Deleting and Tuning the 2.8l Duramax Lwn | Remove Dpf, Def, & Egr

Duramax LWN 2.8L is essential and reviewed by many due to its high performance and consumes less power during the running process. Despite its importance, the Duramax LWN may have some weaknesses, such as clogging of the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), failure of the sensors present, and malfunctioning of other parts.

If the problem is due to dirty codes, the only way to fix such an issue is by cleaning the exhaust gas recirculation to remove all codes, and the process is usually described in the maintenance schedule. If the truck has high miles’ mileage, the truck will require only replacing the diesel particulate filtrate to ring it to correct functioning. Luckily, the information below gives a summary of the 2.8L Duramax LWN.

Deleting and tuning the 2.8L Duramax LWM[ Exhaust gas recirculation, diesel particulate filter, DEF, and systems]

DPF, DEF, and EGR systems perform their function together to improve efficiency and make the Duramax LWM meet the rules and regulations of each country, especially the United States country. The trucks are usually designed to be used for off-road functioning only. They are unusable in public places where there are many people as the emissions result in hazardous effects health wise the information below describes each part and its correct functioning.

1. Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR)

dpf doc scr egr delete tune 2.8l duramax lwn

The system usually performs its function of reducing emissions. Re-introducing the unexhausted fuel into the exhaust back into the intake truck lowers the emission of the unburnt energy. Also, re-introducing the unburnt gas leads to re-burning some inherent emissions that may need to be deleted by DPF and SCR, leaving the engine diesel clean and free from unburnt exhausts.

The EXGR re system is essential in advanced trucks to decrease the amount of emissions they generate. They are proven to perform such functions by the authority, thus reducing the hazardous environmental effects. Despite the systems eliminating the unburnt exhausts, the exhausts may come with a lot of dirt that blocks both the exhaust gas recirculation system, the intake manifold, and valves, making them unable to function as required.

Before permitting the exhaust gas recirculation to remove the clogging gunk, it is essential to accept that all dirt clogging the parts must be eliminated and is going to be re-cycled for re-use back into the engine intake. Such a process is dangerous as it can reduce the truck engines’ lifespan that can stay longer.

2. DEF or SCR injection system

DEF or SCR injection system

The system usually applies urea injection fluid that is usually injected into the selective catalytic reduction (SCR). It functions by allowing the vaporization of the fluid mixture (aka blue def or ad blue) present in the system to ammonia and carbon dioxide. The components are easy to filter by the SCR system into water and nitrogen, thus reducing their emission to the environment.

Such a process is essential in that it reduces substances emitted, hence leaving the environment clean and free of any unwanted emitted substance. Also, the urea injection mixture is less volatile, especially in winter seasons where there is too much cold. Also, the urea mixture is reliable for a long time.

The DEF systems have sensors and a heating element. Both elements are positioned in a truck holding tank, and the heating element interferes with dangerous fluid. Once interfered with, it fails to function as usual with time and will require fixation, which is costly. The process of fixing the urea fluid injection is known as the overhauling process.

3. Diesel particulate filtrate (DPF)

Duramax LWM

The DPF system requires some processes, such as filtering the remaining nitrogen oxide being emitted by capturing the carbon flowing via the tiny passageways of the diesel particulate filter. The passages contain a “regen mode” that prevents them from blocking quickly by superheating the filter present to exhaust all carbon depositing on them, thus leaving them clean and free of clogging.

The system works by raising and vaporizing the carbon deposited on the passage gateways after burning the over-filled diesel engine. Over-fueling the diesel engine not only clogs the valves but also reduces the diesel engine’s lifespan and reduces the efficiency of the engine to lubricate effectively. 

Such a process is essential in allowing the oil change intervals for the diluted oil. Sometimes, the diesel particulate filter may clog and fail to unclog. The only way of fixing such issues is by replacing the whole DPF or the whole exhaust system to reduce the emission of substances into the environment.

Deleting and tuning the 2.8L Duramax with EGR, PDF, and DEF

There are several pros and cons of deleting and tuning the Duramax, as shown below.

  • The diesel engine remains clean after exhausting all unburn carbon. Also, cleaning the diesel engine is done by re-using the unburnt carbon and fuel by dumping the emissions back into the engine intake. Such a process provides space for using your desired oil successfully without any difficulties.
  • It results in an increase or gaining of mpg, around 5mpg, after performing the deletion process.
  • Deleting and tuning results in an increase in power output and torque to approximately 213hp and 413 ft. Pounds.
  • It increases the truck’s lifespan, making it more reliable after deleting the clogging substance present in both EGR and DPF systems.
  • Frequent clogging and failure of the systems such as the DPF and SCR result in no more limp mode, thus reducing the cost for maintaining the systems.
  • Increases turbo with eliminated engine noise if you run the truck without any muffle.
  • Although the delete and tuning engine process is effective, it can sometimes result in adverse effects, although the positive effects outweigh them. the cons are as shown below
  • The trucks are only designed for off-road use only according to the rules and regulations of various countries, especially the United States. If you are unaware of the rules and legality in the country, consult the local authorities and avoid driving the trucks in public places.
  • Sometimes, the dealership between the buyer and the seller concerning the warranty period may be declined. The sellers refuse the warranty due to the presence of a tune. If the warranty period is over, which is approximately eight years, 81 miles, the 0warranty is voided, indicating that the warranty period lasts only the recommended period.

The process of deleting and tuning the Duramax

The process of deleting and tuning the Duramax

If the warranty period is over and you want to delete the truck, there are several options you can use and are shown below.

1. The most recommended option for a 2.8L Duramax delete tuner

Duramax delete tuners exist in different models, and the most preferred type is the HP Tuners performance delete tune.

2. HP Tuners performance deletes tune

For the HP Tuners performance delete tune, the most preferred model of such kind is the HP tuner custom tune 2015-22020 GM Colorado Canyon 2.8L Duramax. The tuner has some pros, which include;

i. It has a better calibration running process that is built of

ii. It meets the needs of the truck driver if made to perform your desired functions.

Most recommended DPF/CAT.SCR delete exhaust for your truck

Most recommended DPFCAT.SCR delete exhaust for your truck

In the delete exhaust models, the most recommended delete exhaust is the Wehrli Race downpipe for the Duramax 2.8L. You will be unable to carry out the deletion process without the use of a delete exhaust. The delete exhaust is essential in that it restores all factory exhaust emissions parts using a less limited straight pipe and a muffler that is not necessary.

Several parts are included in the IS that require replacement. The systems are; the diesel particulate filter and the diesel urea fluids that usually fail to function, resulting in truck issues such as clogging of the valve, especially if the warranty period expires. The delete exhaust has several advantages that are shown below.

ü The trucks are only used for off-road competitions only but not in public places.

ü It is made of steel that is strong enough to prolong its lifespan.

Exhaust gas recirculation delete kit for Duramax 2.8L

Exhaust gas recirculation delete kit for Duramax 2.8L

The best EGR delete kit model is the OZ tuner LWN EGR.

  • OZ tuner LWN Exhaust Gas Recirculation delete kit.

If you want to prolong the lifespan of the Duramax engine, it is essential to delete the exhaust gas system as the system emits a lot of carbon in the intake part even before changing the oil. The EGR system emissions result in soothing the valves and intakes, thus reducing the lifespan of the diesel engine. The only choice of removing the exhaust gas recirculation is by using the OZ tuner LWN kit.

Deleting EGR on both Canyon and Colorado results in an increase in NOx output hence raising the DEF amount needed by the truck to counteract the parts. Such a situation requires deleting both the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and diesel particulate filter (DPR or DEF) at the same time to reduce risks associated with the engine, especially in terms of the SCR usage. The kit comes with all tools required for deleting and tuning the truck. The most recommended OZ delete kit is the GM Duramax Colorado Duramax diesel 2.8L


Looking for different ways to improve the performance of your truck, it is essential to use the information above concerning the use of delete and tuning kits such as the OZ delete kit tuner. Also, it is crucial to keep the delete and tuning tuners in good condition for you to get accurate results when deleting and tuning trucks.

Finally, carry out proper maintenance to your truck to prevent the emission of substances such as nitrogen oxide and carbon oxide. Also, remember to use the Duramax 2.8L off-roads following the regulations of the country.

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