Transfer Tank Roundup: Best Tank for Your Truck

There are several tanks present in your truck, and they perform different functions. For example, a transfer tank fuels the engine remotely when the fuel tank remains empty. It enables the truck owner to drive a longer distance to the fuel station to refill the tank. An Auxiliary tank is essential in adding another truck tank feeding the truck’s factory tank, thus increasing the fuel capacity and prolonging the driving range.

 Finally, the higher-capacity tank replaces the factory tank, and it raises the fuel capacity of the truck prolonging its driving distance. Their location is under the truck bed that has unused space. The article figures out the best transfer tank roundup for your truck model, depending on the type of truck tank you need.

Choose best bed fuel transfer tank

Choose best bed fuel transfer tank

Truck tanks exist in many different forms. Some have large capacities, some have inbuilt advanced features such as lockable bed toolboxes, and exist in many different sizes and shapes. The information below shows the different truck tank styles.

Transfer tanks with L-Shape

Most manufacturers recommend L-shaped transfer tanks due to their capacity of allowing more fuel that can prolong the driving range when the engine is empty. They have the largest capacity when compared to other tanks, especially the tanks with slim rectangle shapes. 

The transfer tank is usually positioned under the truck bed box to save fuel capacity and bed space. The tank fuel usually has an L-Shape making it unique, and the standard models are the RDS models.

Examples of the L-Shaped Auxiliary transfer fuel are as shown below.

1. RDS MFG INC L-shaped Auxiliary transfer fuel tank

RDS MFG INC L-shaped Auxiliary transfer fuel tank

This type of transfer tank has a silver-like color that differentiates it from other RDS auxiliary transfer tanks. Also, they have two unique characteristics.


i. Capacity

The RDS MFG INC L-shaped transfer tank comes in different capacities and sizes. The different assortments enable one to choose the best transfer tank size and capacity that suits the size and model of the truck. Using the wrong RDS MFG transfer tank may result in incorrect truck functioning, or the transfer tank becomes faulty due to overworking or underworking.

ii. Fueling

The RDS model allows gasoline auxiliary fueling, especially when siphoned from the top part to the bottom via a fuel pump. A fuel pump stores fuel used to start the truck, thus prolonging the driving range until the owner arrives at the fuel refilling station.

2. RDS Aluminum transfer fuel tank

RDS Aluminum transfer fuel tank

The transfer tank is usually made of aluminum and has an L-shape with a size of 95 gallons. The model number present is 70388PC, and in most cases, it differentiates it from other models. The features of the transfer tank are as shown below.


a. Aluminum material

 The rusting-free feature protects the tank fuel from contacting other substances, thus keeping it clean and functional.

b. Built-in advanced features

The transfer tank has some built-in baffles that decrease fuel sloshing when driving at a specific range, whether long or short.

  • Perfect size that fits the under the bed of the trucks, thus saving a lot of space.
  • The installation process is easy as it only requires sliding.
  • Easy to change position when not filled with fuel
  • Large capacity that fits the trucks securely without falling off.
  • It lacks a hose and a nozzle with odd-ones, making it unsuitable for some truck drivers.

Transfer tanks with fuel tank toolbox combo

Some transfer tanks come with a toolbox for keeping all the materials and tools present in the truck. They also store all the tools the truck driver may need when far away from the repair shop or far from repairing tools and equipment. The transfer fuel tank with toolbox combo is described below, together with their features.

1. RDS MFG INC transfer fuel tank

RDS MFG INC transfer fuel tank

The fuel tank usually has an indication of 72773, which differentiates it from the other RDS models. The information below shows the features of the tank.


a)  Aluminum material

Aluminum material makes the fuel tank hence doesn’t rust, thus protecting the fuel from coming into contact with other substances.

b) Comes with a toolbox combo.

The fuel tank usually comes with a full package. The complete package contains a toolbox that stores all equipment and tools that the truck driver may use at any time. A rust-free substance that is 0058 ga aluminum makes the fuel tank.

c) Fitness

The fuel tank design is fitting the truck bed perfectly without falling off during the driving process.

d) Reinforcement

The fuel tank has a lid cover that keeps the fuel in a good state, free from contamination, and it is also welded fully with seams.

2. Dee Zee DZ92647SB transfer fuel tank with toolbox combo

Dee Zee DZ92647SB transfer fuel tank with toolbox combo

The fuel tank has an appealing appearance, and it functions properly. Black steel makes the kit with a toolbox for storing all tools and equipment for doing the truck driver’s job.


  • Steel material

The transfer tank has 14-gauge black steel that is strong enough to last longer. Manufacturers consider using steel because of its benefits, such as being cheap and robust enough.

  • Size

The Dee Zee transfer tank has a large capacity with dimensions of 25.375, a width of 32.75, and 46.75. The capacity of the transfer tank is 92 gallons, just like the RDS transfer tank.

  • Protection coat

The transfer tank has an NRT powder coat that protects the fuel and the tank from any form of corrosion, making it last longer.

  • Storage

This transfer tank has bolts that hold the tank onto a transfer providing more fuel storage space.

  • Have an attractive, appealing appearance that makes it more effective.
  • It lasts longer.
  • High performance
  • Easy configuration process to function with other devices.
  • It is more expensive than other transfer tanks.
  • Transfers only diesel fuel and not gasoline.

Transfer tank pumps necessary after purchasing a transfer tank

After successfully selecting the best transfer tank for your truck, a transfer tank pump must transfer fuel from the source to the transfer tank. The fuel is essential in starting the truck. The most preferred transfer tank pump for transferring fuel is a 12V electric fuel transfer pump.

1. Fill-Rite FR4210G Fuel pump

Fill-Rite FR4210G Fuel pump

The transfer tank pump has a telescoping suction pipe and a manual release nozzle that allows fuel to flow freely from the transfer pump to start the truck. The pump has several features which increase its efficiency.


  • Durability

The transfer pump has iron material that is strong enough to withstand any wear and tear, especially when working in a non-smooth place. The iron cast makes it last longer when compared to other pump casts made from rusting substances.

  • Installation process

The process of installing the transfer tank pump is easy as long as you follow the recommended steps. The process of installing the pump is done by removing the junction box and matching the pipes correctly to the transfer tank pipes. 

  • Protection features

The transfer pump comes with a thermal overloading protection technology that protects it from temperature fluctuations, especially overheating when poorly used and maintained.

  • Heavy work

Fill-Rite transfer pumps can withstand heavy workloads due to a sound switch level that reduces tension in the pump.

  • Pumping distance

The transfer tank pump can pump fuel for extended depths. For instance, the fuel pump can pump fuel to an 8’deep feet storage tank without any difficulties unless it is damaged.

Refilling the transfer pump using Gravity Feed Auxiliary Tank Install

Refilling the transfer pump using Gravity Feed Auxiliary Tank Install

The best way for refilling an empty transfer tank is by using the Gravity Feed Auxiliary Tank Install. First, use the gravity feed to connect the small refill hose positioned in the auxiliary tank to the fuel source, such as the tank hose. Install the kit if you have to do the refilling process faster, and it will automatically start feeding fuel into the main fuel tank.

The most preferred gravity feed install kit is the RDS MFG INC 11029 Diesel Install Kit. The install kit is summarized below.

RDS MFG INC 11029 Diesel Install Kit

The gravity RDS MFG INC 11029 Diesel Install Kit has two features that uniquely differentiate it from other feeding tools.


  • Capacity

The diesel install kit comes in many sizes and capacities. Therefore, one must choose the correct device of the truck to avoid damaging the transfer tanks.

  • Gasoline refilling

Unlike Dee Zee tools, the RDS gravity feeders allow the Gasoline fueling process to occur.

Factors to consider when choosing transfer tanks

Factors to consider when choosing transfer tanks

The following factors will help you choose the best transfer tank that suits your preference.

A. Consider the material of the tank, whether aluminum or steel, or iron.

B. Size of the truck.

C. Cost of the transfer tank.

D. Presence of toolbox combo.

E. Sloshing during the transportation process.

Recommended transfer tank for your truck

  • The most recommended transfer tank is the RDS Aluminum transfer fuel tank 85 gallons.


To reduce and eliminate all transfer tanks available to get the best that suits the truck, consider using the information above. Remember to review their feature, pros, and cons before purchasing a transfer tank, transfer tank pump, and gravity feeder.

Finally, always choose a transfer tank that can last longer and is rust-free to keep fuel present in good condition. Moreover, remember to service the transfer tanks often to increase their lifespan and improve their functioning.

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