Audi a3 Rear Wiper Not Working: Here’s How to Fix

Let you are ready to start for your office on a rainy day. Turning the key and wiper switch on, you find nothing happening. That is to say, there is no sound and motion. That means the Audi A3 rear wiper is not working. 

Then? What should you do when your wipers stop working? 

Don’t worry man. It’s as easy as a piece of cake. Just keep reading the article. We have got you covered. We will know what the reasons are and how to fix them when the Audi A3 rear wiper not working. 

  • Use Of Audi A3 Rear Wiper

You can use them to clear the back window if your Audi is fitted with rear wipers to gain even more visibility in harsh driving conditions.

  • Is Rear Wiper Necessary?

There are several views about the lack of 

rear windshield wipers on sedans. Some say that it does not need one because of  sedan aerodynamics: Windshear alone does a fine job of driving water, snow, and debris from 

the glass surface.

  • How To Turn Off Rear Wiper?How To Turn Off Rear Wiper

The wiper will stop if you open the hatch 

glass while the rear wiper is running. 

Close the hatch glass to return the wiper to its parked position, and then move the switch to the ” OFF ” position. 

The same fluid reservoir is used for the rear window washer as the windshield washer.

  • For Automatic Rear Wiper:

In the infotainment system, you can deactivate the rain sensor feature, which activates the intermittent mode. To do this, select: MENU button > Car > left push button > Driver assistance > Rain sensor button.

One of the main problems found in the Audi a3 version is the inability of the rear wiper to work or they suddenly stop working. Due to some reasons the rear wiper stops working, it may be due to some blockage or maybe the fuse or the motor is not working due to which the rear wiper also stops working.

Here in this topic, we will discuss how we can fix this problem if rear wipers are not working. First, we should know the reason due to which the rear wiper has stopped working and then we will deal with the problem accordingly.

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Reasons Of An Audi A3 Rear Wiper Malfunctioning

  • Due to some blockage in washer jets
  • Due to burnt fuse or motor

Due To Some Blockage

If the wipers are not working first you should check that either it may be due to some blockage. If it is then, only take the plastic cover off and there are a tiny plastic component and a bolt, take them off and try to squirt the wash of the window if it works perfectly then it’s just clogged.

It may be caused due to blocked washer jets, which in turn will affect the rear wiper motor as it blows out the seals and allows the water into the motor. So, for its proper working, you should keep the washer jets clear.

To remove the blockage simply just remove the cap and then pull the twin squitter to remove the blockage. Use very fine wire to clean the two jets.

Reasons Of An Audi A3 Rear Wiper Malfunctioning

Or just take the small-cap off the rear wiper and simply clean out the hole with a pin.

Alternate Solution: Remove the wiper motor by first removing 

the plastic trim covering the area (just undo the two screws within the two handles that 

can not be seen until you lean over and then pulling the trim backward. 

After unpacking the three 10 mm bolts, the motor connector, and the thin water hose,

You can quickly remove the motor by cutting the 13mm nut under the wiper arm. 

Know that, to see the 13 mm nut under the cover, you can gently remove the plastic cover.

To get the motor assembly from the tailgate, remember to wiggle the wiper arm. 

On the desk, put the wiper. Remove the electric motor from the section of the wiper where the gear is mounted. 

And, undo the 6 screws with the Torx from the wiper part. Other than a worm gear, a   gear, and an arm that pushes the wiper, you can see water, rust, and contaminated grease remaining inside. 

Using a thin grease to clean it and lubricate, and then reassemble everything.

You may need to use a wrench tool to remove the plastic trim covering. 

Buy this car cleanser from Amazon.

Due To Burnt Fuse Or Motor

In this case, first, check the fuse. The fuse box may be located in the dashboard on the left side of the steering wheel or inside the bonnet. You must have the logbook of your version because the location may differ according to the model of the car.

Then just open the dashed box and take off the fuse to check whether it is burned or not.

If the fuse is burnt then simply replace it with a new one.

Lasting Of Motor

It is supposed that the wiper motor on a car would last a lifetime. Usually, due to the circumstances to which this section of a car is exposed, this would not be the case. 

The heat and humidity to which a wiper motor is subjected regularly will 

inevitably result in you having to repair it.

How To Test Rear Wiper Motor?

Disconnect the motor’s harness connector and scan for voltage. There should be the voltage coming from the load reduction relay with the ignition on. There should be the voltage from the relay with the rear wiper switch triggered. Also, check at the third 

(ground) terminal for continuity to ground.

  • How To Fix Rear Wiper Motor?

Step 1 – Detach the Cable to the Car Battery.

Step 2 – Remove the Wiper Assembly.

How To Fix Rear Wiper Motor

Step 3 – Extract  Wiper Motor.

Step 4 – Install New Motor.

  • How To Remove Rear Wiper On Audi A3?

Raise the rear wiper arm away from the windscreen. Take the wiper comb,

Out of the retainer and its attachment. Press the mount on the wiper blade into the retainer in the direction of the arrow. With the wiper arm, fold the rear window back down.

  • What to do if wipers stop working? (OVERALL)

This means that it burns out the fuse. Check for any obstructions that can cause the engine to be overloaded if the wiper motor fuse burns out. The fuse may be caused to blow by heavy snow on the wiper blades or a wiper blade or arm stuck on something or snagged together. Clear the obstacle and replace the fuse or you can only replace the new one with the uncommon wiper.

Final Verdict 

Above all, these are everything about easy fixing of this problem. Hopefully, the Audi a3 rear wiper not working will not be any issue anymore.  

If you still feel any difficulties, then you should hire a local technician.

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