Ford Fiesta Air Conditioning Not Working: What to Do?

One of the most significant advantages of having a car is keeping you from a severe climate—either too hot or too cold. Especially in summers when you go out in your car having a cool temperature, it is such a big favor from your car. 

But what about the automobiles which are keeping you away from these favors? If you drive a Ford Fiesta and your Fiesta air conditioning system is not working, then it’s such an inconvenient problem with your vehicle.

With many advantages of the Fiesta, it also has some significant issues that the users are facing. One of the issues is with the engine and transmission. Engine affects the automotive speed, so we can say that it is a vital part of an automobile. Almost 60% of complaints are set off from the fiesta holders regarding this. 

The other main issue that arises from the engine problem is the air conditioning system of the model. The cooling amplitude of an AC depends upon the power of the engine. As the capacity and power of the engine reduce, the momentum of the air conditioner also declines. The low capacity directly affects the compressor, which is associated with the cooling capacity.

If you are driving a fiesta automotive and suddenly the cooling system has stopped working, then don’t worry. 

We are going to explain the major reasons why it happens and how you can overcome these problems. So don’t worry, and just scroll down and read over.

Ford Fiesta Air Conditioning Not Working: Common Issues

ford fiesta air conditioning not working

There are some common issues with the Ford fiesta cooling system. While describing the issues, we have also noted down the exact solution to each point. 

Firstly, we will signify and solve the compressor problem. 

1. Issues with the Compressor

Issues with the Compressor

So here is the common issue with the Ford fiesta cooling system, which is a compressor that is not working. A compressor is considered the heart of the complete air conditioning system. 

Most people face the problem of the failure of compressors at the starting of summer. It happens when you don’t use your Fiesta cooling system for a long time. The parts of the compressor stick together, and they stop moving and working. To prevent such issues, it is advised that you should lubricate your compressor regularly or whenever there is a need for it. 

Once your compressor stops working, then you have to change the entire air conditioning system. To repair the compressor is not a good idea because the new part will be destroyed by the previous chips installed in the fiesta air conditioning system. 

Therefore, the advice is that you should be careful about the compressor and look up to it if you feel a slight issue with it. 

If you want to know how we can identify a bad compressor, then scroll down and read the following symptoms of a failed compressor.

Symptoms of faulty Compressor: 

  • A bad compressor does not release hot air to the outside
  • It sometimes does not respond when sets on
  • It gives some unnecessary sounds
  • It gives hot air to the car instead of cool air.

AC Compressor for Ford Fiesta: 



2. The electrical climate control issue

The electrical climate control issue

If your fiesta air cooling system is not working then, one possibility can be a problem with the electrical climate control issue. You should reset the climate control issue.

To reset, just follow these steps:

  1. First, you have to press the off button and floor button at one time.
  2. Now just press the auto button of the system
  3. At last, press the front defrost button

3. Refrigerant Leakage

Refrigerant Leakage

The other issue that your cooling system might be facing is the leakage of the refrigerant. This happens due to the corrosion of the metal due to some acidic liquids. If the point of leakage is repairable, then you can save money by repairing the points. 

For this, first, you have to check the point of leakage and mend the holes. But if the corrosion has affected a significant part, then you have to insert or install a new coil which is somehow costly. So do check your refrigerant regularly.

Check the Cabin Air Filter for your Ford Fiesta on Amazon. 

3. AC clutch cycling switch

AC clutch cycling switch

Clutch cycling switch is another essential part of the air conditioning system in the latest vehicles. It measures the pressure in the vehicle and also observes the refrigerant flow in a system. It works in a way that when there is a difference of pressure, it automatically starts operating and equalizes the pressure. After the equalization, it automatically turned itself off. If your AC clutch is not working properly, then the clutch needs to be replaced.

The clutch cycling switch has a specific duration of life. After the specified duration, it expires. Expiry clutch show two symptoms that are:

  • Less cooling in your car
  • No cooling in your vehicle at all

4. Blend Door actuator

Blend Door actuator

If your Fiesta is giving some sound from the dashboard, especially when you turn on or adjust the air conditioner, then there is some issue with your Fiesta blend door actuator. Another major symptom of a faulty blend door actuator is that it stuck to a specific temperature, either too low or too high. Also, it happens when you set off your engine; it starts to create a tapping sound. You can easily drive with a faulty blend door actuator as far as you don’t feel the need for an air conditioner.

If you want to fix it, then you must have to replace the blend door actuator.

5. Air Blower Motor

If your ford Fiesta is facing a weak airflow in your air conditioning system, then you might have to do something with your air blower motor. This happens because of less lubrication of the motor, failed capacitor, or some sort of voltage problem. You must have to change your air blower motor with a new one in case of failing, by a technician. The average time duration of an air blower motor is about 10 to 20 years.

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Final Words

Ford Fiesta air conditioning not working properly is never a thing you can tolerate. Ultimately, it can have a lot of issues. But it is always advised that you should first check the level of refrigerant in your system. Further, you should go to the mechanic for the detection of a problem. Long-term ignoring of such issues can cause heavy damage to the system. So keep checking your air conditioning system regularly.

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