BMW Engine Average Miles-How Many Miles Does It Last?

The BMW Company manufactures not only vehicles but also motorbikes. The vehicles are more reliable but need more attention, maintenance and proper engine maintenance. The vehicle requires frequent checkups to improve your vehicle conditions and prolong its lifespan. Maintaining the car also prolongs the lifespan of the engine, therefore, reducing repair costs.

Regular maintenance includes: oiling changing each time and the right amount of fuel should be used. Using incorrect oil will damage your BMW car severely. The cars have a powerful engine which is considered to be bulletproof. The BMW cars have good features, such as braking systems and strong car wheels.

How long does the engine of the BMW last

how many miles do bmw engines last

A BMW car engine, if properly maintained, can last 200,000 kilometers when accelerating. The car can last for a longer distance for an original engine, approximately 280,000 kilometers miles, without any difficulties.

Despite the car engine lasting long, the electronic device located on the engine will not last for such long kilometers; therefore, they must be changed once they stop working. When replacing the car engine, purchase an engine that will last longer and is original, for example, the M10.

How long the BMW cars last

How long the BMW cars last

The BMW cars usually last for a long time, depending on how the car is maintained and serviced. They can last up to roughly ten years when maintained according to the manufacturer’s manual. They accelerate at a faster rate and you can drive them for over 100,000 miles. They accelerate longer than other cars, such as VW Jetta cars. The cars begin not functioning at around twenty to twenty-two years if maintained well, or else they won’t last for that long.

How to extend your BMW lifespan

How to extend your BMW lifespan

You can extend the car’s life span by following the manufacturer’s tips on how to maintain your car. For instance, you can extend the car lifespan by:

i. Frequently visiting a licensed mechanic to check the status of your car and determine any changes that need to be made, for example, checking the engine status.

ii. Buy BMW parts that are original in case of any required replacements. The parts you have bought must meet the manufacturer’s instructions.

iii. Carry out daily cleaning on the BMW parts using a clean cloth or any material that the manufacturer instructed. Cleaning prevents damaging internal parts of the car, such as the gearbox.

It also prevents rust on the car engine and the other parts. Lastly, cleaning        reduces the effect of wearing and tearing of the car parts such as the engine.

iv. Check your car at least twice a month to avoid high repair costs that may arise due to car damages.

v. View your car added safety technology at least twice a week for efficiency. The added security technology includes electronic stability control, blind spots and cameras.

Considerations when purchasing a new BMW engine car

Considerations when purchasing a new BMW engine car

Before purchasing the car, first, gather information concerning the BMW car engine you want to buy. Ask the seller for all information about the engine. For instance, how long the car engine can when accelerating and how many years it can last before dying. Also, get to know the car engine state. Rate the car engine according to your perception and its added values.

Secondly, ensure that the car engine you want to purchase has been warranted for customer protection. In case the car engine fails to work correctly before the agreed period, you can return the engine for exchange or be refunded your money. Choose a car engine that suits your car best since the wrong car engine may damage your BMW car.

Moreover, purchase a car engine that has been only certified by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Carry out a thorough research on the owner selling the car engine to know if he sells genuine car equipment that the authorities have authorized. Lastly, ask the seller to determine your satisfaction that the car engine is working correctly.

How to change your BMW engine oil to increase engine lifespan

How to change your BMW engine oil to increase engine lifespan

Step 1: Despoil the car using jack stands

Using stands jack up your BMW car and leave it for some seconds for the engine to cool down approximately ten to thirty seconds. You can also drive the car over the ramps and then apply the parking brakes. Ensure that the ramps are in good condition so that they don’t damage your car.

Step 2: Engage the parking brakes

After stopping the car, engage either hand brakes or parking brakes to prevent the car from accelerating forward. Also, involve the rear will and ensure that the wheel chocks are placed behind them.

Step 3: Open the car engine and remove the dipstick cover

Remove the dipstick cover from the car engine and try to clean it thoroughly using a clean cloth or any material that the manufacturer instructed. Check the level of old oil in the oil tank.  Slowly remove the engine splash shield from the engine.

Step 5: Gently pull the car gasket

After removing the engine splash shield, unscrew the drain bolts and remove the engine oil from the oil pan.

Step 6: Drain engine oil from the oil port

Leave the engine oil for around 10 to 20 minutes to drain completely. Check the oil port to ensure that it has been completely emptied.

Step 7: Use a new engine oil filter and replace it

Use the new oil filter and get rid of the old engine oil filter.  Install the drain bolts safely and use a screwdriver to screw them until they are tight.

Step 8: Refill the engine with new oil

After replacing the engine oil filter, reinstall the drain plug and add engine oil to the engine port to reach the appropriate level. Ensure you coat the engine oil slasher shield with oil to prevent it from rusting.

Leave the engine oil for approximately five to ten minutes for the engine oil to settle ultimately. Place the engine cap back to its position and fit it in a clockwise direction.

Step 9: Disengage the parking brakes and move the car from the ramp

Gently drive your car off the ramps using reverse motion. Test the engine to see if the oil changing process was successful by turning it on and leaving it for two to five minutes. Check your car engine for any oil leakage. Oil leakages can affect your car. For instance, they can explode your car.

Step 10: Clean all car parts and get rid of unusable materials

After successfully changing your oil, clean all equipment used and get rid of all materials that cannot be recycled, such as engine oil filters, cloth, or even magazines. It is advisable to dispose of the materials effectively since they can bring environmental effects.

Frequently asked question:

  • Why should I carry out regular car services?

To keep your BMW car working appropriately, you must service it at regular intervals. Servicing your car also increases the lifespan of the car and even the car parts.


A BMW car can last for a long time after maintaining it according to the BMW standards. After reading the article, you can apply appropriate maintenance measures to prolong your car’s lifespan. You can also follow the steps to change your oil for engine life span increasing.

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