Silverado Climate Control Not Working-Common Problem and Solution

Silverado climate control helps maintain the desired temperature in the car. It should retain that temperature regardless of what is going on outside. There are some instances where climate control is not working at all. Several factors can cause the failure of the Silverado climate control.

However, in this article, we will go through some of the factors that cause these issues. The article also outlines some of the possible solutions to the particular problems. Once you get the tips, you can quickly fix the climate control on your own. One should not dispose of the Silverado climate control if it fails to work since there are possible ways to improve it.

5 Common climate control problems and possible solutions

1. Failed sensor

silverado climate control not working

If the climate control system is not working, the problem could result from a failed sensor. Climate control requires sensors to operate effectively. It is made possible due to the ambient temperature sensor located outside the car. The temperature sensor is located inside the vehicle.

The two sensors help determine the strength of the temperature of air coming from the vents. The latest car models have multiple sensors located around the cabin. This helps provide heating with a cooling effect in the car. The sensors can also be used to regulate the amount of sunlight entering through the windows. They can check the body temperature of the people using the car.

A faulty sensor will trigger an incorrect code in the car’s computer. This will impact the efficiency of the vehicle’s cooling and heating systems. This will eventually make the entire system stop working.

How to fix the problem

You can try installing new sensors. Replacing the sensors with new ones will help solve the problem. If failed sensors caused the problem, the system would start to work after the replacement. Also, avoid covering the sensors. This will make the climate control system not operate smoothly.

You can also solve the problem by repairing any bad switches on the sensors.

Steps to help you replacing the ambient temperature sensor

Steps to help you replacing the ambient temperature sensor

a) Identify the location of the sensor. To replace the sensor, make sure you know the exact location. The sensor can be located at the very front of the engine or in front of the radiator, among other places.

b) Detach the battery. It is always advisable to remove the battery before replacing the sensor for safety purposes. Never touch the climate control system without cutting power from the battery.

c) Remove the sensor. After removing the battery, you can now remove the sensor. Be careful not to disconnect the wires. This is because it can end up tampering with the wiring connection in the system. You can unscrew it then remove it. This is because some may be connected using a screw.

d) Replace the sensor. Now that you have already removed the sensor, you can replace it. You can also confirm the reset button on the sensor. If you wanted to repair it, clean the sensor and put it back in place. After replacing the sensor, check the readings to confirm if it works.

2. Bad blend motors

Bad blend motors

The use of specialized motors in climate control can lead to problems in the system. The motors allow the climate control system to combine the air entering the car to maintain the desired temperature. When the motors are not blended correctly, they may stop the entire system from functioning.

This is because the climate control system should know the position of the motor to function correctly. A failing motor can even produce noticeable noises in the system.

How to fix the problem

You should always get the help of an expert to help you blend the motors. The expert has the skills required to ensure the motor blends well with the climate control system. In case the motors are damaged, then replacement is necessary to solve the problem.

3. Faulty control module

Faulty control module

A control module is a component of the car and is located inside the cabin. It consists of the button, dials and screen, which are used to adjust the cabin temperature. In some vehicles, it includes electronic hardware to control the heating and cooling equipment.

A faulty control module can make the climate control system stop working. This is because the control system is interfered with, thus causing mechanical problems to the climate control system. A fault control module can take the form of damaged screens, broken buttons and even loose dials.

The climate control system will end up being damaged hence responding to no temperature settings.

How to fix the problem

The only solution to a faulty control module is a replacement of the entire module.

5. Blown fuse

Blown fuse

A blown fuse can make the entire climate control system stop working. In the climate control system, fuses are used in compressors. They are also used in motors and wiring configurations. Fuses help prevent the components from overheating. They also serve as a protection layer for other system components from overloading.

The number indicated on the fuse suggests the number of amps it allows to flow through a part or circuit. The fuse will blow when the number of amps exceeds the required one.

How to fix the problem

You can easily replace the fuses with new ones. You can also solve the problem by getting rid of the old compressor. This is because if the compressor is not working correctly, the air is not cooled enough. Check on the motors to ensure they are not blocked by anything. This is because a blocked motor causes the capacitor to overwork.

Consult an expert in case you want to replace an old motor.


In conclusion, there are innumerable ways to fix climate control which are not working. The above article clearly illustrates the possible causes of Silverado climate control failure. It also outlines the possible solutions. On application of the above tips, it is easier to fix the climate control system.

If you cannot do it on your own, try consulting an expert or technician for help. Always go for the well experienced and positively reviewed expert. This is because he has the skills and techniques to fix the system. An unskilled technician may end up damaging the entire climate control system.

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