6.7 Power Stroke Dpf Delete Kit-How Does a Dpf Delete Kit Work?

6.7 power stroke delete kit is a kit in a vehicle engine mainly for tuning the engine’s poisonous fumes that exit when it is running. The 6.7 power stroke DPF deletes kit functions only if it has all the parts that make it complete.

The article below shows all the parts that the 6.7 power stroke delete kit requires to make it complete to help in regulating the fuel and their features. The feature guides one in case you want to buy one of the delete kits. In addition, the parts have their description of their prices.

How does a 6.7 power stroke DPF delete kit work?

How does a 6.7 power stroke DPF delete kit work

The power stroke deletes the DPF and EGR in a vehicle with a tuner that can fix the ECM in the vehicle.  The primary purpose of this kit is to reduce the amount of fuel power in the vehicle so that it can save the amount of money one spends in filling the vehicle with fuel. 

However, the vehicle will work on condition since it emits fumes that are not good for one’s health and will require running in areas that allow them to use particular roads or run in areas far from the highways that most people use highways for public transport.

DPF delete refers to the diesel particulate filter that many vehicles use after fixing the DPF device filter to help in the emission process. Delete kits are essential as it helps within the burning process of fuel in the diesel motors and the different varieties of fuel power that the motors excrete the diesel products into the surrounding through the erase pipeline. Therefore, the delete kit helps reduce the emissions to the environment and reduces the quality of air in the truck.

To use the delete kit, you need to fix it into the erase pipeline and work by deleting ash powder and the sooty substance from fuel that passes through an air filter in the air intake heater through several channels that trap the soot and ash from a diesel engine. 

Most filters can work for a long time without replacements because they can saturate themselves with the engine control unit by increasing the temperatures of the engine, as some work only once and need a replacement immediately.

In most cases, the delete kit fails to work depending on the kind of filters the engine uses since they become loose and effectively fail to work that they need replacements. A DPF delete kit mainly works to delete the filter because the DPF tool gets in contact with any damage that needs maintenance of a high level as it can fail to work, and the maintenance practices are costly.

Steps of installing a 6.7 power stroke DPF delete kit

6.7 powerstroke dpf delete kit

i. Update the 6.7 power stroke DPF tuners

First, update the tuners that help in the deleting process since the tuner might have stayed long after manufacturing and help one get the latest version of the tuner. The instructions for updating the features are on the websites that sell the tuners and their manuals. Updating helps one to get the versions that one feels are better for use in their vehicles.

ii. Connect the tuner to the vehicle

Using specific cables in the tuner connects them to the truck to communicate and control the truck’s behavior and change them. In the instruction, there are directives on how to connect the two devices. But, first, install the features of the tuners in the truck and turn off all the sensors since they can make the truck start moving.

iii. Clean the exhaust system

First, clean the exhaust system, spray the exhaust pipes with oil that can move to the other ends of the pipe together with the clamp, and unlighted it for proper functioning. The DPF is in this section, where you will hook it with some rubbers and leave them to hang and unhook after some time. The DPF action of fixing it to the pipe is at this step where you fix everything and make sure it is working by testing the truck and running it to confirm if the delete kit is working.

iii. Fix the air intake heater

Fixing the air intake heater is very easy as it has information and directives on how to install it. The air intake heater helps in circulating air in the truck engine section by cooling it.

Components of a 6.7 power stroke DPF delete kit

Components of a 6.7 power stroke DPF delete kit

SCT BDX DELETE TUNER is the best 6.7 power stroke DPF delete kit since it can tune the vehicle when running and reduces the amount of fuel as per the DPF preference of the driver. Furthermore, the tuner is flexible, allowing the driver to tune and reduce power consumption, giving power that mismatches the specific level for use. The tuner has been on several tests in different ways that it solves all the problems with the vehicle that arise in any journey.

  • H & S performance Minimaxx DPF delete tuner

Minimax Tuner is the cheapest and pocket-friendly tuner for use with several individuals. However, even though it is cheap, it is still of good value to many people and can work to its best when tuning the vehicle and promoting the truck’s custom tunes.

  • DPF delete the pipe

The DPF delete pipe refers to an exhaust system, in other words. DPF delete pipe has an aluminum surface that covers it.

Why use a 6.7 power stroke DPF delete kit

Why use a 6.7 power stroke DPF delete kit

a) Fewer maintenance requirements

Many people know that a DPF device requires high-quality maintenance when using them, making it be away from use due to its requirements. In addition, the delete kit requires checkups now and then, and failure to do so can cause damage to the whole system by destroying the vehicle’s engine. Therefore deleting the DPF helps reduce the costs, and many people can choose to use it.

b) Cheap and affordable

When the DPF is not there in the vehicle, the maintenance cost of the truck will be much easier and helps one save a lot of cash for use when doing the repairs and replacements. However, when the DPF is still in position in the vehicle, it encounters several damages such that debris from the off roads blocks it that damages the vehicle’s engine that can use a lot of money to change the DPF.

c) Reduction of fuel consumption.

 Using the DPF delete kit helps reduce the cost of fuel in a particular area making the economy of fuel to be good such that the DPF uses a lot of power to spend thousands of money to buy fuel. Deleting the DPF allows saving the nation’s economy by making most individuals choose to use the deletion kit. In addition, as fuel consumption reduces, it means the vehicle can use little amounts of fuel for long distances.

d) High and effective rates of working.

The 6.7 power stroke DPF delete kit increases the rates of working of the vehicle as it reduces the temperatures of the exhaust pipe and removes the DPF hat has many complications. Using the power stroke can help one run faster and effectively do business as the delete kit deletes all the parts that reduce the workings of the vehicle.

Frequently asked questions:

  • What is the best type of DPF power stroke?

There exists the modern type of power stroke that is the 7.3L power stroke.  7.3L power stroke is the best power stroke that most manufacturers recommend vehicle owners to use in their lives. The power is the most reliable power stroke compared to the 6.7 power stroke as it has some extra appealing features.

The features include the air filters that allow air into a vehicle’s engine and provide more power to the truck through the air as it allows a large amount of air. In addition, the air filters are in a position that has free access to air and enables free circulation of air in the truck.

It has an exhaust pipe bent in nature to allow smooth and ash to follow the path gently as they get out of the engine. Moreover, it has a metallic surface to perform its functions to its best and more extended working periods.

7.3 power stroke switches that increase their performance that the switches have tunes have descriptions of using the power stroke when driving a vehicle and tuning the air filters and other features.


The 6.7 power stroke delete kit is essential in heavy trucks as it helps in the emission of poisonous gases from the exhaust system. To use the delete kits, consider reading the parts’ instructions as manufacturers provide manuals to aid individuals. In addition, using a delete kit helps reduce the amount of fuel for use hence saving a lot of money for the user for other purposes.

Ensure you gather all the parts that make the 6.7 power stroke DPF delete kit complete. It cannot work without some parts, or sometimes it can force itself to work and later cause more significant damages to the whole system. The article shows the parts that the power stroke needs. Consider reading the article and parts when choosing this power stroke to use in your vehicle.

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