform the specified work.

A more unlikely scenario is that the gas meter has frozen during the weather, However, with sufficient lagging, it’ll be protected when there’s a drop in temperature.

Blockage within the burner

A blockage within the burner could lead to the boiler not firing up to supply your home with heating and predicament. A Gas Safe registered engineer is going to be ready to clean the burner or replace it, if necessary.

No pilot light on the boiler

Without a pilot light, the boiler won’t be ready to provide a heating system or domestic hot water. The pilot light may be a small blue flame that lights a bigger flame when there is an involved heating system and the way water – if it’s burning orange or yellow there might be a carbon monoxide gas leak.

For the pilot light to figure without fault, the jet it appears from must be clear from debris. You may do it yourself by using a vacuum cleaner. Buy on Amazon

Even a small amount of dirt can block it up. A heating engineer is going to be ready to either clean out the pilot light jet or replace it counting on what’s required.

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Let’s Wrap Up!

While we’ve mentioned a number of the more common faults, more boiler problems would prevent the unit from igniting, which you’ll need a Gas Safe registered engineer to diagnose and repair. 

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