How to Bypass Ford Pats System without a Key; A Tested Way

A pats system is a vehicle security system that automatically detects whether you have the original key to start up the engine or some cheap key from Walmart. Pats is a short form for Passive Anti-Theft Systems. Another name for the Pats is also the Ford Securilock.

Pats works where when the key to start a vehicle is put on, there is a theft warning light that lights up for a short while. At each start, the Powertrain Control Module powers the fuel pump and injectors until the engine runs, and that’s when the PATS determines whether the key used is valid. When turning off the PATS, turning on the key and holding the button the box in until it is off.

Steps on how to bypass the ford pats system without the key

bypass ford pats without key

One should follow steps when bypassing the ford pats system without a key that may result from losing the key. The steps are temporary and not permanent since bypassing is not suitable for a vehicle’s safety from vehicle theft that might happen. After bypassing the ford pats system, the vehicle owner gets a new transponder key to ensure good security again in the system. The following are steps are for bypassing the ford pats system:

a) Requirements one will need for bypassing

When bypassing a ford pats system, some tools are used in the process, such as a screwdriver. Secondly, the owner has to get new keys that are cut to match the original key. After removing the original key, the transponder requires tape to suspend it.

b) Visiting a dealer to cut the key.

Cutting the key is the second step where the vehicle owner visits the dealer for cutting. Doing this helps the new key to match the original key. After this, the new key matching the original key works in place of the starting point and running the vehicle. This new key acts as a tool to trick the machine into thinking that the original key is used to start the machine.

c) Remove the transponder chip

Taking out the chip from the transponder is a way of being confident with the new keys. This chip is helping deceive the vehicle that the key used is the original key so that the owner can have access to the vehicle. Several steps that one is to follow when removing the chip include;

i. Obtain the screwdriver that is flattened and a small square at the top side of the key

ii. Enter into the vehicle with the screwdriver

iii. Get out the key gently without force to avoid damage to the parts of the machine.

iv. Then lastly, remove the chip transponder from the key with the help of the screwdriver.

d) Bypass the Pats System

After removing the transponder that can realize the key in use, bypassing the pats is easy to do. When putting in the new keys, the transponder believes the key in use is original. Setting the transponder is easy by using tapes to swing the transponder when starting and putting the chip in the right place for easy reading by the vehicle. Then put the new key to the engine to start the vehicle and finally turn the key to confirm whether the key can start the vehicle or not while checking the chip until the key works as expected.

Advantages of bypassing ford pats system

Advantages of bypassing ford pats system

By bypassing the ford pats system, one is to get some benefits in it in many ways as follows:

  • Saves money

In case of an emergency, bypassing helps save money to buy a new transponder key for the vehicle. It also saves money in a case where professionals are not of much importance for the action and one does not require many things that are hard to find to finish the process.

  • Time-consuming

It is time-consuming since one does not need to access many things to get the service and can be done by the vehicle owner.

  • Easy to work with

Bypassing does not need explicit knowledge but just tacit knowledge and a few ideas on the vehicle’s parts to perform the act.

Disadvantages of bypassing ford pats system

Bypassing the ford pats system destroys the vehicle’s security since the transponder chip is not active and hence may face theft issues. Therefore, recommendations are that avoid disabling the transponder chip in the pats system.

Frequently asked questions:

  • What shows that a particular vehicle has a pats system?

A key that does not respond to the transponder tells well if a particular vehicle is having a Ford pats system or not. The theft light shows some light that quickly shows the vehicle has a Ford pats system.

  • Is anyone capable of bypassing the pats system?

Not only professionals can bypass the pats system, but also normal humans can do so. The only requirement is the transponder key used to deceive the system so that it believes that there is no theft-taking place in the vehicle. The transponder is just for help in removing the chip so that any key can match the original key to run the vehicle.

  • What are the ways that the Ford pats system works?

The Ford pats system works with a series of steps as the chip is in the first step since it informs the system the original key is the one in the transponder for starting the vehicle. Secondly, the system interprets the chip, which is where the system confirms that the key used is correct, and hence the vehicle starts to run.


Although bypassing the ford pats system also has some drawbacks, the vehicle’s security may be poor if one forgets to follow the steps accurately. It helps people who lose their keys quickly get access to their vehicles. It is also helpful as it aids the owner in not spending much cash on buying a new transponder key for the vehicle.

Therefore, the above information has shown the steps to follow if there is a problem with the keys. Disabling the transponder too is time-consuming as it is the easiest of all, and one can do so without the help of some professionals. Bypassing the ford Pats system needs time for one to know and does not need technical knowledge.

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