How to Tell if Swirl Flaps Have Been Removed: Know the Signs

Swirl flaps are small like butterfly flaps on the current petrol and diesel engine at the intake manifold. In other words, swirl flaps are designed to control the air to fuel ratio, boost the emission of smoke, and improve torque when the engine is moving at a low speed. Swirling into the chamber aids in speeding up the combustion and accelerates the emissions of gases as well as giving more torque.

The presence of swirl flaps inside your engine would force you to go deep into your pocket to avoid this problem. Swirl flaps lead to a reduction in performance and unnoticeable emissions when the engine is at low speed, then this will urgently call for the removal of swirl flaps from your engine purposely to increase the efficiency and the performance of your engine. Otherwise, it will cost you much more than expected. Below are signals of swirl flaps free engine:

Signs of a Swirl Flaps Free Enginehow to tell if swirl flaps have been removed

1. Quick Starting of the engine

Immediately you enter your vehicle and input the key into the keyhole of your vehicle, switch on and the vehicle fails to start, think of a problem somewhere. Specifically, the problem may be originating from the engine. But if the opposite happens, then you have a reason to smile. This will signal that your vehicle is free from swirl flaps and the intake manifold runner is correctly positioning the butterfly valves.

2. Proper engine performance

If the intake manifold runner control is behaving normally. That is, your vehicle starts immediately you insert the key into the vehicle and spin it, then this is a clear sign that your vehicle is free of swirl flaps else you will be expected to do more cracks than its normal and may require you to turn you key in multiple numbers of times for the engine to start.

3. Increased power

As you take off your journey, you can be happy because your vehicle has picked up but this level of happiness may end at some point as you are moving, this starts when you will realize that the power of your vehicle has decreased significantly and the reason for all this will be originating from your vehicle engine. But when your vehicle keeps moving at a steady speed even when on a steep mountain then that is a clear sign of a swirl-free engine.

4. Increased Acceleration

When at rest, the vehicle speedometer points zero marks, but immediately you move your vehicle out of its packing place, then we say that the vehicle has started accelerating, If this happens so even when on a steep road, then we say that your vehicle is accelerating uniformly hence no need to worry over Swirl flaps.

5. Increase Fuel efficiency

Normally a vehicle engine uses a certain volume of fuel for a given distance measured in kilometers. When your vehicle does this, then you will have no reason to be worried over the swirl flaps. But if your vehicle uses more than the expected volume of fuel at a certain distance then you have to think twice and mind checking your engine.

6. Checking Engine Lights

Without alerts from the engine system of your vehicle, then this is a clear sign that your vehicle engine is free from swirl flaps but if the opposite is the results, then automatically there must be an issue with the intake of manifold runner control. If a computer used to check manifold runners detects a problem then, it sends a signal to the driver calling for maintenance.

7. Low emissions

As we all know smoke and gas out of the exhaust pipe is a result of the combustion of the fuel in your vehicle engine. If there happens to be little smoke then this implies that your vehicle engine has no problems to do with swirl flaps but if there is too much smoke, this means that fuel in your engine is not fully used and therefore calling for checking of possible problems, one among them being the swirl flaps.

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Problems that can be caused by Swirl flapsProblems that can be caused by Swirl flaps

Without swirl flaps then your vehicle is free to depart without any doubt. But at some point, there may be swirl flaps in your vehicle engine without your knowledge and this may lead to too much damage hence loss. Some of the problems caused are:

      I. Major Mechanical Failure

In the past vehicles like BMW’s would be fitted with metal flaps with screws holding them but at one point they would loosen and enter the combustion chamber reading to more damage hence calling for a costly engine replacement.

   II. Manifold Leaks

Pressurized air caused by deteriorated flap spindles leaking to the atmosphere, leading to a loss in boost pressure hence the engine running a rich mixture causing damage to the other components., like DPF and EGR.

 III. Carbon Build-Up

When carbon has been deposited from the EGR system accompanied with oil vapor from the breather system leads to carbon build up on the butterfly flaps hence hindering the engine performance.

IV. Electronic Actuators

Currently, manifold systems come with electronically controlled actuators that aid in the opening and closing of the flaps. With time these electronic actuators may fail to cause flaps to stay closed hence hindering the performance of the engine.


Having a vehicle feels well, but having a vehicle without maintenance is like glowing your crop without weeding. If you can’t mind doing repair and maintenance to your vehicle then you will run into a loss. You must have to concentrate on the engine of your vehicle because that is where everything depends on. Poor maintenance may read to a breakdown or even total malfunction of your vehicle.

Provided we have discussed one of the major problems that vehicle engines run to, then it’s high time that you consider checking on the swirl flaps because we have already observed the level of damage that the swirl flaps will lead you unto. Therefore you have to consider observing all the signals of a swirl flaps-free engine as well as taking the possible measures to avoid the possible problems.

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