VW Jetta Average Miles-How Many Miles Can It Last?

A VW Jetta is a small saloon car that is commonly advertised as a family car. It has been numbered as the best in terms of safety in the market compared to others. The saloon car has slowly improved from the first generation up to the last in terms of power.

The saloon car has comfortable seats. The features of the VW Jetta continue upgrading to more comfortable characteristics. Most people globally have accessed the VW Jetta because of the rapid and comfortable changes made in each generation. The vehicle is more reliable when statistically compared to the other cars.

For instance, the saloon car damages and repairs and is not harsh, and they often don’t occur. Even though compact saloon cars are less damaged, they can experience transmission exchanging difficulties; for example, automatic car window electricity may fail to function correctly.

How much distance does a VW Jetta go

how many miles can vw jetta last

The compact saloon can go for long distances without facing issues or facing only a few issues. Most of the cars go up to 100,000miles, approximating that the salon car will stay longer for seven to ten years. Others go up to 200,000miles.

The compact saloon engine is designed in a way which it can withstand any wearing and tearing without any mechanical down breakages. The VW Jetta can last longer if it is frequently managed and maintained by the owner.

In every VW Jetta generation update, most things in the saloon car are updated. Upgrading the compact saloon car increases the number of miles the VW Jetta can survive without any difficulties.

The VW Jetta can go up to 13 470 miles in a whole year and take many years, which are 7.5 years to complete 100,000 miles. Therefore, servicing your car regularly increases the lifespan of your compact saloon car.

When acquiring a new VW Jetta, consider all the features found on the generation you want to buy. The compact has some advantages over other saloon cars. Firstly, the compact saloon car uses less fuel but still moves as usual.  The compact car is more comfortable when compared to the other cars.

The car has been designed in a way in which it can accommodate all users, whether tall or short. It has also been designed to be soundproof to control noises that are produced when the car is accelerating.

Thirdly, the compact saloon vehicles are cheap since their design and construction require cheap resources, especially those designed and implemented in Mexico. The inexpensiveness of the car saves an individual’s economy and makes it easily accessible.

Lastly, the cars give more protection throughout the driving session. However, it would help if you were more careful when driving to identify the forward rolling incidents and blind spots.

Despite the many advantages of the VW Jetta working, there are also advantages related to the vehicle. The car wheel drive is concentrated on the front drive; hence obtaining all-wheel drives is a common challenge.

Secondly, it is costly because there are many additional features which you will be required to pay for them such as the blind-spot detection feature. Finally, it experiences a lot of competition from other saloon car types.

With the increasing technology, every car type is advancing rapidly, competing for the market.

Maintain your VW Jetta

Change your car engine fuel occasionally and also the engine oil filter. Carry out regular checkups and try getting rid of all dirt accumulated on the car parts often. Finally, ensure that you visit a licensed mechanic to check for any car vaults.

Steps on how to fix a door lock that has failed to function in the VW Jetta vehicle

Steps on how to fix a door lock that has failed to function in the VW Jetta vehicle

Step 1: Open or remove the door lock

Open the outer door lock of your saloon car. Check if the lock has any damages and needs to be repaired.

Step 2: Identify and separate the door lock parts

The door lock has two system sides which are the mechanical and electronic sides. Begin with one system before going to the next. Starting with the electronic side, unscrew the T20 and remove it from the system. Unclip the two tabs of the T20 system to separate the two parts of the door lock. The steps are also applied when dealing with the mechanical side.

Step 3: Unscrew the electronic side gently by removing 8×10 bolts

After unscrewing the T20 system, unscrew the 8×10 from the door lock without returning the T20 one.

Step 4: Check the door lock motors for any damages

After successfully unscrewing and separating the electronic and mechanical parts, check the door lock motor for any resistance and damage factors. Also, check the multimeter and micro switches.

Touch the leads gently to see if the switch is functioning correctly. If it fails to spin continuously, your switch and multimeter have been damaged and need to be repaired or replaced.

Step 5: If you have seen that both door lock motors are not functioning, open them gently

When opening the motors, use a small flathead screwdriver to unscrew the motor bolts. If your motors have accumulated a lot of dirt, use a clean cloth to get rid of any dirt or oil accumulated on them. But if your motor has been damaged severely, buy a new motor for replacements.

Step 6: Check the commutator ring for any damages or dirt

For dirt accumulation on the commutator ring, use sandpaper and scrub it effectively to eliminate all dirt, including the accumulated oil dirt. After cleaning as required by the manufacturer, collect back all the door lock equipment removed on the process.

Step 7:  Fit every removed equipment in its correct position on the electronic and mechanic system.

Before fitting all the equipment into their appropriate position, check the multimeter, micro switch and ring commutator if functioning correctly. Screw every piece of equipment back to its location after the confirmation.

Step 8: Test your door lock

Check proper operation of your door lock, and if still it fails, redo the process above to get the door lock working and check for any incorrect installation of the door lock parts. If the door lock fails, visit a licensed mechanic for further repairs.

Frequently asked questions:

  • How long does a VW Jetta engine usually last?

The Volkswagen Jetta engine lasts for an extended period when compared to other engine cars. The engine car lasts for 100,000 miles for more than seven years without any severe damages.

  • How long you can accelerate with a spare tire.

After replacing your flat tire, you can continue accelerating for more than 70 miles. If you try driving 70 miles per hour, your spare tire may fail and you will be stuck. Therefore, drive slowly when using a spare tire.


VW Jetta compact cars are the best for families especially, families with children. The compact cars provide more comfortability than other saloon cars. If the cars are well managed and often serviced well, they can last for a very long time. This article has helped you understand how long many miles your compact saloon car can last. Further, you have known how to repair your door lock if any damage or case fails to operate correctly.

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