How to Remove Glovebox- Important Things One Should Know

Initially, the glove compartment in cars was aimed to hold driver’s gloves, as its name (glove box) suggests. As most cars had no hardtop, gloves were seen as essential automobile equipment in the early 1900s. The gloves prevented the cooling effect of moving air. This helped the driver to avoid suffering numbness in their hands while driving.

Most automobile owners spend a lot of time in cars. The car’s glove compartments serve as home drawer versions, in which we keep our most critical accessible items. Thus, they are a crucial component in the vehicle and should be handled with utmost care to make them last longer. This article will outline various safety measures on the car’s glove box and simple steps on how to remove or replace them.

Essential things that can be stored in the glove box

Essential things that can be stored in the glove box

The glove box is a spacious and conveniently located compartment where the driver can store crucial assets. The following list consists of the items you should consider putting in your glove compartment.

a. User manual– Owner’s manuals often include instructions on using the stereo and other optional accessories, along with basic operating guidelines. It is generally recommended that you store only the car’s handbook in the glove compartment, which frees up space for other car necessities.

b. Emergency first aid kit– The first aid kit can fit in a vehicle’s glove box and should always be on top of everyone’s priorities. Where medical attention is not available, applying basic first aid can stop the infection and save a life.

c. Flashlight– Numerous compact LED flashlights exist and are easily affordable. It is vital to have one in your glove box, which is helpful for a breakdown case, which might occur when there is no sunlight.

d. Pressure gauge– A tire pressure gauge is an essential accessory to keep in your car as it helps keep the car tires inflated.

e. Important documents– Be aware that even essential documents can get lost and should be stored in a sealed plastic bag or even laminated to keep them safe. Such include driving licences, insurance proves and car ownership certifications.

f. A pen and a piece of paper– These are handy if you have to provide information in the event of an accident or on recording important information. Ensure you include a pen and a writing pad in your glove box.

Various other items can be included in the glove box. The above-listed things are some of the critical ones that should not be missed in your glove box.

Removing the glove box

how to remove glove box

To gain access to the circuitry located behind the glove box, it should thus be removed. When installing cables, it is preferable to make holes in the compartment’s casing, which can be done quickly. To remove the glove box;

  • Working beneath the glove box, try to pull out the fixed light and detach the electrical plug. Draw the right side of the light down while allowing the left side to emerge. After that, pull the connector off the light to disconnect it.
  • Remove the left-hand trim screw with a Phillips screwdriver. After that, twist and pull it downwards to remove the mounting fasteners. Try pulling the board down and forward to release it from the securing slots.
  • Before doing anything else, ensure you remove anything from the glove box. Turn the left side of the glove box and identify the piston. Use a long thin blade screwdriver for easier access.
  • Push the glove box’s right side downwards to clear the bumper. One can use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws that secure the glove compartment. Pull the glove box out from the panel and set it on the ground.
  • Carefully disconnect all wiring harness cables from their respective tabs.   To set up your glove box back, perform the removal process in a reverse way. Ensure you carefully reinstall the glove box the way it should. Reinstall the glove box screws, close its door to ensure everything is still properly aligned, and tighten its screws.

Safety measures on the car’s Glove Box

If you are storing valuable items within your vehicle, glove boxes are great for storing these items. It is critical to check the box for leaks regularly and maintain a proper record of various activities within the car. A single inspection may not be enough, as one should periodically check on the condition of the glove box. Ensure you check the glove box manual for procedures and technical specifications relevant to the glove box.

Important things one should know on using your car’s gloves

Important things one should know on using your car’s gloves

If you have gloves in your car, of course, for various uses, it is vital to use them in the right way. The different things one should have in mind on using the gloves are as outlined below;

  • Each time gloves are being used, it is essential to inspect them before using them visually.
  • Any changes made on the gloves should be recorded to capture the manufacturer’s details, dates, and other essential information.
  • You should be aware of glove lifetime limits- which are noted on the glove’s surface.
  • To protect your health and prevent contamination and frictional cases, it is essential to use disposable nitrile gloves over the glove box gloves.
  • Rarely or unused glove ports are encouraged, and one can use them.   A port cap and a stub glove should be installed on an appropriately plugged port.
  • When a glove breaks or fails, have a clear recording of the individuals involved, a particular activity, and possible contamination.
  • You should check the glove box pressure each day before use and after replacing your gloves. To ensure a pressure check was completed, it must be documented.


As to this article, glove boxes are essential components in automobiles. They help one store important possessions safely within the car. For instance, the glove box is spacious enough to hold various items like the driving gloves, essential documents and the first aid kit.

It is crucial to regularly check on the condition of your car glove box and ensure appropriate maintenance of the compartment. To remove the glove box, follow the above-outlined steps for successful removal. This could be for the case of replacement of when installing cables behind the compartment. The steps are easy and will help you work out the process efficiently.

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