Is It Safe To Change A Tire On An Incline?: What To Do It?

Expert’s opinion about changing a tire on an incline is a mistake that you should not make. Because a slope or incline is not the ideal place for doing it. So, you have to place the car on a plain surface, set the parking brake, and finally change your tire.

You may ask now, what if I’m compelled to replace a tire on an inclined surface? Don’t worry guys. You have still done it by maintaining some instructions.

Commonly, you can drive your car on sloped driveways. At some points, you may have to change the tire. Take all safety precautions before accomplishing the task. 

Today, we will let you know everything about changing a tire on a sloped driveway if there is no option. Just keep reading the article until the end.

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How to Change a Tire on a Hill or SlopeHow to Change a Tire on a Hill or Slope

You probably know that changing a tire on a hill or slope is different from changing it on a flat surface. 

Therefore, if you want to do the task with less risk, maintain the safety tips carefully. Let’s start our guide to safely change a tire on a sloped driveway. 

Safety Tip 1: Drive Slowly to a Plain Surface When Possible 

It’s really important to park the car on flat ground. So, you should carefully take your vehicle to the closest plain surface. 

However, there is the possibility of damage to the tire rim. But, it’s still less destructive than the vehicle fluctuating from its jack and the hill. And, if you find the slope too steep to keep your car safely, then seek roadside assistance. Thus, you can be able to move to a safe place.

Safety Tip 2: A right-angle turn

To take your vehicle to a better surface, you should give a right angle turn. Accordingly, the tire will face sideways rather than uphill. Only if there is enough space on the surface, then you should try this step.  

At times, a banked turn might cause the car to crash. So, you should be careful about the situation. This is why roadside assistance is likely to be a must at that time. 

Changing A Tire On An InclineChanging A Tire on an incline 

First of all, understand the steepness of the slope. If it is excessively steep, it would be risky to change your tire. 

And if the slope is moderately steep, take action to change a flat tire on a slope. 

Tools that you will need: 

  1. Flashlight with working batteries
  2. Wheel Chocks
  3. Hydraulic Jack
  4. Lug Wrench 
  5. Mechanical Hand Gloves
  6. Safety Goggles

Step 1: Put a heavy Wheel Chocks against the flat tire on the backside. (When the car is facing uphill.) 

On the other hand, when it is toward the downhill, keep the wheel chock against the frontward tire.  

Step 2: Then, take Jack. And, hold up the tire by changing the side of your vehicle. You should very carefully check the jack and vehicle before removing your tire. Keep in mind that the jack should be lifted a bit higher. 

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Step 3: After that, take off the wheel cover of the tire. If it seems too tough to take it off, try with the straight-edge of a Lug Wrench. Once you can loosen it, it will come out easily.

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Step 4: Now, use the lug wrench and slowly take off all lug nuts. Provide a half-turn motion on the left side. However, you should not put extra pressure while doing this. 

Step 5: Finally, it’s time to replace your spare tire. Just put the lug nuts and use the wrench to make a few clockwise turns. Then, take the jack out and detach the wheel chock.

We hope, now you can feel confident to go for a tire change on a sloped driveway by maintaining the steps. 

Note: By wearing Safety Goggles in your eyes and Hand Gloves, you can protect yourself from corrosion or accidents. 

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Buy the Safety Goggles from Amazon.

In addition to the items, you may also need a digital tire pressure gauge to do this task. Check on Amazon. 

Is It Safe to Change a Tyre on an Incline?Is It Safe to Change a Tyre on an Incline

It is not the ideal situation to change a tire on an incline. But at times, you may have to be bound to do so.  

However, is changing a flat tire on an incline safe? An incline place is not the ideal place for doing it. Because your car might roll away in that place. 

Still, if you have no choice to do what is normally done, then there is something you should consider. First and foremost, follow some crucial safety precautions carefully. Plus, you can use a wheel chock* to cut off the risks.

Can I jack my vehicle on an incline?Can I jack my vehicle on an incline

Yes, you can jack your vehicle on an incline. But, it releases on the steepness of the incline. As you are in a must-do situation to change your tire on an incline, you have to ensure a few things. Keep a big stone on the bottom of the wheels. It’s better to keep the stones under your front wheel. Then, place the back wheels opposing the jack. Note that, you should keep the handbrake on while doing the task. And, never lay down under your vehicle. 

Can I replace a tire on a driveway?Can I replace a tire on a driveway

This question can not be answered by just a yes or no. It depends on some factors like the driveway space and the slope length.

Yes, changing a flat tire on a driveway is indeed safer than changing it on a highway. But, this is not the right thing to do all the time. Keep the safety factors in mind and do it without taking any risk.

Some Things to Consider before  Tire Changing Some Things to Consider before  Tire Changing 

You know how ridiculous it can turn out to be to change a tire on a sloped or hilly driveway. So, you should be very careful about parking your car. And do not lay down under your car until it’s stopped. 

And, if you are confused about whether you can do it yourself or not, call for roadside assistance. Thus, you can change your tire even on an incline. 

Safety Precautions While Changing a Tire on a slope

As we said, an expert’s opinion is not to change a tire on an incline. But, if you have no other options to do it, then you have to change your tire on a slope. 

So, while doing the task, you should keep some essential safety tips in mind. 

  • Make sure that the jack lifts your car in a risk-free way.
  • Never accomplish the tire changing task without a wheel chock.
  • Ensure the car wheels are staying in the right direction.
  • However, if the incline is too steep, you should not go for this task.
  • When things aren’t working properly, seek professional roadside assistance.

Final thoughts

To conclude, this is to clarify that you can change a tire on an incline keeping some safety tips in mind. If the incline is not too steep, and you can maintain proper safety precautions, then you may go for changing your tire on a slope. 

However, you may need assistance from your partner as the tires are very heavy. At last, call the professionals if needed. 

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