How Often Should You Check Your Brake Fluid? You Need to Know

Whenever you make a regular checkup on your car, you should check the brakes then. 

Possibly, you know how simple it is to check the brake pads. Still, most folks do not go for a quick check over brake fluid. 

This is not something healthy for your vehicle. A routine check-up is essential for all the important fluids in any vehicle. 

But how often should you check brake fluid? It depends. 

Today, we will discuss several aspects of brake fluids. Let’s crack-in. 

Purpose of Brake fluidPurpose of Brake fluid

The brake fluid works in lubricating the internals of your vehicle’s braking system. It allows these parts to move easily and with less friction. In addition to this, the fluid helps your car to stop once you push the brake pedal. Without a good amount and quality brake fluids, it’d be tough for your braking system* to park your car easily.  

This is why you should be careful about the condition of the brake fluid. However, the fluid condition might be worsened by moisture or any other outside kind of stuff. 

5 Signs that Signifies A Brake Fluid Change5 Signs that Signifies A Brake Fluid Change

When your brake fluid needs a change, it shows some telltale signs. Among these, we will now talk about 5 signs that suggest you change or top-off your brake fluid. 

  1. Anti-lock Braking System Light Is On
  2. Brake Pedal Issues
  3. Weird Sounds
  4. Brake Pads Is Not Working Properly 
  5. A Burning Smell

Anti-lock Braking System Light Is On

Anti-lock Braking System or ABS light coming on is one of the biggest signs for a brake fluid check. And then, you may need to either add or replace the fluid. 

Brake Pedal Issues

At times, you will see that it’s getting harder to press the pedal down. This issue signifies that your brake needs extra fluid.

Again, it can be a sign of a replacement.  On the other hand,  if you find pushing down your brake is much “softer” than usual, you should go for a replacement as well. 

Weird Sounds

Having less fluid or old fluid, your brakes will make noises. So, whenever such sounds come, you should inspect your brake fluid. 

Brake Pads Is Not Working Properly 

Dark or low brake fluid will disturb the brake pads. Therefore, you may see your brake pads aren’t functioning normally. Or, there are some creaking, squeaking, or whining noises, then make no late to check out your brake fluid.

A Burning Smell

If the brakes get overheated, you will find a burning smell coming out from it. And once it happens, you should help the brakes to cool. 

So, finding any weird smell or smoke, you require a brake fluid change.

However, there might be any other issues with your vehicle showing these signs.

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3 Simple Steps To Check Brake FluidCheck Brake Fluid

Now, it is time to check your brake fluid. Don’t worry, it’s as simple as a piece of a cake.

Why is checking brake fluid so important? Proper maintenance of brake fluid is an essential thing. It is important for your safety, for your vehicle’s responsiveness, and the overall lifetime of it. 

 How To Check Your Brake Fluid?

This time we will talk about 3 easy steps of checking brake fluid. 

Note that these below steps are common guidelines. So, you had better follow the owner’s manual for more precise info about your car.

  1. Locate
  2. Check
  3. Examine


First of all, you have to locate or place the brake fluid reservoir on the master cylinder of your car. Check the owner’s manual if needed.


Now, check the level of brake fluid.  Watch the minimum and maximum levels of the reservoir. Once you find the fluid level is close to the “minimum” level, then proceed to wake service.


Examine the clearness or color of the fluid. Bad or old fluids generally look muddy brown or black. Old fluids become most likely old motor oil. And brake fluid becomes darker by obtaining more dirt or debris. The fact is, dirtier brake fluid gets less effective. 

That is to say, dark brake fluid is the sign of changing brake fluid. And by checking the copper level in brake fluid. You may have to go for technicians if you find this task problematic for you. 

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How Often Do I Need to Change or Check My Brake Fluid?How Often Do I Need to Change or Check My Brake Fluid?

There is no one-line answer to your question. The interval varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. 

You will wonder to know that you may change the brake fluid every two years or even never. Yes, you have read it right. It can be never.

Each manufacturer gives a distinct recommendation for a brake fluid change.   

For instance, Mercedes Benz recommends a change in brake fluid after driving twenty thousand miles or every two years.

Honda calls for a change every 3 years without accounting for the car’s mileage.

Most Chevrolet cars provide a recommendation for a change in every 45,000 miles.

There are some car manufacturers, namely, Toyota, Ford, and Hyundai do not recommend any particular brake fluid changing duration. Instead of this, these companies suggest maintaining a regular check and upkeep.

It is an important thing to consider that the Brake fluid is kept in a closed system and so it can work for several years. But, if the outside air moisture comes in contact with it, then it may cause corrosion in relevant parts of the brake fluid. 

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 What If My Brake Fluid Is Low? What If My Brake Fluid Is Low?

If there is a low brake fluid level, then you should call professionals. There are signs like ABS brake lights coming on or problems in brake pads, then you will need to replace them. 

If you don’t check or change the fluid even after finding these issues, it may hamper your brake performance.

  • Can I Change My Brake Fluid?

Are you thinking about performing a DIY to replace your brake fluid? 

Luckily, you can easily check the brake fluid, but it is not that easy to replace the brake. 

There are several tasks you will have to accomplish to refill or replace the brake fluid. For example, you will need a dozen or more appliances. Then, the exposure to this fluid might be very toxic. Again, brake fluid may hamper your car’s painting.  

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  • When It’s time to go for technicians? 

However, it is not very tough to check the brake fluid level. Still, if you think it is not a comfortable DIY activity, then nothing to worry about. Appoint a local brake fluid checking service to keep your brakes at their best. 

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  • How Much Does It Cost?

In general, replacing your old brake fluid with new brake fluid might need something around $100. 

Plus, there might need some other fine-tuning in your vehicle related to the braking system. Accordingly, changing brake calipers, faulty brake lines, as well as other brake units, you may need several $100.

This is why one should inspect the brake fluid routinely every few years anyway. Again, if there is a highly humid condition, then never exceed 5 years to check or replace it.

Along with the high-humidity issue, winter is not good for the brake fluid as well.

You may need a Brake-flushing Machine here. Check the Brake-flushing Machine from Amazon. 

While you are changing the brake fluid on your own, carefully dispose of the old elements. And never leave the fluid in the environment.

Wrapping Up

Lastly, you should be careful while checking or changing the brake fluid. And, the fluid condition might be worsened by moisture or any other outside pieces of stuff. 

You may check brake fluid easily as a DIY task, but while it’s time to replace it, you had better call a technician. Best wishes.  

Meta description: But how often should you check brake fluid? It depends. 

Today, we will discuss several aspects of brake fluids. Let’s crack-in. 

In this video, I tell you about 3 signs that it’s time to change your brake fluid. Braking is a very important aspect of driving, and it is a great idea to keep your eyes out for these indicators because they will let you know that it is likely time to change your brake fluid.

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