Gti Towing Capacity-How Much Can It  Tow?

A grand touring Injection (GTI) is a type of direct fuel injection that was first implemented by the Volkswagen Golf GTI in 1976. This kind of injection was designed to allow long-distance powering without sacrificing comfort or performance.GTI is the most used by Volkswagen as a shorthand for Grand Touring Injection.

Not only is it important to know that your vehicle is equipped with a tow but also it’s important to tow what the vehicle can manage. Therefore wherever you are prepared for a road trip around Park Ridge, then you will know the kind of boat or ATV you can bring. As discussed below, we will be able to learn more about grand touring injection tow and how much it will go for as well as towing capacity.

Cost of GTI towhow much can a gti tow

When we talk off for gti tow, then you have to face back to a Volkswagen model of cars. Although a few models of Volkswagen Golf towing weight and others might be marked “not recommended” there are still a few models that are worth nothing.

In this discussion, we will be able to discuss the cost of every Volkswagen tow and we shall split our discussion into various models of Volkswagen models and the cost that each tow will go for.

1. Volkswagen Passat Towing CapacityVolkswagen Passat Towing Capacity

This kind of grand touring injection goes at a price of ₤28,265.00 and it was last reviewed in the year 2015 together with the maximum towing weight being 2000kg and a tower ball limit of 90kg.

This kind of gti tow is lighter than the old car. At times reducing weight would be good for the economy and emissions. If you want to go instead of stopping, the Passat has the latest version of Volkswagen’s 2.0 liters and 30-0 mph stopping distance.

2. Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen  Towing capacityVolkswagen Jetta SportWagen  Towing capacity

The latest towing price goes from $7,231 to $12,003 with a towing capacity of 2000lbs and payload capacity of 974 lbs. The Jetta has been offered in the 2 to 4 sedan and five door-wagon estate versions, Until 2014 there were up to 10 million Jettas that had been sold all over the world.

As reported by former Volkswagen advertising copywriter Bertel Schmitt he said that there was no evidence showing employed naming themes for its front-drive.

3. Volkswagen Tiguan Towing CapacityVolkswagen Tiguan Towing Capacity

This was the first gti tow generation in Tiguan 2007 that used the underlying platform of the Passat. It had two rows of seats as standard with transverse-mounted four-cylinder engines.

It has a maximum towing capacity of 2200kg. It has a gti cost of 1500 pounds with a 2.0 L- 4- cylinder turbocharged and intercooled engine. It also generates a horsepower of 184 and a torque of 221 lb.-ft.

4. Volkswagen Touareg Towing CapacityVolkswagen Touareg Towing Capacity

For $21,017 to $32, 809 then you will be able to secure your Grand touring injection tow engine with the engine of 220-hp, 3.2-liter V-6(premium) with a torque of 225lbs-ft @ 3,200 rpm, it also has an electronic transfer case and sequential sport shift of Tiptronic.

5. 2019 Volkswagen Golf GTI SE2019 Volkswagen Golf GTI SE

This kind of GTI offers a handsome and roomy interior and a capable engine which helps it to be ranked at the top of the compact car class. At an average list price is $24, 127 and the price range is within the range of $27,595 to $37,095, and the price varies depending on the vehicle condition, location, and mileage.

6. 2019 Volkswagen Golf GTI Rabbit Edition2019 Volkswagen Golf GTI Rabbit Edition

This kind of GTI tow is a perennial feature that is among the 10 best car lists together with the rest of its Golf family and it is the best. Even though they already have an ace in the hole, Volkswagen keeps upping the ante.

It has more power and new standard performance equipped additional eight horsepower- for a total of 228. Its average cost goes at $28,490.

7. 2019 Volkswagen Golf Autobahn2019 Volkswagen Golf Autobahn

In the past 45 years, the Volkswagen Golf has proudly carried the compact hatchback flag for Volkswagen. It has also established itself as one of the most popular models in its segment. On average it goes for $35,995 which seems to be a steep price to pay for a compact hatchback.

Also, it has a 12-Way power-adjustable driver’s seat, a dual automatic zone for climate control and navigation with a premium audio system,


  • Which Volkswagen GTI Trim is Right for Me?

Currently, the 2019 Volkswagen Golf GTI is the right Volkswagen to go for; this is because of its four trim levels: S, Rabbit Edition, SE, and Autobahn. For base S it is nicely equipped with technology features and a few performance upgrades are required.

For the Rabbit edition it is the best because it has the best set of standard safety features. But for more safety features, you can go for Autobahn trim.

  • What is the difference between the 2019 and 2018 Volkswagen GTI?

The 2019 Volkswagen has a GTI’s engine 8-horsepower pump with the launched new trim terms as the Rabbit Edition while the 2018 Volkswagen GTI version has some minor reshuffling of features between trim levels with just a little different from that of 2019.

  • Is a GTI Volkswagen 2019 a good used car?

The 2019 Volkswagen golf GTI has an outstanding used compact car, therefore it is the best. Another reason for its rank is due to its Sporty hatchback variant of the 2019 Volkswagen Golf with a large cargo hold then all of the other competing vehicles.

  • How safe is the GTI?

The rating done by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration rated the GTI with five out of five stars plus five stars in the side crash test, rollover tests, and frontal crash. Also, the Institute for Highway Safety named the 2019 Golf GTI as the top Safety Pick giving it the highest rating


Considering the amount of cash in your pocket, then you will have to go for your best gti tow car. And having discussed the costs of every gti tow then it will be simple for you to choose. Also with the frequently asked questions with their answers, then you can understand a bit of the question that was a problem to you.

To wind up: it’s always necessary to look for advice before buying your gti tow Volkswagen. You don’t have to go for the cheap ones because you may never know its consequences. Also, you should choose the one with extra horsepower.  Finally, you should make a test to ensure that you have the best gti towed Volkswagen.

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