Ficm Obd Codes and Repair Guide

Sometimes, the FICM may fail to function, hence generating some codes that indicate a fault’s presence. Such codes may include; P0270, P0273, P0261, P0282, among others. The presence of error codes is a common sign for all trucks, and in such circumstances, a repair guide is necessary to correct the faults detected.

There are several OBD codes present in the fuel injector control module. Troubleshooting the issues notified by the codes is necessary to get your injector to correct functioning. For instance, the codes can indicate certain cylinders have a low circuit or high circuit. If you experience such codes, use the information below to test the presence of FICM faults and the process of troubleshooting such errors.

FICM Powerstroke

FICM Powerstroke

A FICM is a fuel injection control module that is in electronic form. The module regulates the amount of fuel being transmitted to each truck cylinder effectively. Also, it ensures the truck cylinders do not overflow during the refilling process. The module performs its functions by involving the amount of voltage relay to close and open each truck cylinder’s fuel injector and allows the fuel to flow with the normal pressure.

The module may fail to function when the truck racks up the mileage. Such issues are usually related to the solder that is usually located on the output circuit board. But with time, the voltage within the board may fall below the recommended voltage due to a fault soldier that fails to connect with other parts present in the circuit board.

If the soldier becomes faulty, the fuel injectors fail to respond; that is, they fail to open or close hence preventing fuel transmission to the truck cylinders. Once the trucks become fully drained, the engine fails to start or starts but stops immediately. Such issues are usually experienced during cold seasons, especially during winter. Finally, the shot of the FICM module may increase fuel usage, as a result increasing the cost required for refilling the cylinders.

The Faultiness of the fuel injector control module is a result of the truck battery or alternator failing to function as usual. Sometimes, the amperes of the battery may not match with those of the Powerstroke hence damaging the module. Once the module is damaged, fuel transmission to the cylinders becomes weaker and cannot start the truck.

Therefore, it is advisable to increase the lifespan of the batteries by using the recommended desulphating smart battery charger that suits your truck model. But if the truck has an old battery that cannot support such chargers, consider upgrading the batteries present to AGM batteries. Finally, consider upgrading the higher amperage alternator if the truck has an electrical system.

Examples of the FICM OBD codes

Examples of the FICM OBD codes

Several codes are displayed when the FICM is failing or is not responding, mainly when and the codes include;

i. P0282 indicating injector number 8 has a low circuit.

ii. P0279 indicating injector number 7 has a low circuit.

iii. P0276 indicating injector number 6 has a low circuit.

iv. P0273 indicating injector number 5 has a low circuit.

v. P0270 indicating injector number 4 has a low circuit.

vi. P0264 indicating injector number 2 has a low circuit.

vii. P0267 indicating injector number 3 has a low circuit.

viii. P0261 indicating injector number 1 has a low circuit.

 ix. Po262, indicating cylinder number 1, has a high circuit.

 x. Po265, indicating cylinder number 2, has a high circuit.

xi. Po268, indicating cylinder number 3, has a high circuit.

xii. Po271 indicating cylinder number 4, has a high circuit.

xiii. Po274, indicating cylinder number 5, has a high circuit.

xiv.  Po277, indicating cylinder number 6, has a high circuit.

xv. Po280, indicating cylinder number 7, has a high circuit.

xvi. Po283 indicating cylinder number 8, has a high circuit.

xvii. P0611 indicating the injector performance is poor.

xviii. P1378 indicating there is low voltage in the injector module.

xix. Uo105 indicates there is no communication with the injector module.

Powerstroke fuel injector control module

ficm repair guide

The Powerstroke that has the fuel injector module has the following features.

Features and benefits

The Powerstroke with FICM module comes with many unique features that are shown below.

  • Has a more extended warranty of approximately five years. If the module fails to function within the warranty period, international OEM replacements are done instead of buying another module.
  • Has proper programming, especially the installation period guide.
  • It can only be remanufactured in the United States area.
  • $250 refund if any faults are detected with the original module. The replacements are only done within the warranty period.

You can view this model here:powerstroke fuel injector control model

Process of testing a faulty fuel injector control module

Process of testing a faulty fuel injector control module

Before replacing or repairing the module, first, inspect it carefully and detect any faults. To test the FICM module, follow the steps below.

1. Collect all materials required. The materials necessary include a multimeter and an assistant who knows to help you carry out the activity.

2. Find the position of the coolant reservoir and remove it using the recommended tool and position it in a different place. Use the recommended 10mm ratchet to perform the activity.

3. Find the position of the FICM module together with the pinout covers.

4. Locate the cover fasteners and remove them using a Torx bit that is T20.

5. Change the multimeter reading to Direct Current volts. After setting the multimeter, connect the positive multimeter terminal to the battery’s positive terminal and vice versa. Avoid mismatching them as they can result in reverse polarization.

6. Test the positive lead terminal to the pin on the fuel injector control module that is usually positioned near the driver side. Ensure the lead does not touch the case as it may damage the case.

7. Tell the helper to switch on the ignition key but not start the truck.

8. Leave for some time and allow the multimeter to record some voltages. Read the voltages recorded.

9. If the voltage is 47 to 49V, the FICM is in good condition, but if the voltages fall below 47 or rise above 49, there is a problem requiring instant fixation.

After testing the fuel injector control module and detecting some issues, consider troubleshooting the issues to bring the module to correct functioning.

Process of fixing the fuel injector control module

Process of fixing the fuel injector control module

Fixing a fault FICM is simple, and there are several ways of carrying out the process. Most people choose to repair it, especially if broken, before replacing the whole module. The steps necessary for repairing the module are as follows.

  1. Pack the truck in off-road places away from people.

2. Locate the position of the fuel injector control module.

3. Remove it from the truck and inspect it carefully. Identify any faults, such as see if the module is broken.

4. Open the case cover by unscrewing all screws holding the case in position.

5. Remove the Torx from the circuit and inspect the whole module.

6. If the module is broken, consider repairing it. Test to see if the faults have been eliminated.

7. If the faults are severe and cannot be repaired, consider replacing them with a new one that suits the truck perfectly.

When buying a replacement FICM module, consider the following factors

  • Buy a module that suits your truck model perfectly.
  • Buy a high-quality FICM module that functions properly and may last longer, reducing the costs of replacing the module frequently.
  • Buy a FICM module that has a warranty. A warranty enables the truck owner to return a faulty purchased module instead of buying another one.
  • Buy the FICM module from the original manufacturer to avoid buying fake modules that function quickly or severely damage the truck.

The best fuel injection module

Many FICM modules exist in the market, and each has different features depending on the manufacturer. The standard and most recommended FICM module is the Dorman 904-229 FICM.

Dorman 904-229 FICM

Dorman 904-229 FICM

The fuel injector is the most preferred than other injectors. It comes with many different features that are shown below.

a) It suits the truck model perfectly. To purchase the best Dorman fuel injector, you can order online through the amazon website and provide all credentials concerning your truck, such as the model, the truck trim level, and the input of the truck.

b) The installation guide manual is easy to understand and perform. Plug and play troubleshooting solution; hence there is no programming necessary during the installation process.

c) The fuel injectors are directly replaced as they fit your truck model perfectly.

d) It comes with a replacement feature that restores drivability.

e) Have high performance free from any faults as a testing process is done before one purchases the fuel injector.

Frequently asked question:

  • How can I maintain my fuel injector?

There are several ways of maintaining your fuel injector correctly, and some are stated in the manufacturer’s manual. First, check the injector more often to solve any issues detected sooner. Also, service the injector and the whole truck often to prolong its lifespan. Also, clean the fuel injector and remove any substances that can contaminate the fuel flowing.   Finally, refer to the manufacturer’s manual guide on how to maintain the truck and the injector.


Although the fuel injector module is effective, it may sometimes fail to function due to several causes, such as breaking. If the injector fails to function, use the information above to test and fix the issues resulting in the injector sending code errors.

Finally, to improve the functioning of the fuel injector, consider carrying out the maintenance process. Also, the best way of repairing the FICM is inspecting it first and if it is damaged beyond repair, consider seeking help from a skilled mechanic.  

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