How to Fix the Missing Fuel Cap on Rams

In most cases, fixing missing fuel caps on rams occurs to fuel filters that manufacturers make without caps. The caps act as a seal on the fuel door that prevents the rams against liquids and other dirty particles from going into the fuel filter such that it can block the filters distorting all the operations of the filter.

What causes the fuel cap to go missing on rams is that it might be loose and falls away without the knowledge of the car owner, and sometimes it may have been damaged with it that the car owner decides to remove it thinking they will fix a new one and they fail to replace. Therefore, replacing the cap is essential for the basic operations of the ram to run smoothly.

A missing fuel cap on rams needs replacements as soon as possible in any vehicle as the caps are essential in the ram. Therefore, the article below will give a step-by-step guide on fixing the caps and later discussing the type of caps to fix on a particular ram.

Steps of fixing the missing fuel caps on rams

How To Fix The Missing Fuel Cap on Rams

Missing fuel caps results from users that fail to fix their caps after filling the vehicle’s tank with fuel that thy end was losing it, or sometimes they fail to check the position of the cap before starting the vehicle as they think the fuel cap is no less importance car forgetting that it can cause more significant damages to the whole system. The steps below show how to fix the cap into the ram.

i. Gather all the requirements for fixing the fuel cap

The requirements for fixing the missing fuel cap include the new fuel cap that is either plastic or metallic. Avoid using caps that use a key to open as the key leaves some space in the tank that causes leakage of fuel and causes entry of the dirty particles and water into the tank. Ensure there is a flashlight, screwdriver for screwing the screws, gloves and eye protection pieces of equipment, torques, set of pliers, and other minor requirements.

ii. Rest the vehicle on an even surface

To ensure equal balance and fixing the fuel cap, make sure the vehicle is on a flat surface that provides even transmission of the liquids in the tank. Not forgetting to switch the car to avoid vibrations when fixing the fuel cap. Ensure the wheel is safe so that it cannot move since, during the fixing process, the user will raise the vehicle so that if the wheels are insecure, they can start moving, injuring the user.

iii. Locate the position of the fuel cap

Open the tank’s position on the ram, locate the fuel cap area, and check the filter neck that holds the fuel cap. Since the cap can miss again due to faulty filter necks, consider checking the tank and the other parts related to the fuel cap and changing any faulty part before fixing the fuel cap. Also, clean the filter neck to remove any substance that can cause damages and make the new fuel car to miss again.

iv. Fix a new fuel cap

First, fix the gasket on the fuel filter cap by tightening the screws in the fuel filter cap into the fuel filler neck on the tank by ensuring everything is okay with the connection. Next, fix all the available cables between the fuel filter cap and the tank to maintain the communication between the two devices.

v. Test the new fuel cap

Test the new fuel cap

To test the new fuel cap, put on the vehicle and start driving over some distance to give the fuel to occupy the tank area completely so that I can show results if the tank is leaking or any other signs with the new fuel cap. Then lastly, check everything on the rams that’s related to the fuel, like the lights such that they appear after fixing fuel caps on the rams. Consider checking the fuel caps condition during the testing period.

In case of any faults with the fixing process, consider seeking help from a technician so that they can help you find where the problem with fixing is and help fix them properly.

Types of fuel caps to fix on a ram

1. Aluminum fuel cap

Types of fuel caps to fix on a ram

The aluminum fuel cap helps seal the filter necks of the ram to prevent the entry of dirty particles and air from entering the tank that stores fumes. Manufacturers call it an aluminum cap since they have an aluminum surface covering the cap’s outer region. When fixing the aluminum cap, there might be an issue since some vehicle’s caps can be small or large as related to the aluminum cap for replacements. And that is why the aluminum maker always provides a brief description of their product.

The features of an aluminum cap are that they protect the ram diesel as it prevents dirty water and particles from entering the fuel tank that when it gets damaged, it will cost a lot of money to repair it. Therefore, the cap helps one save the cash for doing repairs in the rams cap. In addition, the fuel cap is magnetic, such that it tightly holds the neck of the filter so that no fuels will leak outside when filling the fuel tank.

The aluminum cap is in a design that allows the user to remove it during the inspection and fix it back quickly, unlike the other designs that are hard to remove and fix them back. It also has sizes to choose the size that best fits the fuel tank to avoid buying two mismatching devices. Manufacturers also provide warranties for the product. There is no limit to the warranty period in this product since they can do replacements and repairs forever until the day the owner stops using the device.

2. Fuel and DEF cap combo

Fuel and DEF cap combo

The fuel and DEF cap combo is best when a person feels like using matching devices on the ram since the cap comprises the fuel cap and the DEF cap combo in the same kit. The product is best as it is easy to fix into the ram at any time of the year as it contains strong magnetic power. 

The fuel and DEF cap combo is compatible with many cars and hence is best for use with any vehicle that a user has. The fuel cap is very tight to the tank preventing dirty air and water from going through the filter neck into the fuel tank.

It is good to use the fuel cap as it has a long life span and can work for many years without severe damages so long as the user is careful. In addition to that, they have a warranty period of one year that helps the user get repairs and replacements within the year from the day of purchase.

3. OEM style plastic cap

OEM style plastic cap

As its name suggests, the fuel cap has a plastic surface covering it to protect the fuel filter on open rams. In addition, the plastic cap has a rope that makes it an attachment to the ram such that it prevents it from getting lost, which is helpful for those who are careless or do not have to keep the caps safely, making them lose them in their arms. 

The plastic cap works with rams that use diesel fuel only since other types of fuel can cause damage to it as it is plastic in nature. It does not lock the fuel cap and the gas cap as it is a cap-less fuel filter housing.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Can one drive a vehicle without the fuel caps on the ram?

Sometimes people drive their vehicles without realizing they lack the fuel caps. The number one sign of a missing fuel cap is that the lights are always on. So if the lights are on when driving, you are probably driving without the fuel cap. Therefore, the answer here is that yes, you can drive without a fuel cap. 

Driving without the fuel cap cannot harm the vehicle’s engine, cannot cause the vehicle to consume much fuel from the user since the vehicle has a valve that stops fuel from overflowing out of the tank but can easily cause a fire in case the vehicle is in contact with flames.

However, when one fails to fix the fuel cap, the vehicle will still produce lights after fixing the fuel cap later since the system brain will have in mind the lights must be on, and this needs the user to adjust the settings of the vehicle’s engine for the system to be back to normal. Sometimes driving without the cap can cause damages that the user cannot quickly identify when using the vehicle that needs one to consult a technician to help fix the system.


The article above shows the steps of fixing the missing fuel cap on rams with steps that guide through the process and the best types of caps to use. Most manufacturers recommend using the caps without keys such that the ones with keys can cause leakage of fuel.

During the fixing process, take much care when handling the process as it can cause damages when working with fuel. Consider seeking help from a technician after fixing, and there are some issues with the fuel cap or the fuel filter in the engine.

This video will help you to know why Missing Fuel Cap on Rams

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