Best Upgrades for the 6.0l Powerstroke

A tuner is essential in making the vehicle function better and runs without any problems by delivering torque and horsepower to the vehicle engine. There are several tuners, and the best tuner recommended by many mechanics is the 6.0L Powerstroke that must be installed in the vehicle. Also, the 6.0L Powerstroke enables one to save a lot of money used for purchasing horsepower level switches and gas.

Moreover, the 6.0L Powerstroke enables the user to work on the vehicle without any difficulties or any help from a skilled mechanic or any other person. There are many upgrades for the 6.0L Powerstroke that enhance the engine’s power. Luckily, the article below shows the best upgrades for the 6.0L Powerstroke for your vehicle.

Best upgrades for the 6.0L Powerstroke

6.0l powerstroke performance upgrades

Many people prefer using the Powerstroke due to its many benefits such as;

  • It allows the owner to make some changes in fuel maps.
  • Allows the user to delete codes and specific sensors.
  • Monitor the truck via using readouts, etc.

The best upgrades for the 6.0L Powerstroke are summarized in the information below.

1. EGR delete kit upgrade

EGR delete kit upgrade

The EGR delete kit upgrade is a new version that comes with the design of EGR deletes. The upgrade addresses several things such as fitment, current market kits leakage flaws, among others. The upgrades are visible, and it is easy for one to see the TIG welds present in the pipes and the machining present on the plate. Also, the upgrade takes a lot of maintenance in the J-tube and sees how it connects with other parts, such as the adapter plate.

The EGR delete kit upgrade is designed considering the leaking points and the previous design. Each manufacturer wishes to troubleshoot the leaking problems by inventing the EGR delete kit upgrade, an outdated version of the EGR delete kit.

2. Blue spring fuel pressure upgrade kit

Blue spring fuel pressure upgrade kit

Many people prefer using the blue spring fuel pressure upgrade kit due to its advantages, such as; it is reliable and performs better than others. The upgrade kit contains a blue spring mod that enables the truck to run better and smoothly by raising the fuel pressure by approximately 9 to 16 psi and reducing the truck injectors’ truck straining level.

The blue spring fuel pressure upgrade kit is usually in 6.0L and has several characteristics that enable the truck to run more effectively and smoothly without any difficulties.

Key characteristics

  • Fuel pressure

The blue spring kit upgrade usually focuses on the fuel pressure and the fuel injectors. The kit improves the truck’s performance by reducing the fuel injector and raises fuel pressure in the truck by around 9 to 16 psi. Such a feature enhances the condition of the fuel injector and prolongs its lifespan.

  • Installation process

The blue spring upgrade kit comes with many accessories such as seals, bolts, regulator housing, and a gasket. A regulator housing is essential and contains information regarding the installation process, including a video. Also, it includes steps required to successfully install the upgrade kit, thus making the installation process easier for everyone without needing any help from a skilled mechanic. Therefore, when purchasing the 6.0 blue spring upgrade kit, check it carefully and ensure it has all the accessories required for installation, especially the fuel regulator kit.

  • Compartment

The upgrade is compatible with many trucks that include; F350, 7550, depending on the year they were manufactured, among others.

  • Accessories

The upgrade comes with all accessories required for the installation process. They include; fuel pressure and injector regulator, 4 to 5 screws, exactly three orifice seals, a blue spring upgrade, and four seals that are rubber O-ring.

3. Garrett PowerMax Turbo Upgrade

Garrett PowerMax Turbo Upgrade

The PowerMax turbo upgrade is essential, especially during the replacement process. Also, the upgrade aids in providing more horsepower, approximately 175. The upgrade comes with many features, and one is them being the ability to control down low and opening the top one. Such a feature results in the correct functioning of the tribune because the RPMs change and boost the peak performance from being idle to redline.

Key characteristic

  • Quality

The Garette PowerMax Turo upgrade comes of high quality making it more effective and reliable. The quality is around X000D_-0E quality.

4. EGR Cooler Upgrade

EGR Cooler Upgrade

The 6.0L comes with an EGR cooler upgrade that is essential in emitting the truck system intact.

Key characteristics

  • Durability

Since the upgrade is made of stainless steel, it lasts longer up to the recommended period, but if not appropriately maintained, its lifespan is decreased.

  • Performance

The upgrade performs better due to its design that comes with rounded tubes instead of ford honeycomb mesh. The round tubes increase their performance as they function correctly without failing or being clogged by substances such as dirt and organic materials.

Also, the upgrade contains a pressure tester that tests the truck coolers and detects any leaks during the installation process. Also, the leakproof feature is necessary when installing some parts, such as a cooling system or when replacing the cooler.

  • Upstand pipe and dummy upgrade kit

Sometimes, the truck may fail to start due to leakages in the oil system. Leakages result in injectors not functioning fully, especially when pressurizing. Seals found at the dummy plugs are the common places where the oil is leaking hence reducing the pressure required to run the truck, and in such conditions, an upgrade is necessary.

The dummy plugin upgrade is the best when it comes to reinstalling new dummy plugs and upstand pipes. The upgrade functions best by troubleshooting any issues detected in the original dummy plugins, such as wearing out of the dummy or the seals’ rotten and failing to operate as usual. Further, the upgrade seals all leakages allowing fuel to move at normal pressure making the truck start.

Key characteristics

  • It is made of high-quality materials
  • Fits the truck perfectly
  • Last longer
  • It aims at sealing the leaking fuel system and brings fuel pressure to the usual one
  • It is genuinely manufactured and sold

5. 6.4 Starter upgrade

6.4 Starter upgrade

Some trucks start slowly, especially those that were manufactured earlier. Such trucks require an upgrade to increase the starter speed resulting in the truck cracking faster many times. The upgrade is simple and easy to replace since it requires no modification, and it is not perfect for the truck starter that is completely damaged, or it is starting slowly. The starter upgrade has some features that aid in its correct functioning.


  • It performs better and fits the truck perfectly
  • It has a warranty of more extended period, one year
  • Manufactured only once
  • It is a new upgrade for aftermarket starters

6. Head gasket and ARP Stud kit

Head gasket and ARP Stud kit

Some trucks may have issues such as weak links with the head gaskets. The upgrade is essential in reinstalling new head gaskets and studs instead of old head gaskets and bolts and clamping them together. If you experience such issues, there are ways of reinstalling the new gaskets and studs in the truck.

The best way is to install an intake gasket found in a box that contains new ARP studs. When purchasing the best head gasket and studs for the truck, first check the build dates present in the truck. For instance, if the truck was manufactured several years ago, around 2005, and contains injector Torx bolts, you will require 18mm dowels for the truck head and ensure the head gaskets perfectly suit and fit the 18mm dowels.

If the truck was manufactured from 2005 to 2007, check to see if 20mm dowels are present and purchase a head gasket that fits the 20mm dowels and connect them to bring the truck to correct functioning.


  • Comes with ARP Studs instead of bolts
  • Has MAHLE Black Diamond Head Gasket
  • Exhaust Manifold Gasket
  • It comes with a master intake gasket kit with some accessories such as O-rings and Turbo hardware that suit the truck’s type

7. Air intake upgrade kit

Air intake upgrade kit

Most people prefer using the air intake upgrade kit due to its high performance. Without an air intake upgrade kit, the truck engine may fail to power up due to limited air and fuel. Increased truck fuel results in the emission of more energy that makes the truck run effectively. The upgrade regulates air and fuel in the truck engine and functions by pulling off the balance between the form, making it function as expected.

The upgrade has many advantages, such as; it has a heat shield design that allows cold air to flow to the truck engine, making it cool down, and the dry filters present can be reused if maintained correctly. Keep the air filters in a cool place away from the heat soak of the engine truck. Also, the kit troubleshoots underhood temperatures that result from the dry filters getting into the trucks.

Fix the issues using heat shield design to check the dry filters and clean them using correct tools after removing them for reuse. To wash the filters, collect all materials you will need, such as non-abrasive soap and water. Wash the filters and rinse them until clean. Leave them to dry before reusing them but, if you wish not to wash them, use a vacuum cleaner to suck all dirt and dust and avoid using compressed air as they can damage the dry filters ultimately.


  • Advanced and less noisy engine.
  • Easy to maintain and clean.
  • Protects the truck engine from any threats, such as the accumulation of organic substances.
  • Improves truck acceleration speed and its performance when towing.
  • Increases cold air flowing that cools the truck engine.


The article above has provided a summary of the best upgrades for the 6.0L PowerStroke. Pick a Powerstroke that suits the truck and the issues with the truck. For example, if the truck starter is slow, consider using a 6.4 starter upgrade to increase its speed.

Finally, review each upgrade carefully, including the features, before deciding on the upgrade to buy. Also, maintain the upgrades to prolong their lifespan. 

6.0 Powerstroke Performance Upgrades: First 5 You Should Do Assuming the truck is already bulletproofed. Here are the First 5 things we recommend doing. This isn’t just good for the 6.0l Powerstroke, but any Powerstroke in general. These are really just the basics without getting to complex. There are many benefits to doing these but the main two are health of the truck and fuel economy. Granted no one buys a diesel for the fuel economy but it helps a little, and with trucks being as expensive as they are its nice to prolong their life.

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