Complete Guide on How to Remove mk2 Fender

A fender is a curved part of the car body that accommodates the wheels. The primary function is to keep rocks, mud, and other waste thrown around by the tires. It keeps the car from getting damaged by those stones, dirt, and other materials from the road. The fender also absorbs energy from collisions and therefore protects the car from minor collisions.

The fender is located at the front of all the wheels and the back of the wheels. The fender gets damaged over some time due to its’ work, and therefore it requires immediate fixation or wholly replaced if the damage is significant. In this article, we will discuss the fender, how to remove it, and many more.

How to remove the mk2 fender: Steps

how to remove mk2 fender
  • Take off all the screws, clips, or anything that might be holding the fender to the bumper. You should do that using screwdrivers and any other necessary tool.
  • Drop the bumper a bit to move out of the path, which provides space to reach the fender.
  • Take out the headlights using pliers and any other thing that may be attached near the fender.
  • Take out the bolts that hold the fender in place. When you open the hood, you will find three bolts that hold the fender to the base of the car and the hinge of the hood.
  • Remove the fender.

How to fix a damaged fender

How to fix a damaged fender

Instead of replacing a damaged fender with a new one, some quick ways can fix the problem. The following methods will enable you to fix a damaged fender.

Method 1. Using a heat gun

Use a heat gun to repair your fender with a heat gun or a blow dryer set on high heat. This method is used on plastic dents. Place the blow dryer or the heat gun near the damaged area until the plastic smoothens and nearly melts. Push the damage out from behind using your hands.

Method 2. Using the body fillers

Body fillers– if the fender has small holes, it does not need to be replaced with a new one. All you need is to refill the hole with either smoothened cement or epoxy.

Steps on how to refill damaged mk2 fenders

Steps on how to refill damaged mk2 fenders

Required tools:

Equipment required to refill the mk2 fender include: stiff scraper, sandpaper, body filler, a plastic spreader, paint, and primer. The process includes;

1. Using sandpaper, scratch the area surrounded by the hole to remove the paint and other dirt.

2. Place a shield at the back of the hole to function as the hoist for the filler.

3. Put the filler into the hole and use the stiff scraper to smoothen it.

4. Leave the filler for some time for it to harden, and then apply the primer.

5. Finally, paint the mk2 fender using the recommended paint.

Frequently asked questions about Remove mk2 Fender:

  • How much does it cost to replace a car fender?

The cost of a car fender depends on the car model, year, and type.  The average car fender replacement costs between $20 and $900. If the damage is extensive, the price might be higher.

  • What should I do in the event of a fender bender?

Sometimes the car fender can bend due to issues like an accident. It is so important to know what to do after a fender bender. The following are the steps you need to follow when your car gets into an accident.


Take your vehicle to safety. Move your car out of the road, park it to the side of the road.

Step 2

Check if anyone has been injured. Even if the car damage is minor, do not assume that everyone in the car is okay, ask for any injuries, and make sure that they get medical attention.

Step 3

Call the police. After an accident, no matter how minor it is seen, it is essential to report it to the police. The reason behind it is that it may turn out that there are some injuries. The one who caused the accident will be blamed, and in the end, they will be forced to pay for the bills used. With a police report, it will be easy to prove.

Step 4

Give contact information. In case of an accident, it is essential to exchange contact with the other person. You should give your phone number, name, address, and vehicle registration number. You should also show proof of your driving license and insurance.

Step 5

Contact your insurance company. Report the type of accident that occurred to your insurance company for compensation. Even if someone else’s car caused the accident, contact their insurance company so that their insurance liability coverage can pay for the bills.

Step 6

If complications arise, consult the attorney general. Sometimes you might find that any insurance company does not insure the driver and the car, or the insurance company does not want to pay for the damage. It is essential to consult the attorney for further guidance.  

  • What is the difference between a fender and a bumper?

The fender extends to cover the front door and the front bumper to protect the front wheels. The bumper is a plastic material that covers the front and back of the vehicle.

  • What is a car fender liner?

A car fender liner is a plastic barrier installed between the fender and the fender and the engine. Its function is to prevent dirt and impurities from entering the engine bay and causing harm and corrosion. It also protects the inner parts of the car and the wirings from corrosion.    


The fender is a crucial part of a vehicle, and every car must have it according to the law. When the fender gets damaged, the repair is done based on the level of the damage. It can only be entirely replaced with a new one when the old one is completely damaged, or the damage is so big and not easy to repair.

Replacing the fender on your own when you are not a professional is not recommended because the process is complicated. Take your vehicle to a known and trusted mechanic to replace your fender.

For knowing more about Remove mk2 Fender, watch youtube video from below, good luck.

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